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6 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Reviews-Buyer Guide (Updated 2022

Airsoft sniper rifles are the most sought after airsoft guns in the world of airsoft. They are known for their long range and accuracy.

These airsoft guns can be very powerful and can shoot up to 600 FPS (feet per second).

This allows them to shoot targets at a distance of 500 feet.

Airsoft snipers are used by all levels of players, from beginners and amateurs to experienced players who compete in tournaments.

The following is a list of the best airsoft snipers available on the market.

These airsoft guns are used by thousands of players around the world and they have been reviewed by many different websites.

If you are an airsoft player, it is recommended that you purchase one of these rifles so you can enjoy playing with an effective gun on the battlefield.

wellfire vsr-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifle Review

 510 fps wellfire vsr-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifle

The WellFire SR22 is a well-made, accurate airsoft sniper rifle that has the added benefit of being able to shoot both .20g and .25g BBs. The ability to shoot heavier BBs is what makes this rifle unique, as most spring rifles are only able to shoot light weight .20g.

The SR22 features a full metal body and bolt assembly with a one piece outer barrel. It also comes with an integrated scope rail and scope mount, making it scope ready right out of the box! The gun also has a functional safety.

This sniper rifle performs best with 0.25g BBs, which can reach distances of up to 200 feet! With 0.20g BBs, it shoots around 400 FPS and can reach distances of up to 400 feet!

The SR22 is compatible with standard aftermarket VSR-10 parts like barrels, triggers, cocking knobs, and magazines.

If you’re looking for a powerful spring sniper rifle that’s ready for scope use right out of the box, the WellFire SR22 is for you!

 vsr-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifle

AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical Scope reviews

AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical ScopeAWP Airsoft sniper rifle Tactical L96 is a great copy of real sniper rifle. The L96 Airsoft sniper rifles are one great addition to the family of Airsoft equipment.

The most interesting feature of this tactical l96 is it is included in scope. The scope included in this sniper rifle exhibit power of 9~3 x 32 and also contain light filter in it.

L96 Airsoft sniper rifles are one of most robust and strong sniper rifle which can be found in the market. The velocity of this sniper rifle is about 400 to 460 fps, and it goes well with 0.2G bb.

This is a most genuine replica of a sniper rifle, and it is incredibly authentic in its appearance and performance.

Well L96 AWP spring Airsoft sniper rifles are operated with BB’s which are round of plastic pellets of size 6mm.

These BB’s are fired by the help of mechanism which is based on spring loading.

The biggest benefit of L96 Airsoft sniper rifle is it can help to train players safely and can also provide effective simulation for shooting purpose.

This feature also ensures the safety of players and their training without any fear of some accident or injury.

This rifle operates similarly to real rifle in various manners as the look, weight, and feel of the rifle is similar to a genuine sniper rifle. However, the purpose of this rifle is to train and can be used safely for recreational purpose.

It can be differentiated from original rifle only by BB’s that generated from the rifle during firing and the orange tip of the gun which can distinguish real from the copy.

Other specification of this sniper rifle includes its capacity and its range. The capacity of this rifle is about 30 rounds.

However, the range of this rifle is almost 230 feet. The hop up of the rifle is also adjustable. It is equipped with Picatinny rail system for mounting. It also contains 2 metal magazines.

This Airsoft sniper rifles is sturdy and made with the integration of good quality metal and plastic.

However, few things which can problem the user include the removal of the magazine is bit difficult and quick transition sometimes become complicated.

For its weight, it is heavy than other Airsoft sniper rifles available in the market.

Assembling gun may also cause trouble for some people. However, good things come with a price. Thus, this Airsoft sniper rifle is worth for its price and features.

AirSoft AWP Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3X Optical Scope

Evike – CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The CYMA VSR-10 is a bolt action sniper rifle, which is one of the most popular airsoft rifles on the market right now. It has a realistic bolt action and trigger pull, as well as a detachable magazine for quick reload.

Since the VSR-10 platform is so popular, there are tons of upgrade parts available including precision barrels that can take your fps up well past 700 with appropriate upgrades.

The rifle is built with an all metal construction, including the barrel, cylinder and trigger box. The stock of the gun is made from polymer, giving it a lighter weight than the full metal guns out there.

The gun features a 20mm top rail for mounting sights, scopes and any other accessories you may want to use on your rifle.

The barrel of the gun features a threaded muzzle so it can accept silencers or tracer units.

The stock barrel is fairly accurate for the price. I chronoed the rifle in at about 410 FPS with 0.20g BBs right out of the box, which is perfect for indoor use.

The CYMA VSR-10 has an adjustable hop up system which allows you to adjust the amount of back spin that you put on the BB for better range and accuracy.

This rifle comes with everything you need to get started including: a 55 round magazine, BB loader and speed loader.

This is a very nice sniper rifle. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and have used it in at least 3 games. It’s very accurate and has a very nice weight to it.

The only downside to this gun is the magazine. But if you’re looking for a nice spring sniper with good range I would highly recommend this one.

