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AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical Scope reviews

AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical ScopeAWP Airsoft sniper rifle Tactical L96 is a great copy of real sniper rifle. The L96 Airsoft sniper rifles are one great addition to the family of Airsoft equipment. The most interesting feature of this tactical l96 is it is included in scope. The scope included in this sniper rifle exhibit power of 9~3 x 32 and also contain light filter in it.

L96 Airsoft sniper rifles are one of most robust and strong sniper rifle which can be found in the market. The velocity of this sniper rifle is about 400 to 460 fps, and it goes well with 0.2G bb. This is a most genuine replica of a sniper rifle, and it is incredibly authentic in its appearance and performance. Well L96 AWP spring Airsoft sniper rifles are operated with BB’s which are round of plastic pellets of size 6mm. These BB’s are fired by the help of mechanism which is based on spring loading.

More AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical Scope Detailairsoft sniper rifles

The biggest benefit of L96 Airsoft sniper rifle is it can help to train players safely and can also provide effective simulation for shooting purpose. This feature also ensures the safety of players and their training without any fear of some accident or injury. This rifle operates similarly to real rifle in various manners as the look, weight, and feel of the rifle is similar to a genuine sniper rifle. However, the purpose of this rifle is to train and can be used safely for recreational purpose. It can be differentiated from original rifle only by BB’s that generated from the rifle during firing and the orange tip of the gun which can distinguish real from the copy.

More AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical Scope Detailairsoft sniper rifles

Other specification of this sniper rifle includes its capacity and its range. The capacity of this rifle is about 30 rounds. However, the range of this rifle is almost 230 feet. The hop up of the rifle is also adjustable. It is equipped with Picatinny rail system for mounting. It also contains 2 metal magazines. The weight of this cheap Airsoft sniper rifles is about 10 pounds. L96 Airsoft sniper rifles are amp and also fastest. This is based on the bolt action single shot rifle and comes with provides higher accuracy. This sniper is international arctic warfare rifle and one of a most powerful sniper rifle. The butt stock this rifle is also adjustable. It includes high-quality scope which enhances the accuracy and precision of a rifle. This amazing rifle is available at the price of $ which is economical, and this rifle is worth for.

This Airsoft sniper rifles is sturdy and made with the integration of good quality metal and plastic. The scope of the rifle has its value of $ and more. This rifle is quite appropriate of quiet and calm attacks. As the touch of rifle gives a feeling of genuine rifle thus, it is appreciated for its look and weight. The speed loader provided with a rifle is also of very high quality. However, few things which can problem the user include the removal of the magazine is bit difficult and quick transition sometimes become complicated. For its weight, it is heavy than other Airsoft sniper rifles available in the market.

Assembling gun may also cause trouble for some people. However, good things come with a price. Thus, this Airsoft sniper rifle is worth for its price and features.

AirSoft AWP Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3X Optical Scope

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle reviews

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

The UTG Accushot competition Shadow Ops sniper rifles are the most popular, high quality and cheap airsoft sniper rifles, manufactured by the airsoft. If you want to describe it in a single word, you can say that this product is a beast that you can get from the market. The airsoft sniper rifles with the scope are also available, but even if you purchase it without a scope, you will find this rifle dead on correct within 50 meters. A top quality Shadow Ops sniper rifle can strike pop can place up to 100 meters. It is the best choice if you consider the bb rifle with light actions.

Product reviews:

UTG AccuShot Ops cheap airsoft sniper rifles can handle greatly, and they are good for any airsoft fan. They perform a little bit difficult and heavy duty as compared to come other standard rifles from airsoft brand. Their body is made of hard and durable plastic and also some metal parts that make them heavy. Metals on guns include bolt, the handle of the bolt, trigger, barrel, magazine, front and rear sling mount, bipod, the adapter of bipod and bipod unit. Due to these metal parts, they are heavier than standard airsoft pieces which are covered with only plastic, and there is no metal on them. It is light enough that you can easily handle it so don’t worry from its weight. They will give you shoots just like you dream. After the upgrade, you can mount the scope of your AccuShot competition Shadow Ops sniper rifle; you can then h
it a pop can out at 100 meters or more.

