Best Pepper Sprays For Men And Women

Whether at home, in parks, or traveling, having a weapon in hand always creates a sense of security. With the increased economic strain around the globe, your safety isn’t always a guarantee.

While there are so many ways of ensuring your personal safety in dangerous situations, the use of pepper spray is gaining popularity across the globe due to its efficiency and safety.

When things get crazy, you may be left incapacitated, hence the need to take precaution measures. This article aims at sensitizing you on the need to be ready and be able to retaliate whenever things get messy.

Factors To Consider When Buying Spray Peppers

 Legality In Your State/City:

Before purchasing this tool, a little research on whether it’s legal in your state or not might turn out to be a lifesaver. While some States have legalized most of these weapons, others view them as deadly and shouldn’t be in the possession of civilians.

Still, for those that allow its citizens to use the pepper sprays, several requirements need to be met by the brand and the user too. Is pepper spray legal in your City or State? Learn here if pepper spray is allowed in your state.

 Why Do You Need It?:

Your ideal pepper spray depends on why and where you intend to use it. For instance, a runner or mail deliverer may require something different from what a store owner needs. These weapons come in different sizes.

Athletes who need protection from attacks from human beings or animals require compact sized weapons that can be held all along without being heavy or obtrusive. A small-sized canister with Velcro or belt bolster, for instance, may be an impressive option.

 Ease of Use:

Though arguably too obvious, it’s hard to emphasize this point enough. You need to be sure that you’ll be able to use your weapon against your attacker in case things get muddier.

Naturally, your attacker- either a human being or animal- will get more furious if you try to retaliate or upon realizing that you’re armed. As such, you need a weapon with easily accessible activators that can be reached at with your eyes still fixed on your attackers to determine their next move.

 Number of Bursts/Shots:

It’s also worth determining the number of shots in each pepper spray canister. The higher there are the better. This will help you in case you missed some shots- which is quite understandable.

You’ll be amazed to find some models with up over 30 bursts while others offer just 3. However, this depends on what you need and how vulnerable you are to attacks.

For personal protection, a brand with at least 5 shots is a reliable option. For home/business premises, you can opt for a canister with over 20 shots that won’t require regular replacement.

 Determine The Spray’s Range:

This refers to the furthest distance that the spray can throw its content. In my opinion, opt for a one that can stop an attacker 10 feet away. This will help you handle your attackers without being within their striking range.

Here is a list of what we highly believe to be amongst the best pepper sprays on the market today.

SABRE RED Pepper Gel

SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

This red pepper sprayer by Sabre is amongst the most sought-after model in the self-defense market. You should never lack it on you if you enjoy morning jogs in areas with a bad reputation of attacks on athletes. Luckily, it has been specially designed with runners in mind.

It’s fitted with an adjustable strap with strong Velcro that helps it stay put. Even better, the canister is also fitted with an elastic strap that offers you a comfortable hold that makes you feel safer.

Designed for use while on the run, Sabre Red Pepper Sprayer contains gel in its formulation. This helps in preventing the solution from blowing back to you. The gel also adds onto the solution’s flying speed and also allows you to land the pepper contents on your assailants’ face.

Since its Sabre, this model has been thoroughly tested in Sabre’s HPLC Labs to eliminate the probability of any of its models failing when they are highly needed.

Sabre initiated this move after Utah University’s study that proved that 30% of the self-defense weapon tools fail. In fact, this is what makes Sabre a highly recommended brand. It’s the most used around the globe by the police, military, and civilians too.

This self-defense weapon offers 35 sprays per canister –which is extremely high for its size- and a projection of up to 10ft. It also has 4 years of shelf life and comes with free tips on how to use it.Pros

  • From a reputable brand
  • Easily accessible
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • 35 sprays per canister
  • Throws up to 10 feet
  • Tested for reliability
  • Has UV marking dye
  • Free safety tips included


  • Not shippable to all states

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