CYMA VSR-10 is a bolt action sniper rifle

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 Reviews

Are you looking for a high quality airsoft sniper rifle? If so, the BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle can give you what you need.BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

This rifle is ideal for hunting down your opponents at long distances and offers an authentic look.

The BBTac M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope and Bipod is a bolt action sniper rifle.

Comes with a bolt action shooting this airsoft rifle is powerful and accurate.

This spring airsoft gun is the best solution for those who are looking for a quality spring powered bolt action sniper rifle airsoft gun.

This rifle shoots out at 420 – 475 FPS with .2g BBs, plenty of power for your target practice or backyard shooting fun.

This powerful airsoft gun has a polymer body, full metal barrel and bipod.

The high capacity magazine holds 30 rounds and has an adjustable hop up system for more precise shots.

A weaver rail is mounted on the top of the receiver for adding accessories such as scopes or lasers.

The M61 also comes with a rail that is perfect for adding extra accessories like scopes, lasers and flashlights.

It’s a great gun to get started in sniping, with all the accessories you need to get started blazing away at your targets and enemies.

This realistic bolt action gives your shooting the feel of a real life sniper rifle, providing you with an all around enjoyable experience when playing war games, paintball and more.

Precision machine made shooting longer distance with added stability and precision.

It offers everything that you would expect from this type of gun, plus some extra features like the ability to connect accessories like scopes and optics.

The price makes it very affordable as well, which means that almost anyone can buy one.

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac Well MB04 G-22 AWM Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 3-9 x 40 Scope and Bi-Pod Reviews

 bbtac well mb04 g-22 awm airsoft sniper rifle

The cheap airsoft sniper rifles with scope shoot well and hard right out of the box. You can about shoot at the range of 100 feet. You will find cheap airsoft sniper rifles with scope fun and accurate to shoot.

However, the rifle is bit heavy, even though it is considered to be a sniper rifle. The 36 mad bull bbs would have been the ideal to use in this sniper rifle.

You can get satisfying results while destroying your targets. Its barrel and lock together with some great value.

The sling is slightly weak, so it is recommended not to put that on. It is made by using metal.

The cheap airsoft snipers rifle with scope is considered to be an ideal rifle.

The stock and more grip is made up of ABS. in this particular mode of airsoft sniper rifles 1000 fps, the velocity is set about 500 fps.

It is purely based on the legendary L96 sniper rifle that was used by British Army and other special organization all over the different countries around the world.

For all gamers, this is considered to be the great AWP legendary sniper rifle. Especially for counter strike lovers.

This is considered to be airsoft replica rifle that truly turns you into a real airsoft sniper.

The main feature of cheap airsoft snipers rifle with scope is that it comes up with a fully adjustable cheek rest and a scope with 20mm that is relatively an additional feature of this exclusive rifle.

The inclusion of the scope in this rifle is an extra ease. The bipod is also very helpful in sniping mission.

The overall mechanism of this exclusive rifle is top quality and very much precise. However, this time you won’t find very much difficult to pull the spring bolt. It is very easy to pull back. For such an airsoft rifle that is shooting around 480-500fps right out of the box, it is considered to be a great occasion.

The stock and ergonomically grip of this rifle are very much comfortable for a user to keep him well trained and on the target as well.

All such features make this rifle bet airsoft rifle available in the market.

It is truly a well-designed bolt action sniper rifle; the orange, red tip is already installed.

The material used in this rifle includes the plastic lower receiver, metal trigger housing and single part precision metal barrel.

550 FPS Spring Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Reviews

The electric airsoft sniper rifle is a bolt action sniper rifle. It is a well-designed sniper rifle that comes up with amazing characteristics and features.

It has the good range, or you can say an excellent shooting velocity. It also has a fully functional 4X32 optical scope.

The bipod is also included or comes up with the electric airsoft sniper rifles that will allow you to have full control over the rifle during the phase of the competition.

The rifles come up with nicely balanced weight, it is made from metal and plastic, so this amazing combination provides a real weight and feels for this rifle.

The electric airsoft sniper rifles, as mentioned above comes up with some amazing and outstanding features and specifications. Some of its amazing features are as under:-

  • It is 550 FPS spring airsoft bolt action sniper rifle
  • It has come up with a black and orange tip
  • Its overall construction is a combination of metal and plastic.
  • It is designed for the people of having age 18 years and above.
  • It has 4X32 fully working scope and bipod is already included.
  • The adjustable stock is about 550- FPS
  • It has 10 round magazine
  • It’s working safety shoots with having unit dimensions of 42.5X2.5X12” (H X W X D).

The overall characteristics of this amazing rifle are very good. It has a nice weight, fully working scope

Most importantly, it has a nice velocity with having 10 rounds magazine. Its construction is the combination of metal and plastic.

It is the copyrights so that no other company can manufacture a similar product like this. It is a sort of adult toy. Individuals having an age of 18 years and above can use this rifle.

You can enjoy having shot with this amazing electric airsoft sniper rifles. It has an already included bipod that allows you to take full control during the competition.

At the initial stage, you must need to have guidance and supervision of some experience users or supervisor.

The electric airsoft sniper rifles are exclusively designed for an adult audience.

Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550

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