UTG competition Ops sniper rifles are cheap airsoft sniper rifles that come with a very reasonable price tag, this is why these rifles are the hot favorite and highly preferred by the airsoft players. Steel counterpart is designed to use them in severe cold weather as it is very difficult to grip on anything with cold hands. Trigger guard with gloves and bolt handle in oversize are attached with these cheap airsoft sniper rifles. Bother thumb and trigger safety are featured over the UTG MK96. The center portion of the trigger is pressed down easily for pulling the main trigger. One major drawback that you will find in this sniper rifle is that you have to get the scope separately because it is not added in its package.

Product features:

  • AccuShot Shadow competition Ops cheap airsoft sniper rifles are metal barrel with hop up adjustable system
  • They provide excellent performance for shooting. They have powerful pin point accuracy for long distance shooting
  • They are designed with the complete mounting system of Picatinny. They have bipod Tri rail adaptor also UTG deluxe bipod Picatinny
  • There are few zip codes in which these gun are not available for sale
  • They have two spare magazines to perform extreme bolt action
  • A bipod adapter is pressed from the opening over stock front and then locks
  • Other useful features include weaver rail UTG bipod, one sling, and one-speed loader

UTG Gen 5 AccuShot Competition Master Sniper Rifle reviews

Product description:

L96 Airsoft Gun Sniper Spring Powered Rifle Gun with Scope

Gen 5 AccuShot competition master is a new sniper rifle. It is new brand generation 5 sniper rifle, and UTG resigned the most famous sniper airsoft rifle in the market. It also has introduced various best features in it. Now, these airsoft sniper rifles with the scope are considered the most demanded sniper rifles and players love it because it has awesome features. This generation 5 master rifle includes complete reinforced safety system, double Picatinny rails system, spare magazine, latest bolt, sniper rifle UTG sling and a speed loader for operating spring. Most of the guns in this category are made with metal. Just the trigger guard and stock are ABS parts while all other parts of the gun including bolt, the handle of the bolt, barrel, RIS rails, trigger, and receiver have a metal body.

The gun alone carries 6.5 lbs weight, and with all items, it weights more than 9 pounds. The bolt handle is coated with rubber. The length of stock can be changed, and you can adjust it by adding the spacers from 1 to 3 which are located behind the butt pad of the gun.

There is no gun like UTG Gen 5 AccuShot Competition Master sniper rifle if you consider the price. These airsoft sniper rifles cheap can shoot a can from the distance of 170 feet, and you can also fire in a strait line. It is recommended to get airsoft sniper rifles with scope. With scope gun, the bb will move in a direction where you will place the crosshairs. It is so easy to place it together and then load it. In one minute, it lets you shoot 60 rounds. If you are looking for more power and accuracy, then you should use .20g to .25g bbs.Includes:

The product includes following: UTG master generation 5 sniper rifle, two magazines, 3 pint UTG sniper rifle pint sling, tactical UTG bipod along with the posi lock and Picatinny mount, deluxe point loader powered with spring, integrated top, and front scope rail, loading tool. The only thing which is not included in its package is a scope that you have to buy separately. Airsoft sniper rifles with scope provide accurate results, so when you go to purchase generation 5 master sniper rifle, it is a good idea to purchase a separate scope with it.

Product features:

  • Gen 5 AccuShot airsoft sniper rifles with scope give superior performance on every shoot with the new Gen 5 bolt.
  • They contain high-quality metal contents such as cocking or bolt, barrel, trigger and many others.
  • They show performance with the pin point accuracy, and you will love long range shoots with high power.
  • On few specific zip codes, this item is not for selling purpose.
  • You can perform cocking by using only one finger as the cocking of the gun is very smooth to handle.
  • Firing noise is extremely low which is best for the sniping campaigns.
  • They have new Gen silent bolt which is why they are called the quietest airsoft guns.

UTG Gen 3 AccuShot Competition Master Sniper Rifle reviews

Product description:

Gen 3 competition master sniper rifle got 5 stars as it gave complete satisfaction to its customers. Everyone can buy it because it offers very reasonable price. It is designed with durable quality, and its significant parts are made up of metal. One good change in it is red dot thing for its scope which is not present in its package. The laser position is accurate for firing and release, and you will get it with two batteries. It has a sling, and a bipod and the cocking functionality is cool and easy to perform.

