Camping Checklist of Things to Bring 2020

Here is a big list of all the essential camping equipment you could bring.. depending on what kind of camp out you are planning. You may find that some of the equipment in this Camping Checklist of things to bring may not be needed, And you might not even be able to fit it all into your transport. So using this Camping Checklist as a template, narrow down your choices on what you need, not want. For ex-sample essential equipment first like, tent, food, clothing, etc…

Camping checklist of things to bring with you

Shelter4 x 4
Tents to fit all campersHigh Lift Jack
Tent Pegs to suit applicationSnatch’um Strap
Guy Ropes to suitTowing Strap / Rope
RopesRated Shackles  as needed
Springs as neededTree Trunk Protector
Extension PolesSmall Tarp
Waterproof Fly SheetWinch, Pull-along, Tirfor
Ground SheetGeneral  
Poly TarpPully Block
LightingWater Bag
Gas Lantern (check lantern glass / jets)Table and bench
Spare MantlesFolding Chairs
12V Light / SpotlightPicnic Rug
Rechargeable Lantern (fully charged)Camp Wardrobe / Cupboard
Torches and Spare BatteriesPortable Toilet and Toilet Paper
KitchenToilet / Shower Tent
Gas Stove (check jets/knobs/burners) and StandPegless Clothes-line, Rope, Clothes Horse, Pegs
Gas Cylinder (check gas level)Shifter, Hammer (for setting up camp, connecting hoses)
Portable Gas BBQ (check hoses)Saftey
Waterproof Matches – LightersMaps and directions
Billies – PotsCompass / SatNav
Frypan, Camp Oven, TripodSunscreen
Fuel – Metho, Fire Starters, Gas BottleHat
Jaffle IronFirst Aid Kit (burns, bites, cuts, sprains, breaks)
Hotplate GrillWhistle
Toaster (with replacement gauze)Water Purification Tablets
Tongs – BBQ Tools – Cutting BoardInsect Repellant
Pliers – Lifting HookClosed in Shoes (bushwalking)
Gloves (welders)Leisure
Wash-up Tub – Dishwashing Liquid – Wash Cloths – Tea TowelsFishing Rods, Tackle, Nets, Gaff (licence)
Cooler – Fridge – Esky – Icebox – Block Ice – IceBinoculars
Veggie Peeler – Sharp Knife – Can Opener – Bottle OpenerBack Pack, Day Pack
Water BottlesCamera, Video Camera
Plates – Cups – Mugs – Cutlery – Paper TowelPlaying Cards
Sauce – Oil – Salt & Pepper – Toothpicks – Butter etc.Board Games
Water ContainersGuns – Ammunition (check regulations)
PantryInsect Repellant (bushmans)
SleepingClosed in Shoes (bushwalking)
Airbeds, Foam MatWaterproof Jacket
Foot Pump, Battery Operated PumpThermals
Sleeping Bags, Inner SheetBeanie, Gloves, Balaclava
Pillows, Extra BlanketTowels
Mosquito NettingToiletries (toothbrush/paste, soap etc)
HardwarePhone – Radio – Satellite Phone (charged)
Hammer, MalletChange for public phones
Axe, TommahawkDrinking Water
ShovelAppropriate Clothing
Fire ExtinguisherBoating
Pocket KnifeLife Jackets
Repair Tape, Fencing WireLights, Battery, Motor (check working OK)
Jerry Cans and funnel (spare fuel)Fuel, Oil
Plastic Bucket, ContainerMobile Phone

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