Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Women of 2019

Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe,Taupe,7.5 M US

The Merrell Moab Ventilator has evolved the level of breathability for canyon tripping, hiking, biking or even hitting the trails. Unique in its way, the Ventilator comes with a lattice-like overlay leather straps support which protects your feet. In the meantime, it is the open-window venting on the upper part where the breathable mesh is fixed- a Merrell mark. As expected the shoe is always on full bumper protection mode at the front part- toe and around the rear part- heel. Also, a proven feature is the Vibram multi-sport sole which has been powered by a TC5+ rubber compound for grip or/ traction and durability.


The Merrell Moab Ventilator boots are very comfortable. How would anyone describe a boot offering good support, lightweight, and a good breathability? Excellent and superior would be the best word.
For the Merrell Moab Ventilator, getting wet is part of their application, and this has been an issue at all. The Ventilator dries swiftly, and the water does not affect the materials that make the shoe.
The Vibram rubber sole wears on gracefully, and for a long time, it maintains its tread. Laces are perfect it is a good shoe to kick around the town with them on since it a beautiful pair of shoe.

By now, everyone understands that the Merrell Moab Ventilator shoe is not waterproof or even durable, no customers like such a feature. You don’t need to be to be going back to your dealer shop like every month. The Merrell Moab Ventilator also lacks protection from the mesh. While engaging in activities such as risky canyoneering, you can easily pick a scar.

Salomon Women’s Comet 3D Lady GTX Hiking Boots Review

Salomon Women’s Comet 3D Lady GTX hiking boots are lightweight and ideal to wear in all types of outdoor weather. These boots, tested by women, provide a weatherproof nubuck leather and Gore-Tex Comfort Performance Footwear to keep your feet dry in wet weather. The heel is around 1.25 inches making it easier to walk on different surfaces and maintain your balance. A molded sole provides extra comfort and balance to help women brave long hikes and muddy terrains. Through the Ortholite brand sock liner, these boots provide an extra foam and cushion that will make women’s feet feel comfortable all day long. While climbing mountains, the protective rubber toe cap provides support for your toes.


 Women of all ages can wear These boots. They are lightweight enough for women to wear on hiking and camping trips. The lightweight feel provides easy access for women climbing up steep hills or mountains.
Women with narrow or extra wide feet and heels may experience discomfort wearing these boots, especially since they only come in medium width. Although these boots look similar to normal work boots, they come in more designs and styles.

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe

Salomon Women's X Ultra 2 Gtx W, Peacock Deep Blue/Lucite Green, 6 M US

Whо саn deny thеm thе waterproof аnd breathable performance оf thе Gore-Tex membrane оr thе comfort аnd cushioning оf thе Fastpack’s Ortholite sock liner? Рlus, thе Contagrip outsole рrоvіdеs traction оn аnd оff thе trail, sо уоu don’t pull уоur groin аgаіn hiking dоwn thе mountainside.

Solid, capable, оut оf thе box boot, thаt wоn’t ruin уоur bank account—or mine аnуwау. Ѕо fаr, І hаvе gоttеn three John Muir Trails аnd а fеw оthеr Sierra adventures оut оf thеsе boots аnd оnlу sееіng real wear оn thе uppers, whеrе thеу meet thе rubber.


Out оf thе box comfort.
Light, аnd solid оn sharp Sierra granite.
Just thе rіght price also.


The shoe strings—not а big deal, but І аlwауs hаvе tо double knot thеm, оr thеу bесоmе loose, quickly.

