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10 Best Camping showers Reviews-Buyer Guide (Updated 2021)

Without a doubt, stepping out and enjoying the beauty of nature is an experience unlike any other, right? While out in the wilderness, you won’t have the modern amenities that you’re used to every day to get you by inclusive of which is a shower.

Best Camping showers

Cleaning and refreshing ourselves at the beginning of each new day is definitely the best way to kick-start our day.

Camping showers are essential for campers who want to shower outdoors. It will allow you to shower even you are outside.

Your trip will be different if you can shower while camping, hiking or padding.

A typical camping shower is made up of a shower head, a long hose or tubing system, and a water container, which is usually a bag or a bucket.

The water container is filled with water that travels through the tubing system and is sprayed through the shower head.

You can make this camping shower on your own or You can buy it too.

There are several types of ready-made camping showers commercially available in the market. 

Best Value

Advanced Elements 5 gal. PVC Free Summer Shower

Advanced Solar Shower

  • 5-gallon
  • Temperature gauge
  • 4-ply with reflector panel & insulator
  • Side pocket for soap and shampoo

Best of the best

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

  • Rechargeable Outdoor Shower
  • 5.9 feet of flexible hose
  • .66 gal/minute


Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

  • Holds 5 gallons
  • Uses solar energy to heat water
  • Handy on/off valve
  • Heat-locking material
  • Enough for multiple showers

Camping showers are available in a variety of styles, and their price is ranging between ten and several hundred dollars. The options include hot water, pressure or primitive constructions.

To help you select the best camping shower for your trip, below are some of the best-selling camping shower for your reference:

Comparison On 10 Best Portable Showers

Before we delve into the individual reviews, how about we, first of all, take a look at a comparison chart below. It’s just as good as our product listings with the exceptions that you’ll get to have your pick much faster. Here’s what we got for you- the best of the best.

ProductsKey FeaturesRating
Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower
  • 1 Hour of Continuous Use
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium Battery
  • 5.9 feet of flexible hose
  •  .66 gal/minute
 Advanced Elements 5 gal
  • 5-gallon
  • Large fill port
  • Weight: 1 lb 4 oz
  • Solar Shower
  • Push on and off
Summer Shower 2.5 gallon
  • 2 1/2-gallon
  • Solar Shower
  • 4-layer design
  • Twist-off cap
  • Velcro straps holds
Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower
  • 5-Gallon Solar Shower
  • Handy on/off
  • Heat-locking material
Seattle Sports PVC Solar Showers
  • 5-Gallon Solar Shower
  • Shower Time: 11 minutes
  • Wide mouth opening
  • On/Off Lever nozzle
20L Solar Solar Shower
  • 20L Solar Solar Shower
  • Heats water to 113°F
  • Leak-proof
  • 3 hours use time
Mr. Heater Shower System
  • 12,000 BTU per hour
  • 6 Gallons per minute
  • 4 d-cell battery operated pump
  • 40 minutes of run time
Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower
  • Pressure Camp Shower
  • 5.8 gallons
  • Delivers 7-10 minutes
  • 7-foot neoprene hose
Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower
  • Turns any Bottles Shower
  • Lightweight (Only 2oz)
  • Easy To Use
  • Simple Shower for a quick and easy

Kinds of Camping Showers include the following:

Types according to power

Plastic solar camping showers

Plastic solar camping showers are also known as sun showers. They use the heat of the sun to make the water warm. Most models have plastic tubings attached to the large bag on one end and shower heads on the other. They usually require a few hours to warm up, making them ideal for standing and group camps. Most models are fragile and do not usually last long.

Propane-powered camping showers

Propane-powered camping showers feature coils and gas burners. They work like home water heaters. They provide temperature-controlled water according to the temperature and the condition of the environment.

Types according to design

Old canvas camp showers

Old canvas camp showers are the most common types of camp showers. They are filled with water and installed above the head using a rope. Most old canvas camp showers do not generate warm water. The more expensive models now come as plastic solar or propane-powered types.

Vehicle-mounted camping showers

Vehicle-mounted camping showers use a water source and a water-cooled engine. They are designed to be mounted on RVs, camping vans, and trucks.  They are connected to lakes, streams, and rivers for unlimited water supply. Most models can heat cold water.

Most models are easy to install and are durable.

10 Best Portable Showers In 2021 Reviews

Now, this is what we came for. In this section, you’ll be taking a look at the most reliable portable showers you’ll get for your money in 2019. Durability and versatility all in one.

