Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots

When you are off venturing into the wilderness, it is very important to purchase best equipment available. Some people might think that taking time to research and read about what best cold weather hunting boots are on the current market is a waste of time. On the contrary; one thing that can make or break your outdoor adventure is your feet’s comfort. Imagine buying a wrong pair of boots that does not provide necessary stability or fit; your feet will end up with blisters and that will be the end of your day out. In this article, we are going to look at some key factors one should consider before buying best hunting boots for cold weather. We shall also give you a list of our top ten hunting boots ranging from best cold weather elk hunting boots, snake proof hunting boots, to cheapest and lightweight hunting boots. Let us begin.

Features to Take into Consideration

Cold Weather Hunting Boots

There are many factors to consider when you are buying your next good cold weather hunting boots such as fit, ventilation, design, insulation, and intent. Your feet and you will be much happier when all these factors are taken into account. How you intend on using a pair of cold-weather footwear will have a huge impact on your ventilation and insulation needs as well as the ultimate fit that you will need.

– Insulation

Insulation is a number one factor in a boot’s property that affects warmth. The insulation required to maintain your level of comfort varies widely based on intended activity. For example; are you planning to sit in a duck blind or on a tree stand in 10 degree weather? Such activities will require more insulation because amount of physical activity is minimal. When you are seated down, all heat activity (such as walking or running) is over; also your toes comfort reduces. This is why you should look out for more insulation whenever you are participating in sedentary activities. Keep an eye out for best hunting boots to keep feet warm. There are countless best boots for cold weather tree stand hunting available.

When you are walking up pheasants or stalking an elk, your toes and feet are in constant movement. This increases circulation and your body will be pumping tons of hot blood. If you plan on venturing off on high level activities, then opt for low insulation footwear such as cold weather elk hunting boots.

Another thing you need to take into account when measuring levels of insulation necessary is your body’s makeup. We all have different internal thermostat. Some people have hot feet while others have cold feet. This means that different boots are required for similar activities and conditions. It is very important to know your body’s makeup.

The utility of insulation can be narrowed down into three functional levels:

l Un-insulated to 200 grams: These types of footwear are ideal for early season and high activity levels.

l 400 grams to 800 grams: These are the most popular category of hunting boots. They have insulation levels that cover most fall season hunting activities.

l 1000 gram and up: If you are planning on hunting in extremely cold environment, then these are just what your feet need. They are also perfect for sedentary activities. They are specifically designed for colder, winter weather and more sedentary activities.

Note: For those unaware, insulation rating factor of boots is always listed in grams. This does not related to total mass of insulation; it is a shortened form of gram per square meter of the fabric.

– Intent

Where you intend to go on your escapes matters a lot. Are you planning to go to areas where conditions are sloppy, steep, or you have creeks, marshes, or swamps to walk through? Are you planning to go for sedentary hunts or high activity hunting? What are your intentions? These are very important questions to ask yourself before making any purchase – your intent will weigh very heavily when the time comes to make a decision.

– Fit

It is up to you to ensure that you purchase a proper fit. Before buying a pair, wear the socks you intend to hunt with and any other inserts you plan to use. From there, you can now try on a shoe. Most people tend to forget to incorporate these items when shopping for outdoor footwear – this results in ill fitting shoes that will leave your feet sore and full of blisters.

– Design and Style

There are very many different designs and boot styles available on the current market. However, most fall under three categories: Upland, Multi-purpose, and High country.

– Upland Boots

These types are specifically designed for lightweight walking. They have a soil-shedding sole and a lighter lug and simple design. Upland bird hunters tend to put on a lot of miles – they do not need to carry a lot of weight along with them meaning that their footwear should be as lightweight as possible. Also, this type of footwear does not lug along heavy mud. Most upland hunting is done on moderate terrains that are not too steep – this means that you do not need a lot of traction or support.

– Multi-purpose

Multi-purpose is the most popular category of hunting boots available. You will be able to find just about any option of footwear depending on your intent and wants. Looking for a great upland hunting boot, or a big-game boot, or are you mainly looking for one boot that can cover almost all activities? Multi-purpose is the way to go. These types of footwear are designed to be incredibly durable, long lasting, and provide any user with magnificent traction on a variety of surfaces. They also come in a variety of insulation levels. Multipurpose footwear has more support than upland version as they can easily accommodate tougher terrain. They also have heavier lugged soles that provide users with greater traction. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to purchase a shoe that is capable of tackling any terrain or you would prefer one that is specifically made for a sole purpose.

– High Country

If you are going after big game such as deer, wild sheep, or elk’s, you will be trekking on very steep terrains. This means that you will require additional support from your footwear. Rough country is quite risky – especially if you are wearing the wrong type of boots (you can easily twist your ankle or have a hunting accident with wrong type of boots). This is where High Country Hunting Boots come into play. These types are designed to tackle the most demanding steep hunts. They are extremely durable and offer incredible support to your feet and ankles. These models are able to cover those rough winter seasons and can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities such as archery or rifle games.

– Water Resistance

Waterproof shoes will protect your feet from all types of weather such as snow, rain, and rivers. You should always consider a model that comes inclusive of a waterproof membrane lining. If you are unable to find one, then purchase a chemical waterproof treatment- you can find this at any outdoor apparel and footwear equipment stores or online.

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