Best Ski Snowboard Goggles Reviews

5 Best Ski Snowboard Goggles Reviews-Buyer Guide (Updated 2022)

Here are Some of the Best Selling Ski Goggles

Do you enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding? When the sun reflects against the snow, the glare can be blinding, by having a good pair of ski goggles on you will be able to see clearly.

Ski goggles are available in many styles, and brands such as Oakley and even goggles with built in GPS units are available this season.

Featured below are the best selling ski goggles available buy a pair for yourself or as a gift and be ready for the winter fun this season.

Best Value

 Juli Winter Snow Ski Goggles

Juli Winter Snow Ski Goggles

  • Lens Size: 6.6 inches (W) x 3.1 inches (H)
  • Lens Material: PC + UV
  • Lens Style: Spherical
  • Frame Material: TPU

Best of the best

Ski Goggles, Motorcycle Goggles

COOLOO Store Ski Goggles

  • Lens Material: PC
  • Frame Material: ABS
  • Lens Style: Single Layer
  • Goggles Weight: 2.7 Ounces


ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

  • Frame: TPU
  • Helmet Compatible: Yes
  • Face Size: One Size
  • Lens type: Spherical
  • Ventilation: Two-way channel

Keep Your Eyes Safe

Having a sick pair of ski goggles will ruin your whole skiing experience because the glare from the sun will be unavoidable and very annoying.

Good ski goggles will protect your eyes and enhance your vision. The air is thinner at high altitudes and does not filter UV rays as well. Also, the sun’s reflection is very intense on snow, so a good pair of ski goggles is a must.

They will also protect your eyes from the wind which could otherwise blur your vision and make your eyes tear, as well as from ice particles which can get into your eyes.

Finally, a good pair of ski goggles can protect your eyes from any twigs and branches you ski past, so it is essential to find a good pair.

The best-selling ski goggles are those who are comfortable and stylish and will last for many years to come. You can get men’s, women’s, children’s or unisex goggles.

Choose from various colors, styles, and fits, to find the perfect pair of ski goggles for yourself or another member of the family. Ski goggles also make a beautiful gift for anyone who is into winter sports.

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles
Oakley Splice Adult GogglesThese snow goggles come in 25 different colors and styles, so you can pick the pair you like best.

Oakley snow goggles are worn by top snow sports experts including Eero Ettala and Shaun White. These anti-fog goggles are comfortable and very high quality. They offer incredible impact protection and 100% UV filtering.

These snow goggles are top-rated if you check online, and reviewers love the wide viewing angle which eliminates blind spots, the fire iridium coating, and the soft carry bag you can keep these goggles in because it will polish them up for your next trip up the slopes.

The nose slot design means comfort for you, and even reviewers with a large head size say these are a comfortable choice. Although these are not the best choice for people who have to wear glasses underneath or anyone with a very small head, they are excellent for everyone else.
Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

The Components in Ski Goggles

Although you will need some items to go skiing, ski goggles are one of the most important – just as important as your pants and jacket. A low-quality pair is simply not worth considering because they will be uncomfortable and fog up so you cannot see anything through them.

Invest in a great pair of ski goggles, and you will be so glad you did. They will protect you from the cold and wind to some degree, and you can choose the exact lens color or tint, type, frame size, and fit, to ensure they fit you perfectly. You can also get ones with interchangeable lenses.

The lenses are one of the major factors, and you can choose from flat lenses (cylindrical ones) which curve horizontally but stay flat vertically or spherical lenses which curve horizontally and vertically around your face.

This makes them look more ‘bubbled’ on the face, plus spherical lenses have better curves to protect against glare, a greater surface area so you can see better above, below, and to the sides, better air flow to reduce fogging, less distortion, and also better anti-glare. Spherical lenses tend to cost more than flat ones, but they offer some benefits.

The tint or color of the lenses is also important. Cloudy vision is certainly nothing you will want, so make sure you choose a good pair of ski goggles with the right color lenses for you.

Different colors filter light differently, so consider that instead of which color best matches your ski-suit color. Some lenses perform better in low light like when it is foggy or snowing, while others are better when it is sunny because they help keep the light out.

A lot of skiers have one pair of googles with one lens, but some like to have options such as 2 pairs or else 1 pair of goggles and 2 kinds of lenses they can swap out, perhaps one for sunny days and the other for dark, foggy ones.

What Else to Consider

Anti-fog coating is recommended because this can decrease fogging. Photochromic lenses are not cheap, but they will adjust to different light conditions automatically instead of you having to change out the lenses yourself.

Good goggles have ventilation vents to prevent fogging, but make sure the vents are compatible with your helmet, so it does not block the vents.

Goggle frames come in many shapes and sizes, so ensure you pick the right size. They will match your helmet so if you wear a large helmet, for example, order a large pair of goggles.

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One of the Best Selling Ski Goggles

One of the Best Selling Ski Goggles

Oakley Splice Adult GogglesOakley is a major brand, and these snow goggles are high quality.