Here’s what we have.

Iron Hammer Portable Shower

If you’re out for something portable and easy to use at the same time, I’d really recommend that you do take a look at this one.

Intelligent design

With the intelligent design, you’ll be getting two water flow conversion buttons. You will also have an outstanding washing pressure and with the shower head being hand-held, you’ll use it for more than just showering.

It also does have a built-in filtration system- keeps you completely clean.

Includes a 4800mAh rechargeable design

It includes a 4800mAh rechargeable battery. Two 2400mAh rechargeable batteries within it hence giving you a total of 4800mAh.

When in full power, this portable charger can work for more than 60 minutes. The best part about it is that you can easily charge it up with a USB outlet. It also comes with a discharge protection circuit for utmost safety.

Easy to carry

Disassembling is quite easy and being compact and lightweight, it is quite reliable to have with you outdoors.


  • Includes a 4800mAh battery for long usage
  • It’s a compact and lightweight design
  • Easily rechargeable using any USB outlet


  • It doesn’t come with a USB plug
Iron Hammer Portable Shower Camp Shower

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag

Now here’s something that will definitely be worth every penny. This one from RISEPRO boasts a superior design and simultaneously is going to serve you quite well.

Includes a smart heat absorbing design

This is just but many of the features that make this portable shower stand out from the rest. Owing to the fact that it has got a black PVC material, it can absorb solar energy to heat up the water within it.

With direct sunlight, you can get all the water in it heated to as much as 45 degrees Celsius- definitely the best portable shower for camping.

A large water capacity

If you’re looking for the best portable shower to use anywhere in the wilderness, then the 40 liters of water provided by this one should suit you perfectly.

You’re bound to get a nice refreshing shower anywhere- definitely worth every penny

Quality material construction

It is constructed out of eco-friendly materials that are leak-proof and at the same time completely safe for human health

There’s more:

It does have an advanced shower heat which has got easy on/of switch with a low to high water flow variation.


  • It has a temperature indicator attached to the bag
  • A large water capacity as it is able to carry as much as 10 gallons of water
  • The Black PVC has the smart heating technology- utilize the solar energy optimally


  • Be sure to check it as soon as you receive it for any leaks
Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

This shower bag home 5-gallon water which you can for multiple time to showers. This is bag use solar energy to heat water. Coleman bag had one strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying.

It’s constructed of a heating material which will warm the water in the sun, even on cool days.

Great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available.

The Coleman 5-Gallon PVC Camp Shower has a great feature where it uses solar energy to heat the water. It also includes a strong handle for easy hanging and carrying.

Flexible shower hose with handy on/off valve makes showering a breeze. You can give this a try on your next trip!

Coleman 5-Gallon PVC Camp Shower Features:

  • Uses solar energy
  • Handle for carrying and hanging
  • Handy on/off valve
  • 1 Year warranty
Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

#2 Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower Bags

Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower

This is one of the tops selling Camping showers on Amazon for hiking, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.

This shower bag could hold up to 3-gallon  5-gallon and 2.5-gallon water and it is designed in such way to it could heat water fast from sun light.

It has full carrying handles and Velcro straps for soap and shampoo.

The extra-large filling valve features a twist-off cap, and the wide, rubber handle make the shower easy to carry.

You can roll up for easy storage.

Advanced Elements Solar Shower

#3 Seattle Sports PVC Solar Showers

Seattle Sports PVC Solar Showers


Seattle Sports  Solar Shower built with eco-friendlier PVC Free materials.

You can ask it in the warm water and ecological peace of mind.

This is because it is built with materials that: are chlorine free, Azo Free, Cause no dioxin, heavy metal or pollution in production.

For safety and environment-friendly, you must choose Seattle Sports Solar Shower.

  • Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Shower Time: 11 minutes
  • Tear drop shape concentrates water flow
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Secure slide-lock bar
  • Kink-free urethane tube
  • On/Off Lever nozzle
  • BPA-Free, PVC-Free
Seattle Sports 5 Gallon Solar Heated Camp Shower

#4 Ivation 5-Gallon Portable Outdoor Shower

VIGLT Camping Shower Bag 5 Gallons

Ivation is a lightweight and easily Portable outdoor shower bag which includes removable the hose w/On-Off Switchable.

It is constructed with high-frequency bonding Technology through which Ivation ensure watertight Seal. It is very Soft, Flexible, Pliable & Easy to Manipulate even in Freezing Weather.