Gen 3 airsoft sniper rifles cheap do not produce noise when you shoot, as they are not that much expensive but still they contain all those features which are present in expensive guns. You can shoot at a distance of .20g bbs with good accuracy. Most players while purchasing a gun consider two factors: first cheap cost and second quiet shoots. Both these qualities are present in Gen 3 airsoft sniper rifles cheap, and so players love to have this airsoft gun on their hands to enjoy accurate shoots on long distance. The gun is also very simple to use if you follow its directions. What you will need to do is simply to add 3 screws, and it will be ready to use. Many websites on the internet offer these airsoft sniper rifles for sale, and it seemed that majority of the customers gave positive reviews and they are happy with this product. From various reviews, it revealed that the rifle is a great enjoyment and fun for shooting because it is quit, accurate and easy to adjust. If you are planning on being on the sniper, then it is recommended to get a scope as well. It should be used with .20g and more. But anything less than .20g can ruin your gun. You can easily strike an unopened soda can with .20g. Always get the bolt action to decide when you will reload it. You are free to adjust where you desire to fire and get accurate shots.

Product features:

  • Gen 3 AccuShot competition master airsoft sniper rifles cheap show an excellent performance and it is upgraded with new UTG Gen bolt
  • Metal contents of this gun include trigger, bolt or cocking, barrel and some others
  • It shows pin point accuracy of shooting along with high power and spare magazine
  • It has a speed loader with spring powered
  • It has tactical UTG along with the posi lock as well as Picatinny mount
  • It has one UTG rifle sling
  • Shipping weight is approximately 1 pound

Some advice to buy airsoft sniper rifles cheap:

If you want to buy UTG Gen 3 AccuShot master sn
iper rifle, you should read full product details and description to check if it fulfills your demand. By checking reviews, you will get a complete understanding of what are cons and pros of this particular product. It is also good to compare several items and this way it will become easy for you to make a selection. Try to find discussions on websites. Once you have checked everything about the product, you can purchase it without worries.

TSD Tactical L96 High Powered Bolt Action Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle reviews

Product description:

Team SD TSD Tactical L96 High Powered Bolt Action Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Are you looking for airsoft sniper rifles for sale? TSD tactical L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a bolt action airsoft sniper rifle with extreme power. It contains a 3 x 9 40 magnifying scope and also two spare magazines. It is an OD gun, and its scope is incredible. You can view quickly through its scope. This gun allows you to shoot 480 fps with the .2 bbs and it can float a little bit after covering 140 feet distance. It is recommended to use .25 bbs if you want to shoot 435 fps are near to this. Moreover, they are accurate when you see through the scope. Some people told that with this gun, they could easily shoot a can of soda in only 2 shots with the distance of 200 feet. One great thing that you will find in these sniper rifles airsoft is that the bolt of these guns is not very hard and you can pull it back easily.

Now some markets and online stores offer these airsoft sniper rifles for sale. So don’t miss this golden opportunity if you are a great lover of airsoft guns and avail the opportunity of getting airsoft sniper rifles for sale. They are quite simple to fix and manage easily. Sometimes, it might be possible that the bolt might not move down into the position of firing. So in that case, you will need to use the black alien wrench which can loosen its screw from the bolt back. Overall, re views show that TSD tactical L96 airsoft sniper rifle for sale is amazing for fields, backyards and anything so buy this gun to enjoy.

Product features:

TSD tactical L96 airsoft sniper rifle has two spare metal magazines 30 round and 3 x 9 40 magnifying scopes.It has one shot bolt action, and it is not light in weightYou can fire at 460 to 480 fps with the 0.20g bbs and hop-up that can be adjustableEffective range of this gun is 120 feetThere are some special zip codes of this product in which the gun is not for sale

Product restrictions:

You can get airsoft sniper rifles for sale only if you are 18 or older. There are some areas, local laws, and states where it is strictly prohibited the selling as well as possession of this gun. To order this airsoft sniper rifle, you must have to certify that your age is 18 years or above. You have to show the legal requirements of the jurisdiction to buy this gun.


TSD tactical L96 spring powered sniper rifle is very powerful to shoot on long distances. It shows accurate results, and one user told that he hit his friends three times with this gun from distance of 150 feet. It does not produce loud noise to make you feel calm. The bolt action is also very smooth, and it supports a bipod as well. It has a great look and it will give you an amazing feeling.


The only drawback that you will find in it is that it is a little bit heavy but for just long games.

