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Best Survival Traps with Video Tutorial

Survival traps are very essential in survival situations. It is an effective way of catching animals without having to chase them or hunt them. By setting up several survival snares in your area, you can save yourself a lot of energy that you can use for other survival activities. It is best to set up your animal trap within a certain distance from your main camp to avoid unwanted circumstances.

What You Need To Do

Survival traps are the best alternatives in case you do not have a rifle with you or those times when the sound of a rifle could cause a problem. If you place your survival hunting traps well enough, it gains more potential of catching animals than a shot of a rifle.

For your animal trap to be effective, you must:

  • Be able to build a properly placed survival trap.
  • Be familiar with the kinds of animals you want to catch.
  • Avoid alarming the prey by not leaving any signs of your presence.

Where To Set-Up Your Animal Trap

There is no specific survival trap you can set up for all types of animals. You need to determine which animals you want to catch and where you want to place them. You will have to look for these things to be able to decide where you will place your survival traps: tracks, droppings, runs, trails, feeding/watering areas, nesting sites and rubbed vegetation.

In short, you have to position your survival skills traps where you are sure that animals will pass through. Runs and trails will show signs of animals passing through an area. These can be distinct from one another, but signs will be visible. You can also look for water holes, feeding spots, and bedding spots. You can strategically place your survival traps around this area.

How To Make Survival Traps And Snares

Using bait will increase your chances of catching animals with your trap. Although unbaited traps can successfully catch animals when placed in a good location, bait can increase your chances.

When making a trap, concealment is also important. Remember that animals have the strongest sense of smell, so any human smell should be removed or masked. Even the slightest human smell can alarm the prey. As a result, animals will start avoiding the area where you set up your survival cordage traps.

Although it can be very difficult to remove the human scent from survival traps, it is quite easy to mask them. Use the urine of previous skills to do this. Covering the survival traps and snares pdf with mud is also good. While you set up your trap, make sure that your hands are covered with mud.

Another effective way of masking human scent is to smoke the survival traps pdf. If time permits, you can also allow the trap to sit for a few days before setting it up. Once you have positioned the survival traps, make sure that it is naturally camouflaged as possible.

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