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5 Best Pepper Sprays For Men And Women [Update Reviews 2022]

Whether at home, in parks, or traveling, having a weapon in hand always creates a sense of security.

With the increased economic strain around the globe, your safety isn’t always a guarantee.

While there are so many ways of ensuring your personal safety in dangerous situations, the use of pepper spray is gaining popularity across the globe due to its efficiency and safety.

When things get crazy, you may be left incapacitated, hence the need to take precaution measures.

This article aims at sensitizing you on the need to be ready and be able to retaliate whenever things get messy.

Factors To Consider When Buying Spray Peppers

 Legality In Your State/City:

Before purchasing this tool, a little research on whether it’s legal in your state or not might turn out to be a lifesaver.

While some States have legalized most of these weapons, others view them as deadly and shouldn’t be in the possession of civilians.

Still, for those that allow its citizens to use the pepper sprays, several requirements need to be met by the brand and the user too.

Is pepper spray legal in your City or State? Learn here if pepper spray is allowed in your state.

 Why Do You Need It?:

Your ideal pepper spray depends on why and where you intend to use it.

For instance, a runner or mail deliverer may require something different from what a store owner needs. These weapons come in different sizes.

Athletes who need protection from attacks from human beings or animals require compact sized weapons that can be held all along without being heavy or obtrusive.

A small-sized canister with Velcro or belt bolster, for instance, may be an impressive option.

 Ease of Use:

Though arguably too obvious, it’s hard to emphasize this point enough. You need to be sure that you’ll be able to use your weapon against your attacker in case things get muddier.

Naturally, your attacker- either a human being or animal- will get more furious if you try to retaliate or upon realizing that you’re armed.

As such, you need a weapon with easily accessible activators that can be reached at with your eyes still fixed on your attackers to determine their next move.

 Number of Bursts/Shots:

It’s also worth determining the number of shots in each pepper spray canister. The higher there are the better. This will help you in case you missed some shots- which is quite understandable.

You’ll be amazed to find some models with up over 30 bursts while others offer just 3. However, this depends on what you need and how vulnerable you are to attacks.

For personal protection, a brand with at least 5 shots is a reliable option. For home/business premises, you can opt for a canister with over 20 shots that won’t require regular replacement.

 Determine The Spray’s Range:

This refers to the furthest distance that the spray can throw its content. In my opinion, opt for a one that can stop an attacker 10 feet away.

This will help you handle your attackers without being within their striking range.

Here is a list of what we highly believe to be amongst the best pepper sprays on the market today.

SABRE RED Pepper Gel

SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

This red pepper sprayer by Sabre is amongst the most sought-after model in the self-defense market.

You should never lack it on you if you enjoy morning jogs in areas with a bad reputation of attacks on athletes. Luckily, it has been specially designed with runners in mind.

It’s fitted with an adjustable strap with strong Velcro that helps it stay put. Even better, the canister is also fitted with an elastic strap that offers you a comfortable hold that makes you feel safer.

Designed for use while on the run, Sabre Red Pepper Sprayer contains gel in its formulation. This helps in preventing the solution from blowing back to you.

The gel also adds onto the solution’s flying speed and also allows you to land the pepper contents on your assailants’ face.

Since its Sabre, this model has been thoroughly tested in Sabre’s HPLC Labs to eliminate the probability of any of its models failing when they are highly needed.

Sabre initiated this move after Utah University’s study that proved that 30% of the self-defense weapon tools fail.

In fact, this is what makes Sabre a highly recommended brand. It’s the most used around the globe by the police, military, and civilians too.

This self-defense weapon offers 35 sprays per canister –which is extremely high for its size- and a projection of up to 10ft. It also has 4 years of shelf life and comes with free tips on how to use it.


  • From a reputable brand
  • Easily accessible
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • 35 sprays per canister
  • Throws up to 10 feet
  • Tested for reliability
  • Has UV marking dye
  • Free safety tips included


  • Not shippable to all states

Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray

POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray For Self Defense

Are you looking forward to purchasing a non-lethal self-defense tool for your entire family?

Police has pepper spray canisters in packs of 2 and 4 at an unbeatable price.

This model’s manufacturer hopes that you never get to use it on someone. Even when in so much pressure to use it, its authoritative design with a police shield cleverly printed on it will trigger a second thought in your to-be attacker’s mind on whether to scamper for safety or go ahead and test the waters.

This pepper spray contains a solution of oleoresin capsicum (OC). It’s similar to those used in most police departments.

Notably, its concentrations are not as high as of other brands that we’ve reviewed earlier.

However, be assured that no assailant wants the spray to come their way. While this could be a deal breaker to some, it’s ideal to those who are still human and don’t want to be the one to bring hell to their attackers.

Designed for those who love bikes rides or having evening walks around the park, Police Magnum comes in an easy to carry design.

It arrives in a 0.5-ounce canister and a key ring that you can use to attach it to your home or car keys.

This pepper spray also comes in handy as you walk your dog in a neighborhood with loose dogs. This spray has been designed to offer easy usage.

To spray, you just need to twist its red safety latch then press the actuator. This twisting mechanism makes this sprayer safe on you since it’s hard for the safety lock to get twisted accidentally.

Like other pepper sprays, Police Magnum leaves an orange dye on the attacker’s face making it easy to identify them later.

