Best Fishing Waders

Fishing Waders are waterproof boots which extend from the foot to the chest. That is why, we also call them as Chest Waders. Traditionally waders are of vulcanized rubber.

Currently, waders are available in modern PVC, Gore-Tex, and Neoperene variants.

These materials are mainly waterproof and durable in nature. The difference between waders and counterpart waterproof boots is the shaft height; the hip boot extends to the thigh, and Wellington boot extends to the knee.

Best Fishing Waders

Waders have been in existence as early as the 1850s and were first made by Hodgman Company. Waders can be

available with boots attached or have attached stocking feet to wear inside boots.

We have two main types of waders namely stoking-foot and boot-foot. For stoking-foot, the waders are connected to a separate boot while for boot-foot includes the boot already.

Waders have a wide range of applications. Apart from leisure, you can wear them for fishing, angling, water gardening and so on.

Waders are essential in keeping warm during cold periods by keeping the cold water off the skin which may cause hypothermal or other health problems.

Fishermen use waders during summer to keep dry. Quality waders are important for fishing and hunting. Using waders while wading through water makes you feel protected.

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