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10 Best Harley-Davidson Boots for Men and Women [Review+Guide 2022]

Cool Harley-Davidson Boots for Men and Women

Get the perfect gift for your Harley-Davidson fan with the Best Harley-Davidson Boots for Men.

These Best Harley-Davidson Boots for Men are affordable and go with anything else Harley-Davidson.

Choose from the highest rated, best reviewed and top selling boots for men.

Safety, style, and performance combine in a comfortable boot.

Best Harley-Davidson Boots

Great Boots for Harley Fans

Not only are these great looking Harley Davidson boots but they are also a real pleasure to wear because they are made from top quality materials and fit so well.

Great Boots for Harley Fans

If you are looking for a new pair of boots, either for yourself or a loved one, think about the best Harley Davidson boots for men, because you will get guaranteed quality and an excellent fit.

These boots will keep your feet warm and toasty, and they are also sturdy for walking as well as biking. The boots have a classic, stylish look. They are built to last, rather like Harley Davidson motorcycles.

So if you are tired of your boots not lasting very long, invest in these Harley boots, and you can be sure they will fit like a dream, keep your feet cozy and safe, and last for many years of biking, hiking, walking, or whatever you choose to do in them.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is optional, but of course, if you do have one, or another kind of bike, these boots are great for riding.

They will keep your feet snug and protect them just as well as anything else from the Harley Davidson biking clothes range.

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Cool Harley-Davidson Boots for Men and Women

Best Harley-Davidson Boots for Men

Harley-Davidson Men's Drive Steel Toe Boot

Available in sizes 7 – 13, these durable boots will enclose your feet comfortable and keep them safe and dry. The boots are made of leather, and the sole is rubber.

The upper is full grain leather, and there is a full-length cushion sock lining. The steel toe is very strong, as you would expect.

Whether you are using these for biking, on a construction site, or simply as cool street wear, they are really good quality.

Reviewers say they are a good, comfortable fit, from the first time you put them on, and they are ideal for biking.

Because these have a steel toe, either order half a size smaller than you usually wear or make sure you wear thick socks with them.

Harley-Davidson Men's Drive Steel Toe Boot

What Makes These Boots Great

What Makes These Boots Great

Harley Davidson boots are made from superior materials and built to last. The boots feature ComforTemp® lining which increases performance and comfort under extreme heat or cold conditions, because it stores your own body heat, returning it when needed. It also takes excess heat and moisture away from your skin.

The boots are breathable and waterproof because they are made with Gore-Tex® which allows perspiration to absorb but does not let any water in.

The shock-absorbing footbed is removable, and the outsoles are resistant to abrasion, oil, and slips.

The leather is abrasion and water-resistant, which helps to look after your boots despite riding wear and tear.

When you take part in a sport, it is always a good idea to get the right clothing and equipment. Riding a Harley Davidson means not only should you look the part, but you should wear the right clothing.

This will help you to stay comfortable, not get too hot or too cold, and wearing sturdy, durable clothing and boots mean your biking clothes and footwear will last a lot longer.

You can get many types of Harley Davidson footwear, for both men and women, and the range even includes sandals and heels, but if you are shopping for the best Harley Davidson boots for men, choose something sturdy and classic.

The boots will last for a long time and keep your feet comfortable every time you are on your bike.

Even if having a Harley is just a dream rather than a reality, these boots are still a great buy because they fit like a dream and will last for years.

Top Rated Harley-Davidson Boots for Men

Best Riding Harley-Davidson Boots for Men

These are very comfortable boots, and they look great too. They are well-made, as you would expect from a Harley Davidson product. These are great for riding your bike, and they would also make a solid work boot. They clean up well too. The boots are leather and have rubber soles. The typical Harley style comes through loud and clear in the distinctive styling of the boots.

The skull details and harness strap accent are cool, and the rubber outside is oil-resistant which makes the boots non-slip. These boots should last for a long, long time because they are great quality, and the design is really good. These are a ‘must’ for any Harley Davidson fans out there.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout

These rubber-soled leather boots feature a classic biker harness strap, and they are a pull-on style with a zippered side.

The sock lining is cushioned full-length, and there is a breathable mesh surface in there.

The smooth, distressed leather upper is very cool, and these are ideal for biking. They do tend to be slightly heavy underfoot which is good for biking but probably means you will not want to walk very far in them.

They have a 1-inch heel and a round toe profile. These are very well-made, according to reviewers, and should last for many years.

The leather is very high quality.

You can get Harley Davidson boots in various styles but these are casual and cowboy boot style, so they should appeal to bikers everywhere.

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout

Harley-Davidson Women’s Christa Harness Boot

Harley-Davidson Women's Christa Boot

Harley Davidson makes boots for women just like they do for men. This style features a leather upper and rubber sole, as well as a 2-inch heel.

The boots are made from premium full-grain leather, and there are chrome hardware details on the harness.

Full-length cushion sock linings ensure these boots are comfortable.

They have plenty of great reviews and reviewers say they run true to size.

