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What Kind of Skateboard Should i Get For Beginners

What Kind of Skateboard Should i Get For Beginners

Skateboarding is a great entertainment and a good game of play. Which may give you so much joy and it may be risky for you. But you are not able to take perfect products, you only have one question: 

What Kind of Skateboard Should I Get for Beginners?

Why do not you have to tension you to solve your problem, our today’s resources Since you do not have much experience on this topic, you have to make good product selection for your practice. 

We have already given ideas on self-balancing scooter and more reviews of this related review.

If you are new, this business is very challenging, and that’s why you think about the criteria that will be very good and comfortable and easy for you to discuss.

The problem may be to find your product so that our presentation

What Kind of Skateboard Should I Get for Beginners?

When I was new to this side, many of my problems had to be encountered. I also faced a question like the new ones, and that is, What Kind of Skateboard Should I Get for Beginners? Today’s presentation from my practical experience.

And it will be a lot of help to you. Many of these products have been taken by research. And these products are very proven. Check out our product reviews.

Top 5 Best Skateboard for Beginners

1.MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

Minority Maple Skateboard is very good and more Skateboard and its good and perfectly engineered quality starter skateboard. this Skateboard is solid to the core. you will get here 7-ply hard rock maple cold pressed into 32×8-inch deck. It is perfectly built to endure product weight up to 220 lbs.

also get on this product concave design makes it very good for performing tricks with very ease and dexterity.

available here 5-inch long trucks made with quality and genuine aluminum alloy makes it an awesome epitome of endurance and strength.

Its best carbon steel kingpin and 78A durable high rebound PU bushing add to its very strength.

ABEC-9 perfect and precision bearings are really manufactured using your chrome steel minimum 52mm 102A PU wheels making the Minority Maple quality Skateboard a speedster.

Its maneuverability test on streets, ramps, and pools always giving positive results so being a newbie on this platform, obviously, you can rest assured of your smooth ride. get you in more kind of colorful designs, it is a feast for eyes as well.

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard


  • It is quality and durable.
  • Available here smooth ride.
  • excellent balance.


  • Not very flexible.
Best MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

2.POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV Team is a very good product in a very good quality skateboard, the demand for winning is increasing day by day. Many people are using it. It’s a good product for positive and man-made skateboards. It is naturally made by some kind of piles of wood using perfect waterproof glue.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard is the best option for you if you are new and if you want to stay in it better.

you will see here 3 groups—Andy Macdonald Rodney Jones, and Carlos De Andrade. The use of great waterproof glue protects it against unwanted moisture, thus making properly board free from your molds while its bottom is awesome coated with an SST slide treatment that will give you extra mile to the length of slides.


  • sturdy and durable body.
  • Available Here wheels provide a smooth ride.
  • It is perfectly accessible to Ollie using this board.


  • Trucks and Deck are heavy.
POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

 3.The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is a very interesting product. You are getting a perfect size in it, which is included in 44 ” you will be surprised that this skateboard multi-ply hardwood maple and artisan bamboo deck are really artistically designed to be fully your aesthetic needs as well. You will not find anywhere in this price of so many attractive designs.

44" Longboard Skateboard

You will see here durable 7 Ply Super-Flex Bamboo ABEC 7 speed bearings, and Hardwood Maple Deck, 7-inch aluminum great trucks You will be able to get the most powerful power and the most advanced technology has been developed by this product. Whose properties are very good.


  • Its flex and stiffness are in good balance to be responsive.
  • It always offers a good turn radius.
  • Get smooth ride due to its large wheels.
  • It offers super stability, it’s especially to a new rider.


  • It’s Especially for the beginners, not for all.
 Quest QT-NSC44C Longboard Skateboard

4. Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard

Penny Australia Complete Skateboard

If you want a product with 100% satisfaction then this will be the best choice for you. This classic design product is very good and very popular.

This small size product can give you very good results, which you can use in any place. Journey to your school’s way, going somewhere with friends and it’s very light and easy to use.

You can bear quite a lot of things in Chile. If you want, by this Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard you will be able to become a master in this game. It can give you some good things for you. So you can freely purchase it.


  • It always offers a smooth ride.
  • It is lightweight and very easy to carry around.
  • It comes in awesome colors.
  • It is very strong and durable.


  • It is not only built for tricks that include your jumping.
Penny Australia Complete Skateboard

5 Important Skateboard Components to Understand for The Beginner’s First Skateboard


What is more exciting than to go out and enjoy a perfect day while cruising on your skateboard. Skateboarding has become the most attractive sports since forever. The best thing is there is no absolute starting age. Both kids and adults can have fun as they try to ride a skateboard for the first time. That is why it is important to choose the starter skateboards carefully. Some beginners will rush straight into buying the one that looks right. That is the common mistake to avoid.
There are different kinds of skateboard to choose from. Each type also comes in various sizes. There are many vital components in the skateboard to pay your attention to. It might seem a little bit confusing for you right now. Do not worry. In this in-depth guide, you will understand how to pick out the easiest skateboard for beginners.
Before getting to the specific components of the skateboard, let’s discuss a little bit about the different types of the skateboard. It is crucial to know beforehand what kind of activities that you want to try out with your skateboard because the type will be depending on this decision.

