Factory-made VS Handmade Blades

Factory-made VS Handmade Blades: Which are better?

A knife is most empowering because it has multiple uses, sometimes literally becoming the sole difference between life and death. And the most important part of a knife? It’s blade of course! Now, the primary requisite of the blade is to be sharp and fulfill the purpose you invested in the knife for.Factory-made VS Handmade Blades
The knife can be crafted in various ways depending upon the appropriate size, shape, and material of the blades depended upon the intended purpose. Most people, however, fail to understand the difference between a factory-made piece and a handmade piece. Although they wouldn’t even dream of thinking the same in case of jewelry, knives are somewhat exempt from this type of differentiation. Now, though both handmade and factory-made blades have each of their strong points, it’s a must that you at least have one handmade hunting knife in your collection. Why? Well, we will know soon.


  • Factory-Made blades obviously imply more of an assembly process and a factory knife builder may just have all the components of the knife in front of him and he simply puts them all together and moves it down the line.
  • The factory workers usually have a production quota or target to achieve every day and so they generally don’t have the time or chance to concentrate on each piece. Factory production simply means large production at a reduced cost.
  • The workers are taught what to do which they follow in their same production process and if you want an artistic product, well factory knives don’t provide you with that.
  • But just because you are thinking of buying a factory knife doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of lesser quality. You can definitely get your hands on a good quality factory-made blade knife at reasonable price if you know where to buy from.

Factory-made VS Handmade BladesHANDMADE BLADES:

  • Any handmade damascus steel knife gets its name due to the skilled artisan behind it who is in charge of handling every part of the process.
  • There are multiple artisans involved who take it on them to crucially go through every aspect and hence concentrate on each and every detail producing an artistic and well-done piece.
  • Thus, the artisans don’t just join together the different parts; they actually build the different parts and the entire knife basically. The different artisans may take ownership of their part of the job done.
  • So, you can be rest assured that there is high quality involved there and even if you don’t get it at cheap prices as the factory ones, investing in a handmade piece is worth the money.


  • Now, coming on to the most crucial question of the hour or basically the topic of this article, which one is better? Is it a factory-made blade or a handmade one? Well, though it depends on the buyer’s choice, preferences, and needs, there are definitely a few areas where the latter is the teeny tiny bit ahead of the former.
  • It’s the general view that custom or handmade knives are much better constructed, embellished, designed, finished or accessorized than factory knives and if you are an avid knife collector, you must be already saving up to buy your dream knife.
  • The investment value of handmade ones is also well-established in the long run and the value gets appreciated year after year. So, even if your guest picks up a modest knife from your table display and almost faints after seeing the 100 dollars price tag, we assure you it’s an investment worth undertaking.


So, if you are one of those people who desperately want to add a handmade piece to your collection but am sceptical about the huge price tag, or want to invest in another handmade beauty despite already having one, there are certain online websites that sell these beauties all over UK and that too not burning too much of a hole in your wallet. These products are not only of high quality but also offer you a wide range of artistic and beautiful designs not only in terms of the blade but also the handles. And the best part of the deal, you can even get yourself a leather sheath to add to the exquisiteness of the knife.
So, having said all of that, it’s obvious why we made that statement at the beginning of the article, isn’t it? Though factory knives are more common to get the hold on and use, handmade ones definitely are pieces to reckon and include in your collection, thus justifying why these fine pieces are sought after, valued and cherished by their owners. It also does its job and that too in a more beautiful way. So, there’s no more room for any doubts, if you are a UK resident, you should definitely order yours right away and it shall be delivered to your doorstep and believe us you will be thanking us later for this super useful piece of information.

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