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Cabana Islander-Enjoy Lazy Party On The Water!

Floating Cabana – have a lazy party on the water!

Imagine the fun you’ll have spending time floating on the water with a few of your friends, or just your sweetheart. A cabana islander seats up to six people and offers shade from the often harsh sun while still letting you feel the breeze. Plus, it also has a floating cooler for your drinks!

A year or two ago, I visited a friend who had a little cabin on a lake in upstate New York. He had one of these floating party centers, and we spend half the day with a couple of friends floating and enjoying the lake (and the floating cooler full of goodness).

It was so much nicer than sitting idly on the shore just looking at the water and far cheaper than having a boat (plus, we were close to the shore, and the water was shallow there). With this inflatable, we felt like we were doing something (even if it was just laying back).

Cabana Islander Lounge

SportsStuff Cabana Islander

SportsStuff Cabana Islander

This is the ultimate inflatable! The Cabana Islander seats six people. It is the perfect floating hang out a spot on the water!

This is a well-constructed item, made of a heavy-gauge PVC (so it doesn’t tear). It has a wind-resistant nylon cabana top that can be removed if you’d rather bask in the sun’s rays.In the center of the float, there is a porthole so you can sit in it and put your legs in the water, or someone who wants to be in the water can still be a part of the conversation (with just their head above water).

Getting onto the float is easy with the boarding platform (so you don’t have to be concerned that it will tip when Big Tony tries to beach his big belly onto it.

And to top it off, it comes with a detached floating cooler that you can tether to the Cabana Islander. (That’s why Big Tony is there anyway, right?)

SportsStuff Cabana Islander

Cabana Islander Inflatable Six Person Lounge

The Pool and Patio Cabana Islander Lounge assures you and your friends a fun and relaxing summer. With room for 6 and tons of features, this one-of-a-kind inflatable is perfect for entertaining both on and off the water! Constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a detachable wind-resistant nylon cabanatop. Also includes a center swim porthole, a boarding platform, and a floating 16 QT cooler that can be tethered by grommet to the Cabana Islander. The cooler includes zippered lid, cup holders, rope grommet, and molded PVC handles.

Inflatable Floating Islands

This is a great little island, but lacks the shade that some other provide. Of course, if sunbathing is your plan, this might be perfect for you. Wouldn’t this be great for the Moms to hang out in while the kids swim?

When you’re done lounging…

After a while of lounging in your cabana islander, and you want to get active in the water, this is the water toy your group will love. This toy can barely be called a toy. It’s a massive 8-foot climbing, rocking, spinning, floating globe of fun.

SportsStuff Cabana Islander

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