Oboz Women’s Wind River Ii Bdry Hiking Boot

Oboz Women's Wind River Ii Bdry Hiking Boot,Harvest,9 M US

Oboz Women’s Wind River Ii Bdry Hiking Boot іs owned аnd operated bу а small group оf passionate industry veterans аnd life-long outdoor enthusiasts. Тhеу defines thеmsеlvеs bу whеrе thеу live аnd recreate. Тhеіr nаmе соmеs frоm “оutsіdе Bozeman.” Тhеіr hоmе base, Bozeman, Montana sits оn thе northern edge оf thе Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem–18 mіllіоn acres оf sоmе оf thе wildest land іn North America. Іt іs hеrе, іn thе Northern Rocky Mountains, frоm thе Wind River аnd Teton Ranges tо thе Bridgers аnd Spanish Peaks, wіth incredibly varied geologic features, аnd abundant wildlife suсh аs grizzly bears, wolves, bison, thаt Oboz іs fоund. Тhеу’vе аdорtеd thе phrase “True tо thе Trail” аs thеіr guiding principle. Аs а nеw company, they’ve faced the wіth direction-changing decisions еvеrу day. Filtering аll оf thеіr decisions thrоugh thе “True tо thе Trail” test helps thеm stay consistent wіth thе vision thаt led thеm tо create Oboz Footwear.
Oboz Women’s Wind River Ii Bdry Hiking Boot Women gеts іts nаmе frоm thе Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Тhе Range holds forty peaks оvеr 13,000 feet, 1300 lakes, аnd thе headwaters оf fіvе rivers…Oh, it’s оn уоur bucket list tоо? Fоr thоsе long, remote approaches, уоu’ll nееd support аnd durability аt а reasonable weight. Тhе Wind River II boot bundles tоgеthеr thе weight savings оf EVA, thе durability оf PU, а waterproof/breathable BDry lining tо kеер feet dry, аnd Oboz BFit Lacing System tо lock уоur heel іn place. Таkе thе Oboz Wind River II BDry Women оn уоur nехt dream hike!


  • Nylon shank fоr lateral аnd torsional flex control аnd underfoot protection
  • Nonmarking carbon rubber outsole wіth propulsion аnd braking lugs
  • Waterproof nubuck leather upper fоr durable wear аnd support
  • BDRY waterproof membrane kеерs rain оut аnd lеts sweat vapor escape
  • Dual-density EVA midsole fоr impact absorbing comfort аnd stability
  • Asymmetrical polyurethane pod іn heel fоr long-lasting cushioning
  • Women-specific molded 3D external heel counter fоr stability аnd upper/outsole integration
  • Multi-directional deeply lugged, high-friction outsole wіth Wind River Range topo map embedded іn thе outsole web
  • B-Fit anatomically correct tri-density footbed wіth а formed heel cup adds cushion аnd support
 Тhе Wind River II boot bundles tоgеthеr thе weight savings оf EVA, thе durability оf PU, а waterproof/breathable BDry lining tо kеер feet dry, аnd Oboz BFit Lacing System tо lock уоur heel іn place.
These shoes are a bit expensive for hiking boots.



Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Taupe/Sepia,9.5 M US

The endurance and durability of the footwear are incredibly important when trekking through the wilderness rather it’s cold and wet or hot and dry. What does your current pair of boots look like when you take a look at them? After several weeks of use are they are pristine as when first taken from the box? Do they look like a battered shield from a long, overdue battle as wear and tear have taken its toll on them? If the latter is true, then it is time to throw away that battered footwear for something that brings not comfort, but confidence. The Editor’s Choice award has nominated the Lowa Renegade where it comes to being light, comfortable, and having the most features. What highlights the footwear, Lowa Renegade, is that despite being a mid-weight hiking boot such as Scarpa Kailash GTX and Asolo Bullet, they’re incredibly versatile. Unlike the Asolo Bullet and other competing footwear, the Lowa Renegade does not require break-in periods.

The Lowa Renegade is considered a best seller for the positive reason of having a unique support construction. The support construction is a PU Monowrap Frame that has a molded support that reaches up on the sides as well as reduces the weight when providing extra lateral stability. A nylon shank is also included in the boot for an additional lightweight support on uneven terrain. Despite the lack of an arch support that creates a flat underfoot, the Lowa Renegade does have super feet that work as an added foot bed. The padded foot bed is highly recommended for those hikers who plan to spend much time wearing them. The traction for the product is well provided for those who will cross-country travel on trails. The traction has a Vibram sole, so regardless of the environment’s surface, there’s a great grip that prevents slippage.



KEEN Women's Targhee II MID WP-W, Slate Black/Flint Stone, 7.5 M US

Rocks, branches, and leaves make audible crunching sounds as they grind against the bottom of your footwear. While traveling, it is important to make sure that your footwear is more than capable of supporting your feet. The company that is well known for its sandals creates a product that’s worth wearing. The Keen Targhee II that wins the best buy award as it is the most comfortable, high functioning boot for the least amount of money; leaving your wallet as full as your confidence as no environment can defeat these boots!
The Keen Targhee II is available in a low cut version that offers ankle support that allows for more motion range than other brands. The traction of the boots is multi-directional so that multiple terrains can be handled well without worry. The support for the Keen Targhee II is a toe bumper supporter that adds extra protection for those times you knick against a hard surface or rocks while traveling. One of the worst quagmires to encounter while hiking is to stub one’s toe against something hard, the reason being the toe bumper isn’t strong enough to endure heavy hits; however, with the Keen Targhee promises to deliver safety as to promote confidence while traveling no matter the rough environment. The toe bumper from customers has been claimed as appearing “goofy,” but makes up for its looks by providing a great fit, unlike many other boots that are incredibly restricting.

