choosing the right fishing rod

Top five considerations for choosing the right fishing rod

If you are looking to fish actively, then the first thing you will need is a fishing rod. The fishing rod allows you to place your bait in the right location, and that alone determines whether you will be going home with a prize catch or not. So, instead of overlooking the need to have the perfect fishing rod, here is all that you need to consider when you are at the ArcticSilver fly rods, choosing the right one for your fishing expeditions.

best fishing rod

The length of the rod

Fishing rods can significantly vary in length, depending on their requirements. There are some within the 4 feet range, whereas some are as enormous as 14 feet. On an average scale, you must go for anything between the 6-8 feet range. It is all dependent on the distance you want to place your baits at. Keep in mind that a shorter rod will aid you in case you need to combat your catch, whereas the longer rod will allow you to caste at a greater distance or cover a vast area of water.

The fishing rod material consideration

Rods can be made of several materials, including graphite, fiberglass, or an amalgamation of both. Graphite rods are stiffer and are less durable compared to the fiberglass counterparts. However, they come better equipped for sensing a catch. So, if you want to sense the lighter bites, then you need a graphite rod. According to experts, a combination of the two makes for the best fishing rods.

The power of the rod

The power of a fishing rod is the actual bending capability of the rod. With more power, the rod will bend lesser. So, you will need the right combination of power along with the action to get the best out of your fishing adventure. Keep in mind that rods that bend easily are for the lighter species like trout fishing. For heavier species, you should ideally switch to a higher power rod. 

The action of the rod

The action of the rod is the exact spot where the fishing rod bends under the weight of the fish. In the case of a fast action fishing rod, the bend is closer to the tip, whereas, for the slow action, the bend is closer to the handle. Fast action rods are usually the ones with a stiffer backbone and are suited for bigger fishes that require combat to pull out of the water. If you are looking to fish in rivers with strong currents, with baits or for species that tend to fight a lot, then a fast action fishing rod is recommended.

The handle of the rod

Finally, it is time for the handle of the rod. Several materials are used for the handle of the rod, including cork, foam, and a combination of both. It is all about your preference, so try out a few before choosing the one you are most comfortable with. Also, keep in mind the length of the handle of the rod. It plays a significant role in the casting of the line.

Keep in mind these simple tips when you are looking for the right fishing rod. All the best.

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