They are very durable and tough leather, which softens over time, but reviewers say they are comfortable on the feet from the first wearing.

You can look the part on your bike, teaming these with your leathers, and they are also comfortable to keep on your feet after your ride is over.

Harley-Davidson Women's Christa Boot

Harley-Davidson Women’s Jammie Motorcycle Boot

Harley-Davidson Women's Jammie Boot

If you prefer your boots to lace up, rather than to pull on, you might like to consider the Jammie model.

Available in sizes 5 to 11, this style features a full-grain leather upper and rubber sole. 

The full-length cushion sock lining contributes to their comfort, and there is a locking inside zipper.

The heel and outsole are rubber.

The shaft is 8 inches, and the heel is 1¾ inches. As well as being comfortable and tough enough for biking, these boots are comfortable for walking or just standing around too.

Do you stand on your feet all day at work? Try these Jammie boots and see how comfortable you feel.

If your feet are medium or wide, these boots should fit well. If you have narrow feet, they might feel a little big.

Harley-Davidson Women's Jammie Strap And Buckle

Motorcycle Clothes to Wear with Harley Davidson Boots

Although you can wear Harley Davidson boots at any time (not just for biking), if you are biking then it is nice to wear clothes for it. This is not only to look good but also to protect you from the weather and in the case of falls. Riding a bike is a sport, and like any sport, you need to wear the right clothing for it.

So what are you going to wear on your motorcycle? A leather jacket, and perhaps matching leather pants, is the typical attire for cold weather biking but this can be very hot in the warmer months.

Textile motorcycle jackets are nice for warm weather riding because these are made from mesh or nylon so lighter than the leather kind. Look for top quality brands like Scorpion EXO or Joe Rocket. There are plenty more good brands as well.

Motorcycle Jeans and Pants

Another must-have for anyone riding on the open road is motorcycle jeans. Include shin padding and knee armor for safety and protection, and swap the jeans for cargo riding pants if you prefer. Look out for brands like Drayko, Xelement, Sarto, and Joe Rocket among others.

Durable Fabrics for Biking

Kevlar and Dyneema are used in motorcycle clothes, and Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber. It might not sound comfortable, but Dyneema is flexible, breathable and soft. It is better than knitted or basic woven Kevlar, although some garments will feature both fibers.

Don’t expect biking clothes to cost the same as everyday clothes. Motorcycle clothing is designed to cushion and protect you in the case of falls, which is why it is made from fabric which is tough and durable but at the same time soft and comfortable, so it performs well, feels good on, and does what it is supposed to. If you already own motorcycle clothes, a pair of the best Harley Davidson boots for men will complement your biking outfit perfectly.

Videos for the Best Harley-Davidson Boots For Men

YouTube Videos for the Best Harley-Davidson Boots For Men

Harley-Davidson Men’s Crossroads II Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Crossroads II Steel Toe Hiking Boot

Available in sizes 7 to 13 including half-sizes, these hiking boots feature a leather and nylon mesh upper and a rubber sole.

The EVA midsole with airbag cushion and full-length cushion sock lining add to their overall appeal and comfort, and the outsoles are resistant to chemicals, oil, and water. Although the Harley Davidson brand is best known for its motorcycles and biking equipment and clothing.

These hiking boots prove the company is more versatile. They are sharp-looking and comfortable too.

Compared to biking boots they are, as you would imagine, lightweight, although they do feature good, stable ankle support, which is important when hiking.

The soles grip well, so you will not be stumbling over uneven surfaces.

Harley-Davidson Men's Crossroads II Steel Toe Hiking Boot

Harley-Davidson Men’s Stan Harness Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Stan Harness Boot

Choose from black or brown. These leather boots have a full-grain leather upper and a rubber sole. The shaft measures 11 inches high, and the heel is 1¾ inches.

The full-length cushion sock lining is very comfortable. The shaft of these boots is very soft, a bit like suede, so if you dislike how stiff leather shafts can rub at your calves, you will appreciate how much more ‘give’ these have in them. The sole features simple lines which grip well.

There is no thread or lug pattern on there like you might expect with Harley Davidson boots. Wear these for biking, for work, or simply for strolling around and relaxing.

They would look equally good with bike leathers or with a pair of jeans and western style shirt.

Harley-Davidson Men's Stan Harness Boot

What to Look For in a Motorcycle Riding Boots

In buying men’s motorcycle boots 2021, there many things that you must take into account.

Purpose and Protection – If you are planning to have a long ride with your friends or motorcycle club, you need a pair that is sturdy and gives extra protection. However, if you are looking to get one for work or for everyday use, you must get the more comfortable boots which is easier for walking.

Price – Some pairs can go over a couple of hundred bucks such as the Red Wing and Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. But you can still own a pair if you find one that is on discount and there are many great deals online.

Style– Because a lot of boots today come in many different styles and designs, you will really get confused in choosing. Make sure that you have an idea on what you are looking for whether you go for the one with belts, zippers, steel toe, or high boots.

Riding Conditions – Every place is different and you must take this into consideration. You can choose the off road or waterproof riding boots depending on your area.

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