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Comfort Tac – how to ensure complete camp safety

Warmer weather is on the horizon and many outdoor enthusiasts will be beginning to plan for their next outing. Camping is one of the best ways to spend a weekend, whether you head to your favorite local fishing spot or decide to pitch a tent somewhere new. Either way, camping safely is essential to having a good outdoor experience. This guide will help you understand what to take along on your next camping trip to ensure camp safety and how to safely store any firearms that you bring with you.

What camping essentials should you have on hand?

Some experienced campers prefer to camp in a tent, while others like to crash in an RV. Regardless, this checklist highlights some of the important essentials that you should have on hand in order to ensure camp safety:

  • Shelter of some sort, either your tent or RV.
  • A sleeping bag and waterproof blankets.
  • Several high-powered flashlights with extra batteries.
  • Enough water for the duration of your trip.
  • Medical supplies, such as a basic first-aid kit and any necessary medication.
  • Clothes that are appropriate for the weather.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Food and snacks.
  • A gun to protect yourself.

Safety-proof your camping spot

Another thing that you should do when you arrive at your camping spot to ensure camp safety is to do a sweep of the area.

  1. Scout out the area around your fire pit and make sure there are no hazards like low-hanging branches or excess debris. Before using your fire pit, make sure it is clear of trash.
  2. Keep water near your fire pit or other flame sources. This can help in case any flames start to get out of control.
  3. Practice general situational awareness. Keep an eye out on the surrounding area, noting any unsavory elements and or possible environmental hazards. Camp safety begins with you, so it’s important to be aware from the beginning of your stay until you pack up to leave.


Reasons to bring a gun on your camping expedition

There are a few reasons why you should bring your gun along on a camping trip.

  • To help defend you against predatory wildlife or dangerous animals.
  • To help keep intruders at bay.

The simple fact is that there is no predicting the behavior of other people, and sometimes, criminals choose to use isolated areas to hide out from others. Having the right weapon on hand can help to protect you and your family from any unexpected situations that might arise during your camping trip. Another worst-case scenario is encountering aggressive animals, such as cougars, wolves, coyotes, and bears.

While it is unlikely that any wild animal will actually attack you, and most do prefer to avoid people entirely, it’s a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality. If you do encounter a wild animal that seems intent on causing harm, firing your gun in the air is a good way to scare the animal away. Oftentimes, a loud noise alone is enough to make aggressive animals head for the hills.


How to store your gun safely on a camping trip

It’s important to check the rules of the area where you are camping before packing your gun. Some parks and campgrounds require a special permit for handguns to be brought to the location. Once you’ve chosen the gun to bring with you, make sure that you are prepared to store the gun properly. Camp safety requires that your gun always be safely stored, especially if you are camping with others – in particular, small children.


  • Consider using a gun safe at night. A portable gun safe keeps your weapon safely stored but also allows for easy access in case of an emergency.
  • Use a gun holster during the day. A waistband holster is a comfortable, secure way to keep your weapon within easy reach, while a pocket holster is a no-frills way to conceal the outline of your gun without adding extra bulk.

The most important consideration in choosing a holster is to select one that is comfortable for you. The proper holster will always let you get to your weapon quickly while still keeping it secure against your body. A popular option is the Ultimate Belly Band Holster, a versatile holster that allows you to carry in any position. Compatible with most firearms, the Ultimate Belly Band Holster is a top camp safety item, and one that is designed for your busy lifestyle.


Gun safety tools that you should always have on hand

Once you’ve packed your safe and your gun holster, along with the rest of your camping gear, you should do one final sweep of your gear before heading out. A few camp safety essentials that can make your trip even better include:


  • The Ultimate Gun Cleaning Snake for Shotgun, Rifle, or Pistol. Keeping your weapon clean is important, no matter where you happen to be. This bore cleaner is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for putting in your camping gear bag and bringing along on your next adventure.
  • Rifle and Shotgun Recoil Pads. Every shotgun or rifle enthusiast should have a set of these high-quality, comfortable recoil pads. Not only do they reduce recoil by up to 70%, but they provide higher stability for better follow-up shots. Double-stitched and made from top-of-the-line fabric, these recoil pads are a camp safety essential.

With a bit of camp safety preparation and some planning ahead, your next camping trip could be the best one yet. Utilize these tips, and you are sure to enjoy a safe, relaxing camping experience.


No matter where you choose to camp, spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to recharge, both mentally and physically.


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