Adventure: Summer Camp in a Tropical Island

I grew up in an environment surrounded more on forest and mountains. I am very used to the rivers, falls and mountainous hikes and camp. I’m so much content living in my hometown. But like any migratory birds, there comes a time that I have to leave the nest and explore the world.
Unlike me, I don’t usually desire on going to the beach. I don’t know why. Maybe because I am more fund on the mountain experience that I grew up with. But due to my job, my company assigned me to a place farther from the environment that I am used to.
Palawan summer camping tropical island
Palawan was much known in the world. The place was rich in its biodiversity and its preservation of the place. Many tourists would love to go there and experience that enchantment that this place promised to give you.
I was placed in the municipality of Coron which is found in the northern island of the province. Upon arrival, it gave me a different chill and frenzy. The place was actually very captivating and the sea was crystal in the eyes. As a gift from the company and knowing that I loved spending outdoor camp, they allowed me to enjoy the place a week for me.
I have few colleagues to enjoy the place with. Some were new and were assigned here. We take a little stroll upon arrival there and check the local market. I am not a seafood lover, but the place was rich of this. To where I came from, fish from the sea was very hard to get with. It was expensive and sometimes, not fresh enough. But you could enjoy the freshness of the seafood here and the fact that they are near to the sea.
I talked to the management of the company and said that we would be having a little camp and retreat to an island that is found there. Loving camping that much, I am so excited about what I will be able to see. I never experienced camping on an island along the sea coast.
We took some preparation for our little camping trip there. Coron was famously known for its island-hopping escapade, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach experience. While strolling around, I came upon with some foreign tourist who was there on a vacation purpose. Some just want to have fun and to unwind, others, like me want to experience backpacking out for a more thrilling fun.
Because I grew up with a lot of experience in camping, I decided that I could do some activities for our little retreat. It was a privilege as well that I don’t have to pay a large amount for our expenses because it was part of what our company wants. Only few would have given this kind of opportunity.
We arrived at the port ground early. We also have to ask on the necessities that we need to bring there too so we went there as early as we could. We bought food that we might be an able cook there. I also ask if there were any rentable tents available around and they point me out to some stores that it was available. There are also rentable mask and goggles for an underwater experience.
When we finished collecting what we need, we departed at late eight in the morning for our destination. What’s nice about the place was the water. I am actually a no fan of surfing myself, and the water here was very tranquil and calm. It was not that much of an open sea because the island itself was surrounded by many more island making the water current not that very visible. And that is also the reason on why they can maintain the sea ground.
The island that we will be staying the night was very captivating. It has its very own white beach, and the place has its little huts for those who want to stay there. It was not a private beach, but we almost got the place for our pleasure. There are few foreign tourists there and like us will be staying up the night.
Even with the huts, I insist on building up the tent. I feel the camping ambiance most when there are tents around me. Though it was a rainy season in the country, the place was vibrantly warm and sunny. According to our boatmen, the place was experiencing this type of weather the whole year. They only have few experiences of rains and storm there, but absolute that rain is hard there.
The beach was strikingly beautiful. Our guide even said that there are other island beaches there which are much beautiful to where we are in now. But the place that we have today was a paradise to me already.
We started to enjoy the sea first. I am not a swimmer, but with that clean shore, you cannot resist in going up there and experience it. We haven’t noticed the time, and it was already noon of the day. One thing that I lived the most in this region was the tropical fruit like mangoes and watermelons. We prepared fresh fruits alongside and grilled fish and meat. I would love to do some fishing, but our guide said that there were restrictions on fishing there since it was protected by the government.
using banana leaf for lunch
We enjoy our lunch using banana leaf as our plate. The food was astonishingly delicious. After a great lunch, we decided to have the rest of the afternoon with a little beach volleyball and other ice-breaking game. It’s like that we reversed time and acting like kids. One thing I love here was that with the beach and the sea, you could have many more fun activities to do.
When night time is coming near, we decided on having a little bonfire trip for a rewarding day. The night sky view was clear, and you can see the stars shining brightly. We just enjoy the rest of the night with stories and sharing experiences from our life.
Beach camping was a totally new experience to me. It gave me a new perspective and new experience that nothing can replace. If you haven’t experience camping or backpacking even once, you might miss a great deal of experience. Go out there and do your little expedition.

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