Team SD TSD Tactical L96 High Powered Bolt Action Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle

A&K SVD Dragunov Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle reviews

A&K SVD Dragunov Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle reviews

The sniper rifles airsoft is said to be a very high-quality weapon. It comes up with nice weight and also comfortable to operate as well as handle specifically when you are talking about holding and aiming sniper rifles airsoft. It maximum allows you a comfortable and excellent grip. You can find the weaver mount right at the top of the scope. The sniper rifles airsoft magazine can easily hold around 30 bb, as it also right away goes into the forward type grip. You can also find a hop-up hole that can easily be adjustable with the Allen wrench that is already included. This hop-up hole is located right on the forward grip.

What is included in the package?

  • The sniper rifles airsoft comes up with following items included in the package.
  • The M187 Rifle (Echo-1 ASR) with grip of M4 style, collapsible stock, and also a weaver rail
  • 4×32 mil-mark scope covers along with mounting rings
  • Magazine of A 30 rounds
  • Adjustable bipod
  • Left hander bolt adapter
  • Three Allen Wrenches
  • Speed loader
  • 20g BB’s Small pack


There are many countless features associated included in airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps. There are many more features besides of the fact that it is very light weight and comfortable as well. It designed for the use of BB’s in the range of 25-28g. However, the 12g BBs are not recommended because they will only go around the range of approximately thirty feet and after that, they will be flying all around. 20 also works better, but they will not go beyond 50 to 70 feet after being caught by the wind. You can get the maximum range of about 100ft from 20’s.

The scope is fantastic, especially for an including to the package. The lenses are relatively crystal clear, but they are tending to catch some glare from sun rays that affect the overall visibility. However, the mil-marks on the scope are proved to be very useful for identifying the overall distance of the bullet travel. The scope comes with rings that are very firm and perform a pretty good job to hold it secure. These rings are very much easy to tighten and attach. The overall zoom of the scope is also very good and said to be a great addition to the package.What is good?

Besides of features mentioned above, there are some good features as well:

  • It is very accurate
  • It is said to be strong and powerful
  • It has fair amount of weight for easy handling
  • Magazine comes up with good capacity and design
  • Scope works very efficiently
  • Scope is very powerful
  • Price is reasonable considering the package.
  • It also comes up with speed loader

What is bad?

The only bad thing or you can say the bad feature is bipod. However, you can fix this issue with the help of tape, if you wish to do so.

[amazon_link asins=’B01LW8KAI6′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’doorchamp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’945f161b-7847-11e7-b9b9-437a66bfa537′]

BBTac Well MB04 G-22 AWM Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 3-9 x 40 Scope and Bi-Pod reviews

[amazon_link asins=’B00P7SL7ZC’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’doorchamp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7ef7ff02-fb95-11e7-9641-fbd38c0fd9ce’]

The cheap airsoft sniper rifles with scope shoot well and hard right out of the box. You can about shoot at the range of 100 feet. You will find cheap airsoft sniper rifles with scope fun and accurate to shoot. However, the rifle is bit heavy, even though it is considered to be a sniper rifle. The 36 mad bull bbs would have been the ideal to use in this sniper rifle. You can get satisfying results while destroying your targets. Its barrel and lock together with so
me great value. The sling is slightly weak, so it is recommended not to put that on. It is made by using metal.

Features and Specification:

The cheap airsoft snipers rifle with scope is considered to be an ideal rifle. The stock and more grip is made up of ABS. in this particular mode of airsoft sniper rifles 1000 fps, the velocity is set about 500 fps. It is purely based on the legendary L96 sniper rifle that was used by British Army and other special organization all over the different countries around the world.

For all gamers, this is considered to be the great AWP legendary sniper rifle. Especially for counter strike lovers. This is considered to be airsoft replica rifle that truly turns you into a real airsoft sniper. The main feature of cheap airsoft snipers rifle with scope is that it comes up with a fully adjustable cheek rest and a scope with 20mm that is relatively an additional feature of this exclusive rifle. The inclusion of the scope in this rifle is an extra ease. The bipod is also very helpful in sniping mission.The overall mechanism of this exclusive rifle is top quality and very much precise. However, this time you won’t find very much difficult to pull the spring bolt. It is very easy to pull back. For such an airsoft rifle that is shooting around 480-500fps right out of the box, it is considered to be a great occasion. The stock and ergonomically grip of this rifle are very much comfortable for a user to keep him well trained and on the target as well. All such features make this rifle bet airsoft rifle available in the market.• It is truly a well-designed bolt action sniper rifle; the orange, red tip is already installed.• The material used in this rifle includes the plastic lower receiver, metal trigger housing and single part precision metal barrel.

