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10 Best Tactical Helmets Reviews and Buyer Guide 2022

Since time immemorial, helmets have been considered as one of the best protective gear for reasons that are quite obvious- you simply cannot compromise your safety.

Now here’s the deal:

When in the middle of combat or you’re having a good time out with your friends playing a softball or paintball game, you need to have a good tactical helmet to protect your head. With the best quality, you will definitely save yourself from a serious injury.

The problem, however, comes in when you go out trying to get the best. I’ve got to say, this is no easy task as you’ll have to do a lot of searching which is where we come in.

With a review of the top 10 helmets in 2021 accompanied by an in-depth buying guide, there is no way you could possibly go wrong in your selection.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Have a quick look

Before we move on to the individual product reviews, how about you do take a quick look at the comparison chart below- it will definitely be worthwhile. Take a look at the best of the best tactical helmets we’ve ranked in order.

Comparison on 10 Best Tactical Helmets in 2021





Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet

2 lbs


Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

1 lbs


ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

1.3 lbs


Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmets

2 lbs

ABS plastics + EPS Anti-seismic Foam Plastic + Velcro + Nylon+Thermoplastic Polyurethanes+polycarbonate

Check Price

ATAirsoft PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet Low Price Version Black

1.2 lbs


ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS

1.7 lbs

ABS plastics

Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet

1.4 lbs


OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

1.5 lbs

ABS plastics

OneTigris MICH 2002 Action Version Tactical Helmet

1.6 lbs

ABS plastics

HYOUT Fast Tactical Helmet Combined with Full Mask and Goggles

2.75 lbs

ABS plastics + Low-carbon steel + PC plastics

10 Best Tactical Helmets in 2021

Whether you’re looking for a tactical helmet with a face shield or you’re just looking for the simple conventional designs, we got it all…

Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap

ABS Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap

Kickstarting our reviews, we have one of the most perfectly constructed tactical helmets you’ll get for your money- the Modern Warrior Tactical M88

ABS construction

If you’re looking for a simple tactical helmet that will at the same time give you a good time as you play paintball or softball, this is definitely it.

The ABS construction also does give you less weight to worry about since it only weighs 2lbs

Easy to adjust for a perfect fit

For the fit, it measures 11″ x 10″ x 7.5″ for the length, width, and the height. In addition to this, it does come with an adjustable strap which basically makes it a ‘one size fits all’ type of tactical helmet

Outstanding construction

It resembles SWAT, Kevlar and PASGT helmets and will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. This, coupled up with the fact that it is lightweight makes it worth every penny


  • Lightweight construction
  • Comes with an adjustable strap for an ideal fit
  • Stylish and unique design that definitely stands out


  • The straps are a little hard to adjust
 Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet

Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

Easy to fit, comfortable and utmost protection- here’s something guaranteed to give you the best time in combat.

Lightweight and hard-shell design

If you’re looking for something that will minimize fatigue as you play airball, this is definitely it.

Unlike any other tactical helmet, you’ll get, the hard shell on this one coupled up with the fact that it’s amazingly light simply makes it worth trying out.

Adjustable and removable internal padding

Inside the helmet is a padding which functions to give you a snug and comfortable fit.

On the other hand, if you happen to like it more without the padding, you can take it out.

The same can also be adjusted to how you would like it to fit.

Quality construction

Now here lies the secret to the hard-shell design- it’s a polymer construction.

Need I really say more? Being polymer, you’ll be getting quite a high level of safety.

On the right and left side, there are also morale patches, Nameplates, and IR/Reflective tabs


  • Includes a removable and adjustable internal padding
  • Lightweight hence less fatigue
  • It boasts a hard shell for utmost protection


  • Be keen when choosing the size to get one that fits perfectly
Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

In addition to just having one of the best possible aesthetics you’ll get on a tactical helmet, it holds up quite well when it comes to protection.

Here’s why this can be the best tactical helmet for you.

Includes sliding googles

Now here’s something you won’t get on just any typical tactical helmet. Considering it has sliding googles with a multi functional card, you’ll also be able to protect your eyes.

