The rangefinder is a device that measures the distance and other characteristics of an object using a laser. To do this, he uses the principle of flight time; the rangefinder sends a laser pulse in a narrow beam to a target and, depending on the target reflection time and the return time, the distance can be obtained. Rangefinders are popular among hunters, in various sports and with military personnel. We have researched and reviewed of the best hunting rangefinder from our pick.


Some models provide feedback on the release of the shot so that the user can be certain that nothing will interfere with his target. This can be particularly important for the military, as they use their rangefinder for life and death issues, and cannot afford to shoot the wrong target. Some also have high definition optics, which allows the user to examine their target closely on a small screen. Hunters and the military benefit from models that determine whether an object moves or not, and at what speed.

People who use a bow and arrows need a model with integrated tilt/decay technology and so military rangefinder is a good choice. This will take into account different shooting angles when calculating the distance. Night hunters need a laser rangefinder with an adjustable display screen for different lighting conditions. Some act as night vision devices, with a brightness control technology that provides eye contrast, changing with the surrounding light conditions.

The History Of Rangefinders

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