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5 Best Compasses Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Whether you are going for hiking on peaks of mountains, hunting in forests, camping in deserts or whatever the outdoor adventure, it is necessary to carry all basic equipment which can be required during the adventure. Such as these are few common things but not limited to first aid kit, a knife, a walkie-talkie, a water purification system and enough food for your planned trip.

Compass is one of the key outdoor adventure’s equipment. A compass can help you in pointing out your current location and finding the directions of your final destination. There are different kinds of compasses exist in the market with different functionalities.

We will look into these some compasses in order to make it easy for you to choose the best one for your adventure. So let’s have a look at best 5 compasses for hunting, hiking, camping, backpacking review 2020.

SharpSurvival Glow in the Dark Camping Compass

 Sharp Survival Best Camping Survival Compass

Pros:It’s an old fashioned but very handy and useful compass. It can be used to determine common navigational directions.

Potential Drawbacks:Lid of compass becomes little loose after using for few times. It contains mostly on plastic material which may break down after fall.

Overall Value:Price of the compass is very low that everyone can buy without thinking deeply into its functionalities. Suitable for kids and newbies to compasses and navigations.

Highest Quality Survival Gear Compass

Multifunction Military Army Sighting Compass with Inclinometer

 Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Metal Sighting Navigation Compass

Pros:It looks very impressive and has many features. It is sturdy and made of high-quality material. Usable for heavy duties. It gives more accurate and consistent results.

Potential Drawbacks:Some users of this machine have few concerns over its common technicalities but overall there is no any major issue in it.

Overall Value:This compass is available at the very economical price. Ideal for all from military to adventurous activities such as hunting, hiking and camping.

Metal Sighting Navigation Compass with Inclinometer

Lensatic Sighting Compass Waterproof for Outdoor Activities

GWHOLE Military Lensatic Sighting Compass

Pros:It’s a good solid compass at reasonable price comes with an instruction booklet that notes something very important. The manual text is a bit small to read it comfortably, use some magnify glasses, it’s very informative that helps in understanding functionalities of Compass.

Potential Drawbacks:The back cover of lansating sighting compass is made of plastic which may break on fall but it’s not compulsory.

Overall Value:This compass has great customer feedback that proves its credibility. Take this compass in deep water or take on the heights of mountains, it will work efficiently.

Compass Waterproof for Outdoor Activities

Ultimate Survival Technologies Deluxe Map Compass

Pros:This compass is perfect to figure out the unknown directionsThe markings are clear and the face moves easily which makes it a breeze to figure out the components. The cord that comes with it is simple to attach so you can wear it around your neck.

Potential Drawbacks:This product has mixed customer feedback. Sometimes struck its needle that makes it little annoying. Overall an average product.

Overall Value:Price of “Deluxe Map Compass” is very reasonable when you compare it to its quality. Suitable for all such as students at schools and beginners to navigations.

Coleman Compass with LED Light

Pros:This compass has nearly all features that a professional compass have. Simple and easy to use. The needle is consistently accurate and swings freely without having to hold the compass level. Ideal for camping, hunting, and hiking.

Potential Drawbacks:There is no any major issue to this compass. But many people recommend it as it is quite simple to operate and is very light weight.

Overall Value:“Coleman Compass with LED Light” is probably the cheapest compass in the market. A good backup compass for general orientation of navigations.


Selecting the best compass is very important in order to avoid any difficulties you may face during your adventure. We hope this “best 5 compasses for hunting, hiking, camping, backpacking review 2021” will make it easy for you to choose the best compass. Please share the post and give your suggestions and views about the post in the comment section below.

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