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Top 5 Most Popular Leupold Scopes Reviews-Buyer Guide (Updated 2022)

Top 5 Most Popular Leupold Scopes

Leupold is without a doubt, one of the most popular and high-quality brands in hunting scopes.

This company is well-known for their world-class construction, excellent ratings, consumer satisfaction, and functionality that is difficult to rival.
Whether you are just researching or prepping to buy a new Leupold scope, you have to consider these

Top 5 models that are most popular and the highest-rated among hunters like you.

1. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope ReviewLeupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope Review

This Leupold VX-2 model is incredibly lightweight for a scope of its size.

At only 11.2 ounces, this compact 14-inch scope features a 3 to 9x magnification and a 40mm objective lens.

American made, the Leupold brand has created a magnificent rifle scope for a very reasonable price.

This five-star scope features a non-obtrusive matte black finish and uses a Duplex Reticle for the best ballistic sight for serious and experienced hunters.

This is a high-class, American-made scope—even hunters who favor Nikon’s sleek and sophisticated quality scopes, love the low profile and perfect clarity the VX-2 110797 model provides.

With excellent brightness levels, this is one of the best scopes out there for the price. Many consumers had commented that they had successful hunts when it was nearly dark out, and the sighting in the scope is so well calibrated and executed that they were able to get a 1-inch grouping within minutes of testing it on the range.

This popular Leupold model typically retails for around $530, but you can buy it on Amazon for over 50 percent off at $249.98.

If you want to try out Leupold scopes and you are on a budget, this model is the perfect sight for novices and expert hunters alike.

2. Leupold VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Rifle Scope with Motion Sensor Technology Review Leupold VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Rifle Scope with Motion Sensor Technology Review

Leupold’s VX-R Patrol Fire Dot Illuminated Rifle Scope features motion sensor technology and is ideal for any AR-15 firearm variant.

This scope is best used for short-ranged shooting and can be used in low-light for that perfect shot.

The VX-R Patrol uses an easily visible Fire Dot and features elevation and windage adjustments that are unparalleled.

The exterior lenses have Diamond Coat, which offers ultimate abrasion resistance, protection, and light transmission.

At only 11.5 ounces in weight, this 9.4-inch long scope combines a state of the art illumination technology with the Fire Dot Special Purpose reticle to offer you a reliable and versatile sight.

This scope retails for $1,112, but it is available from Leupold via Amazon for $562.16. While this is still a higher price than many casual hunters pay for their scopes, it is nearly 50 percent off of the retail price and an incredible price for this extremely popular model.

The VX-R also has motion sensor technology—this turns the light off after 5 minutes if no motion is detected, which is an excellent feature to help you avoid putting your rifle away with the battery-powered scope left on.

The Leupold VX-R Patrol Fire Dot Mil rifle scope is highly sought after by hunters, so if you see a good deal on it, buy it!

3. Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope ReviewLeupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope with Mil Dot Reticle, 8.60x Magnification, 3-9x40mm, 11530, Matte Black

The Mark AR MOD 1 rifle scope with a Mil-Dot reticle has both a horizontal and vertical scadia.

The matte black finish is a great way to stay incognito when stalking your prey carefully upwind, in the woods.

The lens features Multicoat 4, which increases the amount of light that reaches your eye and it minimizes reflections for better HD image quality.

With 3 to 9x magnification and a 40mm objective lens, the 1-inch main tube makes for an excellent short- and long-range hunting scope.

The Mark AR MOD 1 is perfect for use in the woods and during rainy and dewy environmental conditions as well.

This Leupold model features 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing, which helps combat fogginess as well as keeping your scope clear and pristine when it is raining and during the early morning hours.

The Mark AR MOD 1 rifle scope retails for $611.00, but you can buy it on Amazon for only $339.00.

While this is by no means the least expensive scope on the market, it is a very decent price for this popular Leupold model.

4. Leupold VX-2 Duplex Rifle Scope with 8.8x Magnification, 3-9x40mm, 110802 ReviewLeupold VX-2 Duplex Rifle Scope with 8.8x Magnification, 3-9x40mm, 110802 Review

The VX-2 is a highly popular line of scopes by Leupold, and this model is another five-star, high-quality rifle scope that is greatly favored by hunters everywhere.

This VX-2 Duplex Rifle Scope features a 3-9x magnification and a 40mm objective lens to deliver the best visual clarity up close as well as at a distance.

Included in this beautiful Silver-finished scope is:

  • A tactile power indicator that shows you your scope’s magnification without removing your eye from the eyepiece
  • Finger-adjustable click wind-age and elevation dials
  • An upgraded multicoat 4 lens system for 94 percent light transmission in all light conditions
  • 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing
  • Heavy posts that stand out against cover and in twilight conditions
  • Index Matched Lens System that eliminates reflections as well as maximizes light transmission

The finish on this scope is a sleek and sophisticated Matte Silver that reflects the amazing quality of this Leupold.

More similar to a Nikon scope, the solid construction, and materials used in this scope include the 4 lens system that is multicoated for protection, waterproofing, and for delivering the best light transmission in low light as possible.

At a length of 14 inches, this scope weighs half as much as other models of the same size at only 11.2 ounces. Without the bulk, this scope is easy to affix to your rifle and move around in crowded environments such as heavily wooded areas.

You can purchase the 110802 model of this VX-2 for $329.00 on Amazon, making it one of the best deals on a fantastic Leupold model.

5. Leupold VX-2 1.5-4x28mm IER H, Duplex Reticle, 119621, Matte BlackLeupold VX-2 1.5-4x28mm IER Scout Scope, Duplex Reticle, 119621, Matte Black

VX-2 has another model with a Duplex Reticle, the 1.5-4×28 IER Scout Scope. This model is smaller than other scopes both in magnification strength as well as size.

This is because the IER Scout Scope is intended for short-distance hunting.

This is excellent for expert hunters who do not need a long-range rifle scope to take down the big or small game.
Featuring a 1.5-4x magnification and a smaller 28mm objective lens, this Leupold joins the five-star rating club with its Quantum Optical System, Index Matched Lens System, Diamond Coat lenses, and Leupold’s famous 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing.

The Duplex reticle makes it easy for hunters to acquire their intended target with ease. The eye relief is spot on, and eye box forgiveness is excellent—this is characteristic of all Leupold scopes.

However, what makes this scope different from others is that it is an IER Scout scope—these are popular scopes among hunters who want to spend a little more money to move on to a more sophisticated scope.

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