Emergency Survival Kit

What Should Be In an Emergency Survival Kit |Survival Kit List

What is an Emergency Survival Kit

Having the right supplies in an emergency can save your life form being harmed or even dying. Whether you’re a hardcore prepper who believes that total social collapse is imminent, or you live in the place where natural disasters are frequent and can threaten your home, below is list of item you need.

You must have these five items your survival kit should have:

Emergency Survival Light –

This could be a flashlight or a headlamp. Whatever its format, choose a light that boasts superior battery life. LEDs are usually better than incandescent or traditional flights, Camping Lantern, since they burn cooler, use far less power, and last much, much longer. A headlamp will keep your hands free, while a flashlight can provide more light.

Emergency Survival Fire starter –

You don’t necessarily need to carry matches or a lighter to start a fire. You will want, however, something that makes a spark. Flint set can be great for this, but even char cloth can do the trick in a pinch. If you are going to put matches in your pack, make sure they are waterproof or at least have adequate protection from the elements. Here is list of best fire starts.

Emergency Survival water filter –

The biggest mistake you can make in an emergency situation is assuming you’ll have access to clean water. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a cheap, effective, lightweight water filter. Even in the instance of an urban disaster, like an earthquake or a tornado in a populated area, you may not be able to access clean water without filtering it. Make sure you choose a model that filters out bacteria and chemicals. Here is best watere filter list for you.

Emergency Survival Food –

In the case of a long-term situation, you’ll have to find other ways to find food, but in case you need to evacuate and might be stuck on the road or on foot for an entire day, having a few non-perishable food items in your pack can make a big difference. Choose something lightweight that won’t spoil if you don’t use it in six months’ time.

Emergency Survival utility knife –

You never know when a knife can help you it always play significant role to save your life. Great for opening things, making tinder for a fire, skinning a rabbit, cutting branches for a shelter, and even, in a pinch, defending yourself, having a knife in your pack is definitely essential. You can also use swiss army knife which have many tools.

What else might you need for Emergency Survival Kit?

You probably have a tent, sleeping bags, a camp lantern, a camp stove. Somethings we have that we might want to take with us if we have to leave our homes. Don’t forget your toothbrush and some toilet paper, perhaps a role of paper towels.

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