Great places to explore in Idaho

Great places to explore in Idaho

The gem state as it’s called is truly a mesmerizing destination. Idaho has amazing mountainous landscapes one can witness; the state has mystical coastlines, thrilling wilderness, and fun adventure spots. From sand dunes to springs and trails it has everything to unwind and relax on a holiday.

The scenic views with lush forests, waterfalls, and the stunning volcanic lava makes you feel like the surface of the moon is a National Monument and Preserve in Idaho. The list goes on to find the Great places to explore in Idaho.

Great places to explore in Idaho

To the north, the gem state has greenery and the best of nature with picturesque lakes and historical towns along the south, it consists of and hiking trails and deserts it is an all-inclusive place for relaxation and adventurous activities in Sandy places and hilly regions.

The gemstones state is known for the opportunities it offers to the visitors to explore recreational activities like playing golf, camping, and Mountain biking, you will find extraordinary places to explore to enjoy physical activities in the beautiful landscapes


 In the north, Sandpoint stands as the economic hub, one of the beautiful places to visit in Idaho as it is bookend by the Selkirk and Cabinet mountain ranges and has seashores in the surroundings. It is at the hand of the largest lakes in Idaho the Lake Pend Oreille. T

he beautiful stretch has ski slopes and terrains and at Schweitzer mountain resorts it has beautiful bike trails and footpaths.  The culture in this town is very relaxed and friendly; it’s mainly a place that appeals to artists and people who love nature.

The best places to visit in Sandpoint are the Sandpoint city beach, Bonner County Historical Society & Museum, Pend d’Oreille Winery Tasting Room, and mountain trails.

Lava hot Springs

 It is a city and one of the metropolitan areas which is situated in a mountain Valley of Portneuf River on the Oregon Trail and California trail. It is a striking tourist location as it has amazing resorts and it is known for the hot springs. It is a picturesque resort and you can visit it all year round.

A complete family destination that allows you to eat, drink and shop. The pools are very hot; they vary from 100 degrees to 110 degrees, you can either choose to float in the hot springs in the swimming pool or participate in other activities like go-karting, golfing, ranch Wagon rides, camping, and more.

Idaho Falls

 It is a city very close to the Snake River; this particular city gives many choices to the tourists to do throughout the year. The weather does not restrict or limit the activities Idaho Falls has. This place surely gives the adrenaline rush while you enjoy the best time with the entire family. You can plan to walk green Belt to white water rafting to the bone area trails that stand at 6500 feet height.

The greenbelt walkways span across five miles on the sides of the Snake River where you can enjoy, if you are a geological fan then you would wish to visit the hell’s half-acre 5000 year-old lava land which is spread across 320 acres of land featuring ravines, caves, and rocky formations that have emerged after a volcanic explosion.

For bikers there is a great opportunity to camp and go horseback riding at Saint Anthony sand dunes that covers 10,000 acres at a height of 400 feet, Idaho Falls also has a beautiful zoo which is the home for a wide range of wildlife originating from all over the globe.

The travellers can also enjoy the Darby wind Caves, Mountain Brewers Beer Fest at Sandy Downs, Ride the Kelly Canyon Loop Mountain Bike Trail, etc.

Shoshone Falls

The burbling of the water is graceful and reminds us to witness the majestic sounds of water flowing from heights that smell like nectar. Though you feel prickly brushes on your skin as cool water pours down and the splashes of the water evoke happiness and tranquillity while watching the white water flowing down into the blue-hued sea.

The Shoshone Falls is natural beauty standing on the Snake River at a height of 212 feet which is higher than Niagara Falls. It is a natural attraction offering recreational activities to the tourists and visitors like playgrounds, hiking trails, boat rides, swimming areas, and lush green areas perfect for a picnic.

Not only does it have beautiful tourist places but it is also equipped with museums and art galleries that take you back in time. Marvel at the masterpieces and artefacts in these museums which still exist to showcase the rarities. The most spectacular museums in Idaho are the Old Idaho Penitentiary which is also known as the ‘old pen’ it was a prison that housed criminals from different backgrounds. It is located in Boise open to visit all through the week; another amazing Museum is the museum of Idaho that takes the visitors through a tour of the cultural and natural history of Idaho. It is a host for nationally recognized traveling displays.

There are many displays like  “Bodies: The Exhibition” and “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.” it is a great place for children to learn through the exhibits, you can’t miss the Idaho potato The museum which is located in Oregon depot,  this Museum especially speaks of the importance of potato farming and history of the potato. It offers a compelling story of the vegetable; different scientific experiments, interesting films, and artefacts , most amusing part of the Museum is the entrance with the massive potato which is topped with butter.

The Boise Art Museum – has impressive artwork on display which is inspiring and it challenges the thought process, it takes you through the 1930’s era. It has been renovated many times over the years and focuses on American art and Temporary exhibits of artists and also workshops for children and adults. The Museum has a well-designed garden beautiful with greenery around the place. It is open from Tuesday through Sunday all the year-round.

Idaho offers great taste with different culinary specialties that marvel at the taste buds. The gem state is known for scrumptious potato dishes and huckleberry creations. It offers locally sourced dining experiences, when you are in Idaho you must visit the top 5 restaurants the Amano , Chop Shop BBQ, Holy Cow! Local First, GRIT 2C.

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