Even better…

This makes it suitable for use in other activities; besides tactical activities such as airball, you can use it for cycling

Comes with sliding rails

Yet another feature that makes this tactical helmet stand out from the rest is the sliding rails. These make it ideal for fitting a variety if accessories. It also does have an integrated NVG mount that is compatible with most NVG style mounts

Has got an adjustable headband

There is also an adjustable headband included in order to give you a perfect fit. Besides this, it only weighs 600g hence you dot have to worry about fatigue.


  • Includes sliding goggles with a single multifunctional card
  • Has got side rails that allow for fitting of additional accessories
  • Weighs only 600g and should be comfortable to have on


  • It’s only suitable for small heads
ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet & Protect ear Foldable

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet & Protect ear Foldable

If you’re after a portable tactical helmet with mask, I’d really recommend the Jadedragon PJ and here’s why:

Easy size adjustment

At the rear of the helmet is a dial knob which allows for easy side adjustments. Being one of the few ‘one size fits all’ tactical helmets, I’d really recommend this.

Two side rails on either side of the helmet

On either side of the helmet are two side rails. These are compatible with other equipment such as the google strap clips, flashlights, NVG Shroud, safety lights and many others.

Gives you the versatility that most tactical helmets wouldn’t

Includes an embedded night vision mount

Suitable for those looking to fix their night vision system, it comes with an embedded night vision mount. In addition to this, there is also a bungee retention cord which is easily accessible for fastening your devices securely.

Lightweight and durable

For the mask, you’ll be having a steel metal mesh face mask with a soft padded nylon fabric. The helmet has ABS engineering, Velcro, nylon, and EPS snit-seismic foam plastic. The googles, on the other hand, are made of thermoplastic polyurethanes- definitely one of the best tactical helmet with mask


  • Easily adjustable head circumference
  • It’s got a lightweight and durable design
  • Has got side rails on either side for fitting your equipment


  • It may take some time to get the adjustments right
Helmet & Protect Ear Foldable Double Straps Half Face Mesh Mask & Goggle

ATAirsoft PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet Low Price Version Black

ATAirsoft PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet Low Price Version Black

Nearly halfway done with our reviews and we’re doing great so far. let’s find out what makes this one worthy of our reviews.

Fits well for average heads

The internal width of this helmet is 17 cm whereas the length is 22 cm. It’s basically suitable for the size 59 hat sizes.

Now here’s the thing:

It does not come in a larger or smaller size than this and you need to be really keen about the sizing to ensure it fits. On the bright side, it weighs only 550g and you’ll barely feel it on your head.

Includes a chin strap for a snug fit

Though the size is average, it also includes a chin strap which should give you a really snug fit. If you have a slightly smaller head size, this could come in handy pretty well

It’s got Velcro and rails on the sides

On either side of this tactical helmet are Velcro straps. As far as getting additional gear is concerned, these should come in handy quite well.


  • Comes with a chin adjustment strap for perfect fit
  • Weighs only 550g and shouldn’t fatigue you whatsoever
  • You can fit additional accessories such as a flashlight on the side


  • It only comes in one size hence you need to be really accurate when sizing up
ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft Fast Helmet

ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS

ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS

Yet another one from ATAIRSOFT is the ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet. If getting the right size for you has been trouble in the past, then you should definitely try this one out.

Here’s what it’s got:

It’s got side rails & much more

When it comes to getting the best airsoft paintball game experience, it goes without saying that the more equipment you can have on your helmet, the more fun it’s going to be.

This one has got the side rails included with goggle strap clips, an NVG shroud, bungee retention for the NVG, Velcro panels to allow you to fit any patches, IFF, safety lights and nametape.

Both lightweight and durable

For the construction, it serves exactly as it is meant to. you get to have utmost protection for your head since it is made of high-quality ABS material.

Even with the protection, you’ll be getting, it only weighs 770g which you’ll barely feel which means there’ll be zero fatigue

Has got an adjustable size

For the sizes, you’ll have the medium-large size ranging between 53 and 57 cm whereas the large to extra-large sizes range between 59 and 61cm. there is also an adjustable strap included to give you a snug and comfortable fit.


  • Quality and lightweight ABS construction
  • Has got side rails to fit any patches
  • Comes in multiple sizes which ensures a perfect fit for all


  • The wheel at the back for tightening might seem difficult to use at first
 ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet

Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet

Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet

Simple, lightweight yet up to the task. Here’s everything you need to have to have utmost protection for your head

Lightweight construction

The lighter a tactical helmet is, the more fun you’re going to have while using it. Considering this one lies in the lightweight category, it will be amazingly comfortable to have on while playing airball or paintball

It’s ventilated for added comfort

In addition to being lightweight, it is ventilated as well to allow for optimal airflow while using it. The fact that it has a ventilated system allows for optimal airflow hence saving you from the discomfort of sweat built up.