Besides attaching it to your keys, this canister’s small size and safety latch allows you to have it in your purse, handbag, or pants pocket. This model also comes in different sizes and different prices.

Needless to say, you get a quality bang for your buck with the bigger sizes. Large sizes also dispense more amount of the spray. Police also has some canisters that can be refilled.

This is quite economical since it alleviates the need to purchase the whole unit after expiry or utilization.

Police Magnum is less irritant than most of its competitors. It’s, however, an ideal option if you want a sprayer that will protect you from potential attackers without subjecting them to intensive suffering.

Another way of enhancing your security is by getting a spotlight. Read about the best spotlights on the market.


  • It’s economical
  • has a key ring
  • Twisting mechanism prevents accidental deployment
  • Its design alone scares away potential attackers
  • Has UV dye for subject identification
  • It’s compact


  • It’s less irritating

SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray

SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray

Sabre has yet another great tool specially designed for women. This weapon’s strength is in its lipstick-like design.

This incredibly discrete model can be flashed in and out of the handbag or purse confidently without the potential attacker having the slightest idea of the wrath held therein.

In fact, its compact design allows you to carry it by hand without it betraying its purpose.

Like most of the other products from this widely respected brand, this small yet powerful lipstick offers exclusive High-Performance Liquid Chromatography guarantee.

Simply put, this is an assurance that every canister has been tested for reliability regarding heat consistency. What makes this model top most ladies’ self-defense gear lists is its incredible ease of use.

This ‘lipstick’ has a protective cap that prevents accidental discharges.

Uniquely, this cap can be flipped off easily and quietly in the bag to allow you deliver the best cold surprise ever. In case you’re wondering, this cap won’t come off accidentally not unless manually forced to.

Most of its happy users can’t easily believe the amount of power held in this small weapon. Lipstick Pepper Spray measures 3.9 x 1 x 0.8 inches.

Despite its compact design, it contains enough spray to offer 10 intensive bursts. These bursts are doubtlessly enough to help you hold your ground even when attacked by several attackers.

Again, its contents are held in high pressure that ensures powerful deployments that prevent wind blow-back.

This lipstick model again sprays an attacker while 10ft away. It causes intensive coughing and is very unfriendly to the skin due to its burning sensation.

Landing the stream right into your attackers’ eyes is even deadlier since it causes sudden inflammation of the capillaries, which causes the eyes to slam shut.

Only the most notorious assailants would be able to walk away let alone running with the sudden amounts of pain in their eyes.

Even if they did, this pepper spray has UV marking dye, which makes it possible to identify the attacker.

In case you’re planning to purchase lady-ish self-defense non-lethal weapon, this is a model you need to consider.

In fact, it’s available in packs of 2 and 3 ‘lipsticks’ in case you need more than one tool. Without forgetting, this lipstick has a longer shelf life of up to 4 years. Again, in case you’ve not used these tools before, Sabre some links to free training videos alongside the weapon.

This manufacturer also has lots of useful information on self-defense training that’s available to the public on their blogs.


  • It easily passes as lipstick
  • Has safety cap to prevent unintentional deployment
  • Can be flipped off while still in the purse
  • Fits in most purses and handbags
  • It’s cute
  • Has 10 bursts with no wind blow-back


  • A little bit bigger than lipstick
SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray

Mace Brand Key Guard Pepper Spray

Mace Brand Police Strength Mini Keychain Pepper Spray

Featuring 10% OC pepper formula, Mace Brand Key Guard Spray is what any would-be attacker would prefer to call Satan’s piss. This spray comes in small cans measuring approximately 3’’ long and weighing less than a pound. It’s also available in black and pink colored canisters. The pink pepper spray is an ideal choice for women who want to protect themselves from sexual assault and any other kind of attack that may come their way. The color makes it discreet and difficult to identify as a weapon in disguise.

Its keychain again allows you to attach it to your home, car, or office keys. If you’re looking for a small protective tool, you need to consider this one. As some of its reviewers point out, it’s so small you’ll forget that you have it until when you are under constant attack. However, its small size also limits its bursts to 6.

This spray’s greatest advantage and what secured it a slot on our list is its hinged safety top that covers the actuator button. We were also impressed by its orientation tab that assures that you’re aiming in the right direction. This has been a problem with several sprayers where the users accidentally spray their way making them even more vulnerable. This is made even worse if the user hasn’t used a self-defense sprayer before.

Mace Brand Key Guard has a spraying range of up to 5ft. This is way less than that of most of its competitors. However, this is compensated by its high blinding concentration. In fact, its short but powerful throwing range is a potential advantage in that you’ll be more than sure that the solution will land squarely on the face.

Upon coming into contact with your assailant, this potent mixture causes immediate nausea, choking, and intense burning sensation that result to temporary blindness that won’t lessen before at least 45 minutes. The manufacturer also advises thoroughly rinsing the sprayer after every use to wash off any remaining pepper residue. The only issue with this sprayer is in its short powering range. However, its compact design that doesn’t make your keys look clumsy makes it worth considering.


  • Has a compact design
  • Doesn’t look clumsy on your keys
  • Both and pink colors available
  • Small but powerful
  • Easily disguisable
  • Has 10% OC concentration


  • Has less throwing distance

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