Ivation shower bag is specially designed for camping and hunting and fishing for shower/washing station on the go.

It is easy to use just fill this bag and hang it in the sun for 2-3 hours; the water warms up.

Now you can take a shower with hot water.

  • 4-Ply Construction
  • Easy to use on/Off shower Head
  • Convenient Velcro straps
  • Large filling valve with twist-off cap
  • Large Pocket
  • Water Temperature Gauge
VIGLT Camping Shower Bag 5 Gallons

Propane Camping Showers

For the ultimate campsite convenience and comfort, propane camping showers are the preferred choice. Portable propane camping showers use propane to heat the water (instantly in many models) and battery powered water pumps for water pressure.

These are a great option when size & weight restrictions are not an issue are the most common type of car camping and base camps. They work exceptionally well with all camping shower enclosure tents because the enclosure does not have to support the weight of a heavy shower bag. Instead, you just hang the shower head & hose, and the water is pumped from an external container outside the tent (like a bucket).

The drawbacks to the portable propane shower option are that they weigh more and rely on fuel canisters and batteries and tend to be a little more expensive than solar camping shower bag options.

#5 Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Camp Chef Water Heater is made of Steel. It could make 1.5 gallons per minute hot water on demand.

The user has full control on setting they can adjust heat and water flow as per their wish.

It has its self-stand or uses included brackets to hang.

  • Easy turn brass
  • Adjustable heat & water flow
  • 4 shower setting
  • 72″ shower hose
  • 1.5 gallons Heat a minute
  • Weight: 15 lbs
Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

#6 ZODI Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower

Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System

Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers are among the best camping hot water producers for the outdoors. Showering with freezing lake or river water in cold camping conditions is a very unappealing prospect. A good hot shower with hot water at the end of a day in a cold campsite is a luxury. With Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camping Showers, you can enjoy this luxury.


  • A smart 4-gallon container that stores the unit and functions as a water tank to hold water
  • Powerful propane water heater
  • A hose with a shower head
  • 6 Volt Water Pump
  • Easy to use and quick hot water
Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System

Battery Operated Camping Showers

Clean up anywhere outside with battery operated camping showers. Every day we look for new ways to make our lives more enjoyable by finding easier ways to do things – it’s human nature. Having a battery operated camping showers at your disposal will certainly save you clean up time and allow you to get back to the more enjoyable activities quicker.

#7 Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower, Battery Powered

 Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Ivation Outdoor Shower is rechargeable battery camping shower which will make the very comfortable outdoor shower. It has a Compact Handheld take it in your and put the pump in water it will start showerhead, and you will start enjoy.

Best indoor and outdoor hand shower with powerful battery easy on off Switch.

  • Versatile Shower System
  • Gentle, Constant Stream
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium Battery
  • Hands-Free Hanging
 Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Other Type of Showers

#8 Nemo Equipment Helio Pressure Shower

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

Nemo shower main feather thing is its foot pump system through which you can pressure in the bag for constant water. You did not need any battery to pump water. Nemo shower has 11 liter tank with the spray nozzle.

  • 11 liter tank
  • Hose with spray nozzle
  • Safety strap over the fill port
  • Easy to use foot pump
  • Ventilated carrying case
  • Great for showering
Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

#9 Simple Shower

 Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs

Now you can convert any 1 or 2 Liter Bottles in the shower. This Including Platypus Collapsible Bottles & Bladders.It is very lightweight only 2oz which will make you very easy to carry anywhere. Great For Washing Pets & Sandy Beach Toys.

  • Simple Portable Shower
  • Lightweight 2oz
  • Turn any bottle Shower
  • Steady Stream Of Water
  • Made In The USA From Recycled Materials
  • Multiple Uses
 Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs

Camping Shower Enclosure

A typical after-thought is the camping shower enclosure. Where using camping showers for rinsing off at the beach in your bathing suit may not require a privacy tent – stripping down to your birthday suit in the wide open at the family campground is probably not a good idea.

Luckily there are plenty of excellent camping shower enclosure options available. They range from temporary, instant-pop-up camping shower tents, to durable, high-quality camping shower enclosure designs that are made to stand-up to Mother Nature’s fiercest weather.

Things to consider while shopping for the best camping shower enclosure are the following: Is the unit rated to handle the weight of a solar shower bag?

Does it come with a removable floor (nobody wants to shower in a mud-puddle)? Ease of setup and tear-down.

