Best sights for Glock 19

Best Sights

Sights for the Glock 19 are really important. It makes sure that you get a nice picture of the target while aiming. The main reason for using a sight is to improve your shooting efficiency. This is more like having an extra guidance to help you aim a lot quicker and shoot accurately. There are lots of sights available for Glock 19 on the market, but you will need to choose the Best sights for Glock 19 depending on quite a lot of features. According to the requirement and kind of usability you have, you will need to select your sight.

If you are never going to use it in the outdoors, then you might always prefer a night sight or low light sight, but if you need to shoot in the open air, you will require a sight that functions in both light conditions. Also, it is really important to keep the equipment in good shape, so, after you select your sight and buy it, you should take a good care of it to make sure it works fine for longer period.

Sight Types

Before choosing the Best sights for Glock 19, you need to know a bit about the type of sights available on the market.

  • 3-Dot Sights: This type of sights has three dots: 2 for the rear and 1 for the front sight. With the tritium included, these sights make it really easier for the shooter to aim at the target even at night.
  • 2-Dot Setup: To acquire the targets faster, these are the best of the lot. Comes with 2 dots only. The front sight is really bright, and you can for sure acquire the target a lot easily.
  • I-Dot Setup: In these kinds of sights, you will have only 1 bigger and brighter dot to follow with. This helps in aiming quickly and fire with a lot of efficiencies.
  • Sight Ledge: if you are going to use a handgun, then you might need to know about these sights for sure. The front sight is shaped like a triangle.
  • U-Shaped Sight: This one is a professional sight, and can be used in the shooting competition.

How to select the Best sights for Glock 19?

  • Bright: Evert sight has a dot and to make sure you see through the sight clearly, it is important that the dot is good enough bright.
  • Accuracy: A sight must increase the accuracy of the shooting
  • User-friendly: It is really important that you take minimal time to turn on the sight, this can significantly improve your effectiveness.
  • Weight/Size: The size of the sight must be light and small enough to carry with your Glock.
  • Durability: You must choose durable sight e so that you can carry it comfortably even in the outdoors.
  • Reliability: You must be able to use the sight even after a few years without any problem.

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