Longboard or Skateboard


LongboardLongboards, (aka longskates), are usually longer than the standard skateboards. They have a size of 32 to 42 inch long. They are a little bit easier to stand on and keep balance, which might make it easier to start your first ride.
Nonetheless, they offer a different experience with the gliding speed. Due to the fact that their sheer long size provides a great boost to the acceleration, you can cover a lot of distances in cruising mode.
However, the catch is that they are harder to perform jumps and other cool tricks on. So if your style is gliding and sliding down on the hill or traveling over a long distance, longboards are a perfect choice.

Standard skateboardsStandard skateboards

They are shorter than the longboards and often are in between 28 and 33 inches long. While not offering the greater speed, standard skateboards are the top choices if performing impressive tricks is your desire. They have a curvy deck design that supports various jump tricks such as Ollie and Kickflip.
Due to their short size, standard skateboards are not suitable for longer rides. To make it up, their shapes and wheels structure make them perfect for skating parks, where the surface is flat. There are also many small ramps in skating park that is really fun to ride up and down while performing some exciting tricks.

Custom boards

They are usually for the professional and seasoned skateboard players. Since all the decks, wheels, bearings, etc. can be customizable up to the specific needs. The pros usually pick out the different parts from various famous manufacturers and assemble the components back all together by themselves.
in order not to cause you any confusion, let’s focus on the topic of skateboard components.
If you want to hang out with your best friends in the park and learn some new skateboard tricks together, it is strongly recommended to pick an easiest skateboard type to ride. That is why the list below will focus on the standard skateboard components while leaving out the longboards’ one for another topic.

5 important skateboard components for selection

1/ Choosing the decksSkateboard decks

Decks are the crucial frameworks of the skateboards, especially for beginners. A firm and solid deck will ensure the perfect support and balance when you first stand on the skateboard. There are a couple of choices of material.
Plastic skateboards make a good start for first-time learners. They are the cheapest in regard to the purchase price. However, as you progress to the next stage, slimmer boards will provide better surface grip which is more convenient for trick performance.
Now you are wondering:
What is the right deck size for my first skateboard?
The answer is very straightforward. Below is the list that can help you pick out the right skateboard for you.

Overview of skateboard size for kids:

Since the kids are still in development years, it is good to plan on the right deck size that is suitable for their growth.
Micro Size: If your kids are 5 years old or younger, it is recommended to get a deck between 6.5 inches and 6.75 inches. They will fit in with the shoe size of 3 or smaller.
Mini Size: If your kids are between 6 and 8 years old, get the deck with 7.0 inch. They will fit the shoe size between 4 and 6.
Mid Size: If your kids are between 9 and 12 years old, get the deck between 4.5 and 5.2 inches. They will fit the shoe size between 7 and 8.
Full Size: If your kid is above 13 years old, get the deck from 7.5 inches to larger than 8 inches. They will fit the shoe size of 9 or larger.

Overview of skateboard size for adults:

For the grown-ups, the decks also come in different sizes, and each size can serve different purposes.
Skaters that ride along the street will often prefer skateboards between a 7.5 to 8 inch. If you prefer skating in the parks, an 8-inch board or larger is a better choice. But if you do not have any idea yet, just embark your skateboarding journey with the standard 8 inches wide and 30-inch long deck. They are also the prevalent selection for beginners.

2/ WheelsWheels

The wheels are also another essential component of the skateboard. For street skating, it is a good piece of advice to choose the smaller wheels as they are more responsive to jump and flip. A standard recommendation is the wheels between 49 and 52 mm.
If speed is your top priority, then you should consider the wheels between 54 – 60mm. Thanks to their size, these wheels make it convenient to cover significant surface area, thus providing you more acceleration for a long jump and grab.

3/ BearingsSkateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings are the round metal pieces that can be found inside the skateboard’s wheels. The bearings connect the wheels to the axle.
Bearings are important in the sense that it will keep your wheels rolling smoothly. Usually, for starters, the bearings often come together with the wheels, so you don’t have to spend too much time choosing the right bearings.
However, pay a little bit of attention to the maintenance of bearings as the time goes on. The method for maintenance is to clean and lubricate them in a set schedule. You can ask for help at the local skateboard vendor if you need more assistance.

4/ TrucksSkateboard Trucks

The truck size is dependant on your deck size. The rule of thumb is to make the axle length equal to the deck width. It is to ensure that once installed, the trucks will instantly match the width of your deck, without anything sticking in or out of size.
Make sure there is no misalignment between the trucks and the deck. Usually, the trucks for the common 8-inch decks should have the size of 149.

5/ Shapes

If you have keen eyes, you might notice the differences in the skateboard shapes. But to give you the answer straightforward, they often are indifferent and up to preferences.
For beginners, a normal board shape will make it easier to kick start your first ollie on the flat ground surface. But some skaters feel like the more concave the board shape is, the easier it is to perform a kickflip trick.
Once again, there is no ultimate right way or wrong way to pick out the shape for your first skateboard. An excellent way to choose the shape is merely to give it a try and see if the particular shape can give you a right feeling.

Go ahead and pick out your companion

You should now have a solid understanding of different components of the skateboard to choose from. Spend your budget wisely to select your first perfect skateboard. Pay attention to the small details can help you out in the long run, since skateboarding is the activity that requires a lot of practices.
Do not hesitate to get into the fun yet challenging learning process of skateboarding. The greatest adventure is waiting for you to embark on.

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