Fully adjustable

Yet another thing to cherish on this tactical helmet is the adjustable options. By using the chin straps, you can have a snug fit. Also, considering it also does fit most adult-sized heads, it surely will come in handy.

Comes with side tactical rails

To make it possible for you to add additional equipment, there are side rails included. These allow you to fit anything ranging from ear protections to flashlights


  • Ventilated design for added comfort
  • It’s lightweight hence less fatigue
  • It has got side rails included for additional gear


  • The interior foam might seem a little too thick at first but takes some time getting used to
Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet

OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

We’re already halfway done with our reviews and we’re doing great so far. let’s see what the OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet has in store for us…

A 7-piece Self-adjustable sponge inside

In order to ensure that you’ll be having the best time, it comes with a 7-piece self-adjustable sponge inside it. This makes your wearing more comfortable throughout using it- definitely the best tactical helmet

Loop panels all around it

All around the OneTigris MICH 2000 are loop panels. These provide an extra surface to have patch attachments on your helmet to make it stand out from the rest

Adjustable suspender straps

For the best fitting, it does come with adjustable suspender straps and a chin/neck pad for the best fit. Coupled up with the self-adjustable padding you’ll be having on your head, there’s no way you could go wrong with this tactical helmet

Includes accessory connectors.

The accessory rail connectors on either side provide attachment points for quick attach or release such as your camera or flashlight


  • Comes with adjustable suspender straps for a perfect fit
  • Includes a 7-piece self-adjustable panel all around it
  • Has got accessory connectors for utmost convenience


  • The screw holding the chin straps will need to be tightened more
Tactical Helmet with NVG Mount and Side Rail

OneTigris MICH 2002 Action Version Tactical Helmet for Airsoft Paintball

OneTigris MICH 2002 Action Version Tactical Helmet

Coming up second last on our review is yet another MICH helmet for you. It’s durable, comfortable and lightweight. Let’s see what it’s got.

Made of durable ABS engineering plastic

Starting with the design and build quality, you’ll be having durable ABS plastic which is lightweight and should not fatigue you whatsoever. However, as much as it is going to protect you during airsoft, it’s not to be used for bullet protection

Fully adjustable helmet straps

You’ll also be getting fully adjustable straps. You can adjust them to 4 different locations and end up with a fit that’s suitable for almost all users.

As for the head circumference, it should fit perfectly for anyone with a 56-61cm measurement

Includes 2 side mount rails 

On either side of this tactical helmet are side rails which allow for the addition of pieces of equipment. You get to mount your flashlight or night vision device among other gear quite easily for utmost convenience.


  • The helmet strap is adjustable in 4 different positions
  • Includes 2 side-mounted rails for the addition of equipment
  • Made of durable and lightweight ABS plastic material


  • It’s not suitable for taking in too much impact
ABS Helmet for Airsoft Paintball

HYOUT Fast Tactical Helmet Combined with Full Mask and Goggles

HYOUT Fast Tactical Helmet Combined with Full Mask

Looking for the best tactical helmet with face shield? Well, this should work quite perfectly? Well, here’s something that will definitely blow your mind.

Utmost protection

Now here’s something that’s going to give you both head and face defense. It includes both the helmet, the facial mask as well as the goggles hence saves you the time of looking for all these separately.

The transparent PC lens is able to resist 420 fps which qualify it for intense outdoor airsoft and paintball games. The material used is the ABS engineering plastic for the helmet, low-carbon steel for the steel netting and PC for the goggles

Includes a guide rail for additional equipment

With the guide rail included on this helmet, you can carry your flashlight, battery box, communication tools and other tactical equipment.

It’s got a size adjustment knob

It is suitable for head circumference sizes ranging from 20.5”-24”. There is also a size adjustment knob at the back that you can twist to have a snug fit by adjusting the helmet width.


