8 Best Hiking Boots for Women (Reviews + Buying Guide 2020)

More and more women have been purchasing a popular new shoes for hiking called a trail runner. While these shoes may be more attractive and lighter than traditional hiking boots, they do not provide the same comfort and support.

If you are in to become an experienced hiker or just in the market for a new pair of hiking boots, there are some things that you should take into consideration to getting to the best hiking boots for women.

What are the Best Hiking Boots?

When choosing the best hiking boots for you, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. What terrain will you be hiking on? How long of hikes will you be taking? How sensitive are your feet? By reading this page we’ll be sure to help you select the best hiking boots for your specific needs!


Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots are mainly reserved for heavier hiking. Very supportive and sturdy, these boots offer a stiffer midsole than their light hiking boot counterparts, and are perfect for bulkier backpack loads and multiday, off-or-on trail hiking.

Hiking Boots

This standard hiking boot is intended for your regular weekend or day hikes. With great flexibility these hiking boots are perfect for anyone picking their first boot or just can’t decide which one to select. They are very flexible and usually don’t take long to break in. Typically these boots are mid or high cut, but they do lack the hold and sturdiness of the aforementioned backpacking boots.

Light Hiking Boots

These light hiking shoes are essentially hefty jogging shoes, designed for the hiker who isn’t interested in heavy backpack loads, but just wants to get out for a quick hike. Then again, a hiker that is looking for an, extended-on trail hike but extremely light weight packing would be wise to choose these kinds of hiking boots for ease of mobility.

Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot


  • Proper air circulation
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Quality materials used
  • Handcrafted for maximum perfection


  • The width of the boot can be difficult to adjust to one’s size.
Lowa Women’s Renegade

Trekking and hiking are one of the bravest yet rewarding and enjoyable activities one can choose. Some may be professionals at it, but with the passage of time, more and more people have dared to venture into the world of hiking.

Lowa has especially designed boots for women that comes in all sizes for women but also offer the same sturdiness, grip and usage as the male counterparts. Before you purchase it, however, it is important to have some details about it so you aren’t disappointed with it when it arrives on your doorstep:

Great Grip: You can’t hike properly if you have hurting toes or ankles. It is made of a special Renegade Nuback leather that offers secure grip for the foot, and does not let your ankles or toes twist or bend.

Weather adaptable: The material of the shoe has been designed so that it can provide best usage in all kinds of weather, whether it is snowy, rainy or extremely cold. It keeps your feet warm and dry, as well free from blisters.

Handcrafted: The boots have been handcrafted to allow maximum comfort and excellent shape that fits the contours of the foot well which isn’t possible by a machine. It gives maximum durability and quality. 

Lowa Women’s Renegade

Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot


  • Excellent material
  • Reliable
  • Excellent grip
  • Elegant looking
  • Breathable material


  • They are a little heavy
Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Zamberlan have come up with a boot that has been especially designed for women. There are very few brands and choices when it comes to hiking boots for women. But Zamberlan is amongst the brands that have kept in mind the fact that shapes and sizes for men’s boot are different than women’s and have introduced a range of boots especially for women. 

Here are some detailed features and specifications you must know before you purchase the product:

Comfortable: These boots have been primarily designed for maximum comfort. The sole is made of a especially designed Vibram rubber, that is used for maximum grip especially in very slippery or very rough surfaces.

Debris removal:The boots have wider lugs, so that any debris that might get can be easily removed. This feature is especially important, since it can be difficult to especially remove the shoe while hiking, because one many not be at a very convenient place at the time.

Safety and breathability: The shoes have been designed using the trademarked GTX technique, which ensure that not only does your foot have maximum secure grip. The nylon collar of the shoes allows for dryness of the foot during wet or humid weather, by absorbing extra moisture.

Elegant looking: despite the fact that these boots are rough and tough, they are actually very elegant looking. Now you can go hiking in maximum style.

Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Unisex Northern Insulated Boot


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Good looking
  • Excellent materials
  • Great for extreme winters


  • May get uncomfortable in hot weather
Kenetrek Unisex Northern

This product is especially designed for the hard working folk out there. The people who work really hard and have physically taxing jobs must have a boot that can give them maximum comfort and relaxing for their foot.

Here are some features and specifications that you must be aware of before you actually purchase the product:

Great for really cold weather: These have been designed keeping in mind the really cold and wet weathers. Thinsulate insulation, wool felt as well quilted layer, makes it a snug and warm choice for the really cold and wet places.

Great Grip: The boot has been designed especially for maximum traction and grip. The rubber sole are also useful for keeping the foot comfortable as well as dry. The outer sole has been especially designed to give maximum traction in wet, muddy or snowy conditions, and even rough and uneven terrains.

Great look: This boot is monster when it comes to performance and reliability, but it doesn’t mean that it has to look bad. They are great enough to be worn and people will definitely praise them.

Kenetrek Unisex Northern Insulated Boot

Danner Crater Hiking Boot


  • Durable material
  • Reliable
  • Great grip
  • Great looking
  • allows breathability


  • can be a little heavy on the foot
Danner Men's Crater Rim 6" Hiking Boot

The most important thing during hiking is the fact that one should have proper hiking equipment. In hiking equipment, the one most important component is good hiking shoes. ​

They should be perfect and durable in kinds of weather, protecting your foot no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

Features and specifications:

Here are some detailed features and specifications you must know before you purchase the product:

Comfortable: For maximum comfort is the main objective of these boots. Made of special Vibram rubber, that is used for maximum grip especially in very slippery or very rough surfaces. Even at the end of the day, after a long day, your foot feels great.

Protection from debris: The boots have deep and multidirectional lug pattern, so that any debris that might get expelled easily. This feature is especially worth mentioning because debris can be really dangerous and difficult to remove while hiking, because the place may be inconvenient at the time.

Safety: The shoes have been designed using the trademarked GTX technique, or better known as GORE TEX which gives your foot a maximum and secure grip.​

The rand of the shoes keep the foot dry during wet or hot weather. 

Great looking:Just because these boots are made for rough situations, they are very great looking.  They have a great design that you are simply going to love to wear.

Danner Men's Crater Rim 6" Hiking Boot

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