The stylistic boot does not only shine for its protective and comfortable toe-box but its reliable durability. The Keen Targhee II boots are both sturdy and durable for its extra rubber that protects the feet, so that toe-stubbing concerns are non-existent, as even the most extreme hiker can manage. A poll was researched on female consumers about their experience with the boots, and they have claimed that despite being high boots the first to wear and tear are exposed EVA foam on the boots’ soles. Out the many women interviewed, one in particular, a Forest Service employee wore a pair over the summer and showed the wear and tear of the soles. While the EVA foam does wear and tear after a while of wearing they are light and cushy, adding that great support and comfort from the weight of the body onto the feet. She showed how water would creak inside the boots, the reason being the exposed EVA foam; however, the feet were perfectly dry.


Hi-TEC Women’s Altitude Glide WP Hiking Boots

HI-TEC Altitude Glide Waterproof Ladies Light Hiking Boot, Blue, US6

Hi-TEC Women’s Altitude Glide WP hiking boots are built specifically for outdoor weather. These laced-up boots provide a Trek-Lite midsole offering extra support and flexibility to keep you comfortable all day long. These boots are waterproof and feature a nubuck and full-grain leather upper. A durable rubber sole provides comfort for women, especially for hiking and braving rough weather climates. The boots have the Hi-Tec logo and the words “waterproof” on the side. Through an additional memory foam sock liner, there is extra cushion provided for your feet inside the boots. There is also a rubber area in the heel and toe area of the boots to protect feet from bumps. The steel shanks on the boots provide extra stability for climbing high mountains and maintaining your balance while walking on rough surfaces.

 The boots are built with rustproof hardware for long-lasting support. These boots are sturdy and built to last especially during bad weather. Although these boots provide extra cushion and support, they are lightweight compared to your average hiking boot. Women will not feel extra weight walking or running around in these boots, especially while hiking or on outdoor trips.
Color options are limited to dark chocolate, blue and “smokey” brown. These boots are not for extra wide or narrow sizes. They only come in a medium width. The top of the boots have a very sturdy surface, which makes them look very hard to walk in all day long. These boots have a simple, rugged style accustomed to the look of a work boot.

More and more women have been purchasing popular new shoes for hiking called a trail runner. While these shoes may be more attractive and lighter than traditional hiking boots, they do not provide the same comfort and support.

If you are in to become an experienced hiker or just in the market for a new pair of hiking boots, there are some things that you should take into consideration to getting to the best hiking boots for women.

What is the Hiking boot for?

This may seem like a ridiculous question; the boot is for hiking. However, the type of hiking that you plan on doing will help to determine the best hiking boot for you. You should think about the type of hiking you will be doing. Are the trails going to be smooth and easy or are you attempting to climb up the side of a mountain? Are you going to be hiking in hot and dry climates or are you planning on trekking in the snow and ice? Are you taking a simple day trip that requires a small pack or is you spending a weekend hiking and camping? All of these answers will help you to determine the best hiking boot.

If you are planning on taking a leisurely stroll on a trail that is well-maintained and groomed you would do well with a day hiker boot. These hiking boots are usually low cut and very lightweight and comfortable. They are perfect for the woman who needs traction on the trail but not a lot of ankle support. The La Sportiva FC ECO 3.0 GTX and the KEEN Targhee II are the top rated day hiker boots.

If you are planning on hiking on a rocky terrain, you will need to purchase a boot that provides more support. The Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTXand Asolo Bullet is the top rated boots in the mid-weight category of hiking boots. These boots will provide you with great ankle support and will protect your foot. The rule is every one pound on your feet is an additional five pounds on your back. This shoe is still light enough to be comfortable and lightweight but supportive. These boots will also last much longer than that day lightweight hiker boots.

If you are planning on trekking up terrain that is rough and harsh, you should look into a heavyweight all leather boot. These hiking boots are often referred to as backpacking boots, as you are carrying a heavier backpack. The best hiking boots for women in this category include the Asolo TPS 520GV. Long trips with a heavy load require a boot that adds extreme comfort and provides the female hiker with a substantial ankle support and stability.


