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6 Most Popular Cable TV Shows You Must Watch This Summer

The summer season is approaching, which means we must prepare for the most anticipated vacation of the year, summer vacation. Well, this year isn’t going to be much different than the previous ones, as the Covid19 hasn’t totally vanished and keeps hitting back with one variety after another. So, rather than making a lot of outdoor plans, we recommend that you stay at home and make it more enjoyable for yourself.

Now, just because you’re staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to be bored. There are many things that may be done to make it fun and worthwhile. And, if you have exhausted your options, you can rely on us.

We will go over some of the most popular TV shows from earlier decades that you should watch if you want to keep your summer vacations interesting and pleasant. To view these episodes, you will need either a steady internet connection for streaming online or a cable service with a diverse channel roster and the ability to access on-demand titles. If you are still looking for a low-cost cable TV plan that includes everything, we recommend Spectrum TV plans. These plans include an impressive channel lineup, on-demand streaming, a free DVR service, and much more.

So, what do you have to lose? Let us go to the list we have compiled for you all now that we have figured out where to watch these shows:

  1. Game of Thrones

It is not just a show; it’s been praised more than many other series that have been shown on television. You may have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this show. Game of Thrones is one of the most successful HBO programs.

This show takes place on two continents: Westeros, where the majority of the action takes place, and Aegon, where the majority of the action takes place. The second is Essos, which is located on Westeros’ eastern flank. Both continents are separated by a large body of water.

The show focuses on each character’s unique abilities. However, the last season was not well received because it fell short of the audience’s expectations. However, a single low-rated season has little bearing on the show’s overall performance and energy. It’s a must-see, especially if you’re nostalgic about winters in the summer.

  1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a visual adaptation of a well-known comic book. It quickly established itself as one of the top presentations of the decade. This exhilarating show grew in popularity over the decade of the 2010s. The zombies were the ones that got the shows with the zombie edition off to the best start. The show was further marketed by a spin-off series called “Fear of the Walking Dead.”

You’ll be astonished to learn that its fifth season was the most-watched season on cable television. The show has seen a modest drop in ratings in recent seasons, but it remains the greatest of the decade when compared to other shows. The best news is that the show’s 11th season is still airing, so there will be plenty more episodes to binge-watch and catch up on.

  1. Breaking Bad

We cannot overlook “Breaking Bad” when discussing the best series of the decade. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Walter White, a criminal mind genius, devised and then peddled the crystal myth. Later in the criminal deeds, he became a famous villain character.

The entire film was shot in the Mexican city of “Albuquerque.” This criminal drama deserves all of the accolades it received.


  1. Burn Notice

In the international entertainment sector, the United States is a well-known player. And the United States’ “Burn Notice” has been at the top of the list for the past decade. The most prominent fictitious figure in this well-known venture is Michael Western.

He became stranded in Miami and was afterward torched by “Anson Fullerton.” Western had no idea who had burned him or why he had been burned. Michael Western put up his best efforts to solve the puzzle. What an engrossing and suspenseful show!

  1. Mad Men

Mad Men, the last but certainly not least name on our list, dominated over our cable TV screens for nearly eight years. Don Draper (Donald Francis Draper) is a well-known fictional character from this popular television series. It spanned 7 seasons and 92 episodes.

The show focuses on the United States’ evolving societal trends in the 1960s. It also includes topics such as gender politics and shifts in societal norms. It is also a prizewinner show, making it one of the greatest of the decade.

  1. Sweet Tooth

Sure, you are sick of pandemic stories; the human race being wiped out by a virus is not an appealing post-apocalyptic premise for you. That is entirely correct. Sweet Tooth is a tasty version of it. There is a viral apocalypse, but there are also cute human-animal hybrids and let us not forget Will Forte.

Final words

Though the list may have been longer, the goal is to provide you with the best of the best options available. We hope you enjoy your time watching or re-watching our suggestions. Most of the shows we have suggested above have numerous seasons with multiple episodes, so you will not run out of things to watch.

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