• It comes up with the realistic magazine

• The overall velocity is around 450-500 Fps

• It can shoot around the range of 100 feet

• The overall weight of the rifle is 14 pounds.

The Good:

• It is very accurate rifle that can shoot about 100-150 feet with the use of 3g bbs

• The maximum range of the rifle is about 200 feet

• It comes up with good scope

• It has a good bipod

• Considering the overall performance, its price is much lower.

• It is very realistic and reliable

The Bad:

• There are no bad characteristics found in this rifle other than the bolt that sometimes jams up. However, you can pull the bolt back, as it is quite easy to fix.

• A bit heavier

Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom NP Synthetic Stock Nitro Piston Hunting Air Rifle with 4×32 Scope (.22-Caliber)reviews

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The airsoft sniper rifles is a sort powerful new rifle with such a modern type of body. It is exclusively modified to the smash barrel user. Crosman introduced the airsoft sniper rifles as the next generation of break barrel air rifles. It features include very well defined lines, sleek, and all-weather, forearm and synthetic stock as well. The rifle has come up with a firm grip and a good forearm. It has a remarkable shooting velocity of around one thousand feet per second-FPS. It has a steel barrel, micro adjustable fiber optic site, and fiber optic front sight. It also has a two-way stage adjustable trigger that will allow you to easily customize your rifle trigger according to your own shooting choices. The scope is also very efficient with of 4X32mm.

Features and Specifications:

Crosman was founded by Crosman Arms Company in Rochester, New York in the year 1923. In 1966, the company introduced the airgun. They are supposed to be an international manufacturer, marketer, and designer as well. They are the proud manufacturer of airsoft rifles, pistols, copperhead ammunition, ammunition and Benjamin pellet rifles.

The airsoft sniper rifles  comes up with exclusive and outstanding features. Some of them are as under:-

  • It is a very newly introduced powerful rifle with having such an innovative style of body.
  • It has checkered forearm and grip as well. The remarkable shooting velocity of or you can fire velocity is quite amazing, as it can shoot up to the 1000 feet per second.
  • It has two adjustable triggers as well. These triggers can allow the shooter to customize it according to his or her preference.
  • It also comes up with a 4X32mm precision scope.
  • The overall specifications of airsoft sniper rifles  include:-
  • It has 0.22 caliber
  • The special thing about it is the firing velocity up to 1,000 FPS, and it is spring powered
  • Six-pound weight
  • 44.5-inch length
  • Six-pound weight
  • It contains special rifled steel barrel
  • It also has the Fiber optic front and back places of interest. Now, let’s discuss good and bad of electric airsoft sniper rifles.

The Good:

  • It comes up with enough weight for easy handling. However, it is all depending on you, as the gun has right weight. The rifle gives you the stable and strong feelings.
  • It has a weather resistant and a solid black synthetic stock.
  • The rifle is made of solid steel that gives you the feeling of sturdy. So, you can imagine that it is not cheaply produced.
  • It is also accurate enough.
  • The price is very reasonable comparing the overall features of the rifle.
  • However, you can upgrade the same if you want to do so.

The Bad:

  • The scope at the top of the rifle is not in the line. However, it can be easily zeroed and shot with accuracy.
  • Not good for youngsters, as it is quite a bit heavy rifle.
  • The spring is a bit on the harder side, so requires fair amount of power.
  • Overall, it is good rifle considering its shooting velocity and other feature.
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550 FPS Spring Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/Working Scope, Adjustable Stock, Bipod & Sample BBs reviews

The electric airsoft sniper rifle is a bolt action sniper rifle. It is a well-designed sniper rifle that comes up with amazing characteristics and features. It has the good range, or you can say an excellent shooting velocity. It also has a fully functional 4X32 optical scope. The bipod is also included or comes up with the electric airsoft sniper rifles that will allow you to have full control over the rifle during the phase of the competition. The rifles come up with nicely balanced weight, it is made from metal and plastic, so this amazing combination provides a real weight and feels for this rifle.