#10 Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo is one of the best shower combos in the market.

It has a removable rip-stop polyethylene floor, Rust resistant 3/4 diameter chain-corded steel poles and two no-see-um mesh roof panels that provide superior ventilation.

This best quality camp shower combo meets C.P.A.I.-84 specs. For over 40 years, Texsport has been supplying local sporting goods dealer with camping and outdoor recreation equipment.

This is a trustworthy brand to buy!

Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo Features:

  • 4’6 x 4’6 x 87″ High
  • Heavy-duty taffeta walls and rainfly are polyurethane coated
  • Includes large 5-gallon capacity camp shower
  • Complete with stakes, carry/storage bag, and instructions
  • Flame Retardant, meets C.P.A.I-84 Specifications
Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

How To Hang A Solar Shower Bag

Solar camping shower bags in the perfect way to get clean in the outdoors. You can take them anywhere: on camping trips, hunting, fishing, boating or any other outdoor activity. Just fill them with water and leave them out under the sun for 3 hours and you can then enjoy a hot shower for up to 5 minutes.

There’s only one problem, however: the shower bag has to be hung high enough so that you can stand beneath it. And unless you’re The Hulk it’s not so easy to climb a tree with a 5-gallon shower bag filled to the brim. These things weigh about 45 pounds full. By using the manual pulley system shown in the videos, it’s a lot more realistic to hang a shower bag, even for one person, although you will still be using a bit of muscle to lift it up. For two people it’s not too difficult and a real solution to hanging a full solar shower bag. But if you’re one person, you’re gonna need some mechanical help, unless again, you are the Hulk.

A few tips: it’s crucial to use a solid rope such as one made of polypropylene and to make sure that the stake is planted firmly into the ground. Also, make sure to test the solidity before standing underneath the bag. An alternative to using a stake is to tie that end of the rope to another tree close by. I recommend doing
that if possible because the stake might not be planted firmly enough into the ground depending on the soil conditions.

How to Make an Outdoor Camping Shower

Many people view camping as a very enjoyable experience. However, it is not complete without a camping shower. Do you want to learn how to make your camping shower? It is very easy to make and can be a great experience for you. In making outdoor camping showers, you are going to need the following materials; pipes, drills, buckets, tarp made of plastic PVC pipes and three-way connectors. Once the materials are ready, here are the steps necessary to finish your very own outdoor camping showers;The Steps

Step 1: Attach the pipes to the three-way connectors. Doing so will create your showers’ tops and bases.

Step 2: The next thing that you must make is the sides of the camp showers. To finish the task, you must use your five feet PVC pipes. You can now see that the frames of your camp showers are formed.

Step 3: Wrap the frames with plastic tarps.

Step 4: With the use of the tie backs, attach the shower’s frames to the plastic tarps.

After these steps are accomplished, your outdoor camping showers are now ready to use. You might be wondering if you can create a camp shower that is capable of providing heated water. This is possible. You can make a one that can provide warm water and another that produces cold water. Making these two types of camping showers is not difficult to do as long as you have all the necessary materials and follow the steps in creating them.

Cold Water Hookup

Let us first learn how to make a cold water outdoor camping shower. The materials that you will need are the following; sturdy rubber bands, medical tubing that is made of rubber, knife, rope and a spray bottle which has a 1-gallon capacity. The first step that you need to follow in making a cold water camping shower is to get a knife. Look for the hose that is connected to the bottle and cut it using your sharp knife. After that, search for the other end of the hose. You will find that is connected to the spray nozzle. Use your knife and cut it as well. The purpose of cutting the hose is that the rubber medical tubing will be the one to take its place.

Get your rubber bands and use them to wrap the parts at the location that the rubber medical tubing was attached. Now, put some water in the bottle using the pump. Always check for leaks in the connections to prevent the water from escaping. After you can learn how cold water camping showers are made, it is time for you to learn how to make one that is capable of providing warm water.

Hot Water Hookup

All the steps are just almost the same. The only difference is that warm water camping showers need the sun’s heat to be able to produce heated water. You can achieve warm water by using a stove. Get your bottle and store the warm water there. Just follow the steps mentioned earlier in creating a cold water camping shower, and the result will be a warm water camping shower.

Creating your camp showers isn’t hard to do with these easy to follow steps. Learning how to make your own camping devices can be very beneficial because not only are you able to add something to your knowledge but you can also save a lot of money.

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