Many hiking boots are available with waterproofing and breathable membranes. The membranes that are available in the hiking boot are incredibly breathable, however, they are not as breathable as shows that do not have waterproofing applied to them. Membranes may not add a lot of additional weight to a hiking boot, but they do add some. If you are planning on having an excursion in warm weather that is very dry the best hiking boot for you may be one without the membrane added as your foot will remain dryer from the inside. If you are planning on hiking in wet conditions, or in weather where a rainstorm may suddenly appear you should purchase a waterproof hiking boot to keep your feet dry. Wet hiking boots are heavy hiking boots which can lead to fungus, blisters and leg fatigue.

The Right Fit

The proper fit of the hiking boot is one of the most important features of the best hiking boot. You need to make sure that you are purchasing a boot that is comfortable and fits well. If the hiking boot is too large for your foot, most likely your heel will slide around. This causes blisters. If the hiking boot is too large, your foot will slide toward the front when walking down a slope. This can lead to toe issues. On the flip side, if the hiking boot is too small it will cause blisters and crush your toes. It may also lead to numbness of your foot and permanent damage. Ideally, you want to make sure that your toes have enough room to move around when the shoe is tied. You also want to make sure that when the boot is laced up, it securely holds your foot in place.

When you are out visiting your local retailer attempting to determine which hiking boot is best for you, you want to make sure that you have the foot beds and socks you intend on wearing with you. If you do not have any in mind, you should purchase them before you begin trying on hiking boots as they can alter the fit and feel of the hiking boot. If you are women who have extremely narrow feet or feet that are wide you should consider purchasing a boot such as the LOWA Renegade or the Vasque Breeze. These shows are available with sizing options that are considered uncommon.

When you are trying on your boot not only should you have the proper socks and footbed with you but you should spend some time with the boot in the store. Many professional hiking supply retailers will offer faux terrain. This will allow you to feel how the boot fits in certain scenarios such as on rocky terrain or walking up an incline. If the retailer does not offer this, at the very least, you should walk around for 30 minutes in the hiking boot.

Highest Ranking Shoes

The best hiking boots for women are something that experienced hikers may take a long time to find. They have tested and tried numerous pairs of hiking boots to find the best-rated ones for their needs. The highest rated hiking boots for women are:

Waterproof hiking boots:

One of the most important features in hiking boots is their waterproofing ability. Most hiking trails are crisscrossed with small rivers and streams if not bigger ones. With you hit such areas you want something that is waterproof. While the waterproof material is great, many times you just cannot avoid submerging your feet in the water completely. In such cases just waterproof shoes are not useful; you also need breathable shoes that will dry out quickly. So these are the two main aspects of any waterproof hiking books.

Many times the waterproofing features add quite a few dollars to the shoe price and this can be a huge setback for many people. Some people even contemplate not getting the waterproofing and just using the regular boots. While this sounds like a great decision, it will not take you many hikes to realize that it is a mistake. Waterproof boots are necessary, if you are a hiking enthusiast. On the trails, you never know what you will encounter and this terrain you will traverse. You should not be limited with what you can enjoy because you do not have the right boots.

There are three popular designs for waterproofed hiking boots.

a) Oil based hiking boots: In these boots, the leather is coated with oil to make it waterproof. While this is a highly effective solution, most oil based hiking books do not have a long life.
B) Wax Based hiking boots: These are one of the most effective hiking boots available. They last long and can waterproof the shoes very effectively. However, waxing the shoes can seal the breathing holes in the shoes. What this means is that if your socks ever get wet, it will take long to dry.
C) Silicone hiking boots: These are also very popular waterproofing techniques used in many shoes. The problem with this though is that the boots can crack easily which puts a question mark on their longevity.

Hiking boots are sturdy, long lasting and great footwear for hiking, but the price is always a premium with these boots. On the other hand, some people have found waterproof hiking shoes cheaper and easier to maintain. Boots offer a better level of protection as compared to shoes. But if you are not so keen on long, treacherous hikes, shoes would substitute boots well.

Lastly coming to purchasing the waterproof hiking boots, you can get them in stores or online. At the stores, you get to try out these shoes, see if they fit you and make a purchase. However, stores may not the complete range of shoe models in them.

If you purchase it online, you will not get to try the shoes out before purchasing, so you need to know your boot size and also understand the store return policies well, before making the purchase.

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