Features and Specifications:

The electric airsoft sniper rifles, as mentioned above comes up with some amazing and outstanding features and specifications. Some of its amazing features are as under:-

  • It is 550 FPS spring airsoft bolt action sniper rifle
  • It has come up with a black and orange tip
  • Its overall construction is a combination of metal and plastic.
  • It is designed for the people of having age 18 years and above.
  • It has 4X32 fully working scope and bipod is already included.
  • The adjustable stock is about 550- FPS
  • It has 10 round magazine
  • It’s working safety shoots with having unit dimensions of 42.5X2.5X12” (H X W X D).

The overall characteristics of this amazing rifle are very good. It has a nice weight, fully working scope
. Most importantly, it has a nice velocity with having 10 rounds magazine. Its construction is the combination of metal and plastic. It is the copyrights so that no other company can manufacture a similar product like this. It is a sort of adult toy. Individuals having an age of 18 years and above can use this rifle.You can enjoy having shot with this amazing electric airsoft sniper rifles. It has an already included bipod that allows you to take full control during the competition. At the initial stage, you must need to have guidance and supervision of some experience users or supervisor. The electric airsoft sniper rifles are exclusively designed for an adult audience.

The Good:

  • It is a fully functional sniper rifle, specially designed for an adult audience.
  • An excellent shooting velocity:
  • It is an excellent combination of plastic and metal used in the manufacturing of spring airsoft sniper rifles.

The Bad:

  • Misusing this rifle can harm and may cause serious problems and injuries
  • Never shoot at any animal or human using this rifle, as it may cause serious damage
  • It is highly recommended for 18-years and above to purchase this rifle
  • Whereas, minors required having supervision or guidance to operate this rifle
  • This rifle is designed and operated for only training purposes
  • Eye protection is needed while operating this rifle
  • Also, wear body protection as well to prevent yourself from serious injuries
  • Do not fire at the surface to prevent ricochet
  • Overall, it is good rifle designed for adult users. Prefer age is around 18-years and above. You could upgrade this rifle as well if you needed.

Currently unavailable. 

You Can buy form these Rifles these are like this.

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CYMA Spring M187D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle FPS-550 4X32 Bosile Scope, Collapsible Stock, Bipod Airsoft Gun reviews


The airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps is particularly a bolt action type sniper rifle. It is the latest family members and said to be the greatest sniper rifle introduced in the market. It has an amazing look. It can shoot with the rapid speed of 550 Ft per second. There are many useful accessories included in the package of airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps. It can fulfill your shipping requirements, such as Bipod, and the Bosile 4X32 scope. These are not considered to be cheap accessories, as you can find similar types of accessories in the market with the price around $. However, this rifle is relatively cheaper if you compared the overall features of it with other products available in the market.

Features and Specifications:

The best feature about airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps is that it comes with such a convenient box with ready to go packaging. All parts and accessories included airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps are considered to be best considering the price and quality of this rifle. It is so much reliable as well as durable, as it is fully equipped metal trigger and metal cylinder assembly. It is considered to be cheap airsoft sniper rifles with scope. Considering the package, it is all around the best sniper rifle available in the market.You can also upgrade the rifle. It is fully accurate and light weight as well. Right away from the manufacturer of this rifle, you can get complete accessories and hardware you need to have, such as lens cover, 4×32 zoom scope, magazine, and Bipod. All hardware accessories are fully functional. If you are looking for cheap bolt action sniper rifle, then this devastating beauty is designed for you. You can grab it at the very low price considering its overall features and hardware accessories that come with the package.

  • Bi-Pod
  • Scope with zoom of 4X32
  • Hop Up
  • Collapsible Stock, Bipod Airsoft Gun, and Spring M187D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle FPS-550 4X32 Bosile Scope
  • The Muzzle Velocity is 550 FPS with (.12g BBs, 470 FPS with .20g BBs)
  • It comes up with the weight of only six pounds.

The Good

This is said to be a very durable gun that made up of very strong metal and abs. However, you cannot feel it much heavier because it is made from metal. The scope comes up with an amazing range of 150 to 180 feet. You can fix any problem quite easily if you are willing to get inside of rifle.

The Bad

There are no such real bad features comes up with this sniper rifle other than the hard bolt for which you need to have gloves.Overall, it is a good rifle that comes up in low price with all such great features. It can shoot about 360 rounds. You can upgrade this rifle as well if you wish to do so. You will love this rifle if you are looking for longer distance shooting.

Currently unavailable. 

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