How to attach trolling motor to inflatable kayak

If you are not aware of how to attach trolling motor to inflatable kayak, then it is high time you’ve learned something truly interesting. An inflatable kayak is something that can give you the utmost pleasure of having adventures times. An inflatable kayak is a form of the boat that is inflated through the air by pumping air in it (that might be automatically or manually). Through inflatable kayaks, kayakers with a bladed (single or double) paddle row the kayak with necessary force to move forward.How to attach trolling motor to inflatable kayak

However, kayaking is something that feels like out of the world. One who has kayaked through toughest and thrilling way would never forget such experience. An inflatable kayak can also be used for fast boating on plane watercourses also. In such cases, you can kayak manually or use a trolling motor mounted on it.

What is a trolling motor?

A trolling motor is just electrical equipment mounted on the back of the kayak. This equipment has two three primary parts- one is the battery or the power source, second is the motor which revolves rapidly according to the speed regulations and third is the fan or the blade which is revolved by the motor rotation.

What trolling motor does when mounted on an inflatable kayak?

When a trolling motor is inserted or placed rigidly in the back of an inflatable kayak, then you can move forward with your kayak through just a push. You won’t need to kayak the boat to move forward. However, to take turns, you have to sway the blades of your paddle placed right after the motor blades to change water thrust directions. Seeing the back portion of the kayak, if you move the blade to the right, the kayak will move towards the left side from the front. If the blade is turned left, the kayak will turn right. It’s just a vice versa relation.

How to attach trolling motor to inflatable kayak?

Attaching a trolling motor at the back of an inflatable kayak isn’t of too much hassle. All you need is the kayak inflated at higher space above ground level; so that you can mount the trolling motor precisely without damaging the fan blades. Secondly, you’ll need all the gadget and gears to screw the motor tightly to the kayak infrastructure. However, steps to be followed simultaneously are-

  1. Get your kayak very clean and free from gave ceases. Also, get your kayak adroitly washed. After that, inflate your kayak with necessary measures.
  2. Make sure that you place your inflated kayak above your waistline; in this regard, you can keep your kayak on the bench or two distant objects.
  3. When you’ve placed the kayak suitably and then go to the back portion of the kayak and start bolting the trolling motor structure frame to the kayak tightly. Sometimes, kayaks come with options for nuts and bolts for trolling motor attachment, and you can opt to buy those while you plan for one.
  4. After fitting the structural frame to the kayak, you can easily push the trolling motor and place to the groves of the motor frame; this will help to reduce motor vibrations as much as possible for the kayak and keep it steady to a certain direction.
  5. Place the battery before the motor frame inside the kayak space. This is the power source for the kayak trolling motor. That’s it! Attaching a trolling motor to an inflatable kayak is this easy!

Things to remember while connecting a trolling motor to your inflatable kayak:

A trolling motor is electrical equipment which, along with the battery; will weigh more than the kayaks total considerable weight. Therefore, there is a chance for the kayak to drown at the backside. Like this, there are certainly more things you have to remember while connecting a trolling motor to your best inflatable kayak

  1. While you are attaching your trolling motor, make sure the motor fan blades don’t get damaged or hit by any other objects. This might distort the blade curves and ultimately distort the fan qualities.
  2. Make sure the kayak is placed at a high level before attaching the trolling motor. The motor fan will be drowned to below the water level while kayaking and therefore, you have to make sure if the fan has been dipped under the water or not after the kayak has been loaded.
  3. There will be a battery provided for the trolling motor. This battery is way heavier than any other objects in the kayak. Make sure you put extra weight on the front or have inflated the kayak accordingly so that it doesn’t get dipped or doesn’t go to the water surface closely.


A trolling motor can lessen all your labor down to zero. For kayaks, trolling motors are inserted only when you are up to using the kayak as a traveling boat. However, inflatable kayaks can be very fast while using a trolling motor. To do that and save your traveling time through narrow watercourses, you better know how to attach trolling motor to inflatable kayak.

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