  • Gives you utmost protection for your head and face
  • Includes a width adjustment knob for a snug fit
  • Has got a guide rail for additional equipment


  • It’s a little too large
HYOUT Fast Tactical Helmet Combined with Full Mask

Buying Guide For Getting The Best Tactical Helmet

Here’s Everything You Need to know When Shopping For The Best Tactical Helmet or Best Ballistic Helmet.

We’re done with our reviews, now let’s take a look at what you ought to pay attention to in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Which type of tactical helmet should you go for?

When you’re shopping for an ideal tactical helmet, you’ll probably come across one that’s PASGT, MICH or ATE. But why are all these different and what should you go for?

ATE tactical helmets

These are also known as the high cut helmets and what makes them different from the rest is the fact that they’re made of Dyneema material. Here’s how they hold up

  • If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight but does not compromise your safety, then this is what you ought to go for. They weigh between 2.5 pounds and 1.143 kgs and 2.99 pounds and 1.354 kgs.
  • Basically, the ATE helmets are normally above the ear and they vary in size from medium to extra-large and XXL.
  • As for the color scheme, you’ll be able to get these in a variety of urban color schemes such as black, foliage tan, MultiCam, and desert MARPAT.
  • When it comes to the features, they are made in such a way that they’ll be able to take a lot of loads and additional gear. You can have a lot of equipment to use on the battlefield with this kind of tactical helmet ranging from hearing protection to oxygen masks and flashlight holders.

MICH/ACH tactical helmets.

The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (hence MICH) was made as an improvement of the PASGT type of tactical helmet that we’ll be taking a look at next.

the ACH helmet, on the other hand, is a better version of the MICH helmet. Let’s take a look at what these next-generation helmets have for us, shall we?

  • For the material construction, you’ll be getting an advanced version of Kevlar on this type of helmet. Even though it’s not lightweight, it is comfortable since it comes with a padding and at the same time gives you defense from an impact.
  • It comes in different sizes ranging from 1.36 kilograms to slightly more than 3.6 pounds depending on the size that you pick
  • Being compatible with the cloth helmet covers, it does have an assortment of colors. It can take the USMC MARPAT, three-color desert, the camouflage or the Cyre MultiCam color
  • When it comes down to the usage, this kind of helmet is compatible with eyewear such as a visor or night vision eyewear

PASGT tactical helmets 

This has been around for quite some time and it in full, the initials stand for Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops.

Here’s what you should expect from this kind of tactical helmet.

  • Starting with the material, it has a phenolic resin system Kevlar that is also blended with a ballistic aramid fabric. For the outer shell, you’ll be having 19 layers of Kevlar and it’s highly reputed for protecting the wearer from shrapnel and ballistic projectiles.
  • Depending on the size, the weight will vary and it is suitable if you’re looking for something that will fit the extreme sizes as it ranges from extra small to extra-large.
  • For the color scheme, you’ll get this kind of tactical helmet in an assortment of colors. These range from simply plain black or white to various camouflage patterns. You can also paint these as you deem fit.
  • For the usage, you could fit them with cat eyes at the back or recharging glow patches that prevent friendly fire during combat. They’re also compatible with vision eyewear.

How to Unlock a Tactical Helmet or Ballistic Helmet

Truth be told unlocking a tactical helmet can be quite challenging especially if it is your first time using one. To make it a friendly process for you, here’s what you should do after taking it off:

  • First, for the Kevlar helmet shell, you should clean it with mild soap or fresh water and a soft brush. Go ahead and rinse it and then air it to dry up.
  • The retention system within the helmet, on the other hand, should be removed and washed with fresh water and mild soap. This should be air dried in a shady area.
  • The pads, on the other hand, should be removed from their fasteners. Squeeze out any moisture if they’re semi-permeable. You should then hand wash them with soap, rinse them off and dry them in a shady area as well

Final verdict

Strength, utmost comfort, and fit with the best durability. This simply sums up all the top 10 tactical helmets we’ve reviewed.

Even so, here’s the deal:

For all-around protection, I’d recommend that you go with the HYOUT Fast Tactical Helmet. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something simple, the Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet ought to do the trick and as far as brands go, I’d recommend the ATAIRSOFT if you want a kick for your buck.

Just as it is the case when choosing any other equipment for tactical activities, you need to be keen on both the measurements, comfort and most importantly protection. Remember: it’s only the best if it serves you exactly as you want it to.

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