Best Methods of Water Purification

Best Methods of Water Purification

Clean, pure water is one of life’s necessities. What people in remote areas, back country hikers and poor people have in common is dependence on untreated, limited sources of water that has a large possibility of being contaminated and must be purified before it can be safely used.Methods of Water Purification

Carbon Filtration

Carbon Filtration: the best and easiest way to do this is by using homemade carbon filters. Carbon is an active element that binds to almost everything. At a microscopic level, charcoal is greatly pitted and rough, which enormously increases its authentic surface area. When water runs slowly over charcoal, impurities get glued to the charcoal surface. An improvised filter can be made out of a strainer, funnel and ground-up charcoal. It is a simple yet effective technique.

Solar distillationSolar distillation

Solar distillation: solar distillation is one of the methods used for water purification. This method can purify water in just one step, distillation. It is the process of distilling water using solar energy. In the simplest form, raw water is placed in an air tight collector with a sloped covered material, and when the raw water is heated and evaporates, the water condenses on the collector covering and runs down where it can be collected by the use of a tray.

Reverse Osmosis filterReverse Osmosis filter

Reverse Osmosis filter: this is one of the methods of water filtration. It works by forcing a solution through a membrane; the purified water that comes from the membrane will set aside and allow the pure solvent to pass through to the other side. This process is the only one that deals with harmful bacteria and contaminants at the same time. This method is dependable but expensive, and needs electricity for it to be able to work. As a result, this is the choice used for a fixed position or by those which can afford to pull a small trailer with an electrical generator around. For those who can’t afford to have a generator or without access to electricity, there’s another option or method which you can use.


Microorganisms: the first step for a water purification tag team is to eliminate and destroy microorganisms such as parasites and harmful bacteria. The most familiar way to get rid of microorganisms is by boiling. Just simply bring the water to its boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit and as a result, it will kill and destroy harmful diseases, harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, Cryptosporidium parvum, amoeba cyst and giardia lamblia which are usually found in the water. Just a few minutes of boiling will do the job.
Another option is to use iodine Water Purification tablets to destroy and eliminate unwanted bacteria in local water resources. Bleach is also popular in remote areas as it is utilized in killing germs and microorganisms in local water. Just eight drops of chlorine per gallon will make the water safe for drinking. These methods will allow approximately half an hour to do their job in killing microorganisms and as a disinfectant.
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