They look stylish, and the viewing angle is wide, so you do not have to worry about blind spots when wearing them.

The fire iridium coating is fantastic, and the goggles are well constructed.

They come with a small soft bag which is nice because it polishes and cleans the goggles too after you have finished skiing.

Use these goggles in daylight or at dawn or into the evening, and they will protect your eyes from glare, wind, branches, twigs and any ice crystals or snow coming your way.

These work well, and if you are not sure which pair to buy, Oakley goggles are always a safe bet.

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

Bolle Y6 OTG Snow Goggles

Bolle Y6 OTG Goggle
Bolle Y6 OTG Snow GogglesReceiving nothing but high praise, these Bolle ski goggles are better valued if you buy them online than if you were to purchase them in a winter sports store.

They are excellent in bright sunlight and will reduce the glare dramatically. You can wear these over your regular glasses too.

They have an excellent ventilation system so if they do fog up at all the fog should soon disperse. These are stylish ski goggles which protect your eyes completely from the wind too.

The color of the lens makes every little detail stand out, and your vision will be excellent through these.

This pair of Bolle ski goggles would make a great addition to your ski wardrobe, and they could also be an excellent gift for someone you know who is keen on skiing or winter sports.

Bolle Volt Children’s Snowboard Ski Goggles

Bolle Volt Snow/Ski Goggles with Ventilated Anti-Fog Double Lens
Bolle Volt Children’s Snowboard Ski GogglesThese are designed for kids, teens or ladies with small faces, according to reviewers.

The classic design will fit right over your prescription glasses without any discomfort, and the Flow-Tech Venting frame keeps fogging down while optimizing air flow over the lenses.

These offer a perfect fit over your helmet and keep your field of vision free and clear.

Many people opt for the black goggles with yellow lenses, and these are suitable for male or female, and offer a modern look, although you can also choose the blue goggles with red lenses, pink goggles with pinkish red lenses, or white with pinkish red lenses.

The yellow or reddish tint might look a bit strange when you first put them on if you are not used to it, but reviewers say after a few minutes you will not even notice the tint.

More Things to Consider When Buying Ski Goggles

Components in a pair of goggles to consider. The face foam needs to follow your face’s curvature for example, and there should not be any pressure points.

Nor should there be any gaps between your face and the foam which would let snow or the wind come through. The fit should be snug and, of course, comfortable.

If any part of the goggles feels uncomfortable or pinches your face, they are not the right goggles for you. They should be comfortable around the whole perimeter.

Ensure the ski goggles you choose to include an adjustable strap, either with a buckle or clip. They will need to be personalized, so they fit your head perfectly. If the strap is fully tightened all the way around and they are still too loose, you will need a smaller pair.

A buckle or clip should not dig into the back of your head when wearing a beanie. Wider straps tend to be easy to adjust, plus they usually stay on better.

Some kids’ goggles do not have adjustable straps so ensure you check when buying. Children need growing room, and a pair of ski goggles should last longer than just one season.

Your goggles have to be compatible with your helmet and beanie, so try them on together to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. The strap needs to go around the helmet or beanie.

Some goggles have an arm which extends out from the frame so you can fit the strap better around the helmet. Although goggle/helmet compatibility is not usually a problem, sometimes it can so ensure you try them on together.

You will not want a gap between your helmet and goggles on your forehead either since this does not look good, and it can also give you brain freeze, or at least a headache from part of your face being exposed to the elements.

More Facts You Need to Know

If your ski goggles press down on the external eye socket that means the goggle is not wide enough, and you need a wider frame.

Pinching on the nose bridge means you might have to tighten the strap to secure them higher up or else try a pair of goggles with a different-shaped contour or a smaller pair. Once you have your goggles, you will want to look after them properly.

 Never let the lens touch a hard surface when you put them down. Instead, put them foam-side down and have the lenses facing up.

Use a soft cloth to blot the lenses dry, and keep them in a soft sack when not in use. Do not dry them in high heat or direct sun. Follow these tips, and you will be prolonging the life of your ski goggles.

Smith Optics Challenger OTG Goggle

Smith Optics Challenger OTG Goggle

Smith Optics Challenger OTG GoggleSuitable for an adult with a small to the medium head or an older child, these goggles are also compatible with eyeglasses.

They boast a hypoallergenic face foam as well as dual-side strap adjustment, dual thermal lens, and anti-fog treatment.

These come with lifetime warranty, and the floating foam membrane ensures you will be free from pressure on your temples. Reviewers like these goggles and praise their design and how they work.

They come in black with clear lenses, or you might prefer a red or yellow lens. You can also get the goggles in a white frame with the same choice of lens tints.

Skiing should be all about having fun and enjoying yourself without worrying about uncomfortable goggles or foggy vision, so choose these goggles and you can be assured of a great fit, even over your glasses, and a classic, stylish look.
Smith Optics Challenger OTG Goggle

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