Hunting Rifles

Hunting Rifles That Guarantee Success On Every Hunt

Success at hunting requires patience, a good aim, and a great rifle. No matter the game, all three conditions must be used to have consistent performance. When it is time to purchase a hunting rifle, consider a few things:

  • What game will you be hunting? Although some shooters decide on the wrong gun, this one should be an easy decision. Choose your primary game first and then the gun.
  • Budget, there are fine rifles from major builders at various price points. Consider all the costs that go with the initial purchase, ammunition, scope, cleaning, etc.

Small Game

Any animal under forty pounds is considered small game for hunting purposes: squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs, etc. Hunting small game builds confidence in your aim and patience. 

  • Ruger 10/22 I-TAC, this long-gun has a loyal following among new and experienced shooters for several reasons. The Ruger I-TAC has excellent easy to handle ergonomics along with being affordable. Chambered in 22LR, the I-TAC is best used for knock-down of smaller animals. Use a larger caliber on animals such as coyote or turkey. The 10/22 features a 16.2-inch barrel with an aggressive 1/16 twist, ATI adjustable stock, and a fantastic 25-round capacity magazine.
  • Savage Arms 110 Apex Predator XP .223 is an excellent choice for fox and coyote and can take down small deer if the shooter has a great aim. The 110 Apex is a bolt-action with a stunning synthetic Mossy Oak stock and black rubber butt plate. A deep black matte finish barrel is set up perfectly for a scope. The Predator features an AccuTrigger and a soft fore-end pistol grip. The rifle delivers a customized fit for consistent accuracy. 


Deer come in all shapes and sizes, and in some areas of the country, they are so plentiful that hunters have aggressive harvesting seasons to keep the population under control. A deer rifle should have the power to down the animal in a single shot; it should never be so powerful to slaughter the deer. Always keep in mind ethical shooting practices.

It is essential to know where you will be hunting. If it is in cover, the longest shot you may get will be 50 yards or less. Or, shooting at 500 yards on flat terrain calls for a rifle with good accuracy and knock-down power. The choices are plentiful.

  • Weatherby Vanguard Badlands, chambered in 7mm-08 Remington. Every hunter knows of the exceptional quality of a Weatherby long-gun. The Badland features a 24-inch chrome-moly barrel and composite Badlands Approach camo stock. The 7mm-08 caliber is incredibly accurate with less recoil and plenty of knock-down power. This caliber is perfect for hunting deer in close quarters.
  • Remington Arms 30-06 Springfield is as close to the perfect deer rifle as any shooter can get. The classic caliber of 30-06 offers plenty of knock-down power at long distances. The 783 Springfield is a custom-grade rifle with camo covering, a matte black barrel, and a CrossFire Trigger system. The 783 is heavy, nearly nine pounds without a scope and a 22-inch barrel.

Big Game

Hunting big game worldwide has tangible benefits, with some countries seeing healthy wildlife populations as economic assets. Trophy hunting is loved by millions of hunters and should be distinguished from illegal killing and poaching practices. If big game is what you hunt, the bigger the caliber, the better.

  • SAKO A7 Big Game 6.5 Creedmoor is both rugged and dependable and highly accurate out of the box. The Big Game features Roughtech stock with black spider webbing. An adjustable two-stage trigger that has no creep, with a two-position safety. The 24.25-inch barrel has adjustable open sights, but it is ready for a big long-distance scope. The aggressive 1:8 twist guarantees the big calibers of the SAKO will hit their target.
  • CZ 557 Eclipse 308 Winchester is a hard-hitting big-game rifle with a soft touch. A black fixed American style stock with a pistol grip has good ergonomics. The bolt-action Eclipse is ready for a big game scope. A barrel length of 20.5 inches, adjustable trigger, and two-position safety make the Eclipse ready for any big game. 

Final Word

Hunting is a wonderful sport in every country in the world. Most seasoned pros start out young and hunt their entire lives. The experience of these hunters are what drives the sport. There is a rifle built for every game animal from inexpensive choices to over the top expensive setups. If you are new to the sport, choose the game animal first then the rifle.

At all times, “Respect Ethical Hunting Practices.”

If a shooter loves the world of hunting all they need is a quality rifle and a good place to hunt. 

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