Best Red Dot Scopes Reviews for Hunters

10 Best Red Dot Scopes Reviews for Hunters [ Guide 2022]

Whether you shoot an AR-15, a bullpup, a SBR, an AK, or even a bullpup SKS – you know the importance of good optics on your rifle.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25
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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Rifles cope
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Red Dot sights are an incredibly important tool in the serious hunter’s arsenal…..

…. Red Dot scopes are particularly favored by hunters for their visual superiority when keeping eyes on your prey.

Basically what a red dot scope does is produce a single red dot that points at the target you are aiming at.

Once the scope is sighted in that red dot (occasionally green for day light shooting) becomes your cross hairs and if you don’t jerk or your target move at the wrong time it is deadly.

While you can get a magnified red dot scope the unmagnified tends to work better and are more powerful.

What is Red Dot Scope?:

Red dot scope naturally one kind of magnifying scope. It gives an illuminated red dot sign while you firing or using. And the rifle scope must be with the correct rifle scope.

And it can usually give power to the fringe boundaries. Zooming facilities like other products will not be available, and for this reason, many people call it optic rather scope.

Understanding! What is the best red dot sight and what it does?

What is the best red dot sight and what it does

The Red Dot Sight is an optical device that is used to help improve your accuracy and shot.

It makes shooting easier as it provides a red dot that the shooter can use to aim at the target and make sure that they make the right shot.

What you need to understand is that this accessory is a bit hard to use. It’s not as easy as just aiming and shooting.

There’s a lot more at play. There are some settings, adjustments and other factors that need to be considered when using it or getting one.

The best red dot sight normally uses non-magnifying reflectors to display the dot that you see through the lens.

Some sights (the more advanced ones) use additional lenses to help eliminate the problem of parallax that plagues many sights. Now that you know about red dot sights let’s look at the types of red dot sights.

Different types of red dot sights

There are basically two types of red dot sights.

Electronic sights

Electronic sights and battery free sights. Electronic sights are the modern variety and have gotten better with time.

These sights provide a number of features compared to their counterparts and the more expensive ones can last for a long time without need of charge.

Battery free sight

The other kind of sight is a battery free sight. They are also known as reflex sights and don’t have any form of electronics/wires on them.

This might be a problem as issues such as lighting can’t be adjusted on these kinds of sights. It’s important to note that its used of tritium does help in providing low light capability.

There are some things you need to know if you are to use these sights. One of these things is the tube effect. Let’s look into that further.

The Tube effect

This effect might occur as a problem for some users of the red dot sight. It tends to occur when you place your eyes too close to the sight.

This effect would normally cause some part of the image to appear blocked as you look through the lens. The good news is that there are some corrections measures to avoid this problem.

Going for the high-end sights will usually help reduce this problem as they tend to be free of parallax issues after a certain given distance.

If this is not a choice for you, then you can try to ensure that you position your eyes farther from the sight.

If you can also try to get a sight with no tube or a short tube to help reduce/minimize this problem.

This is definitely a drawback that you’ll experience, but let’s also look at some of the advantages of using the best red dot sight.

Why you should use the best red dot sight?

There are some reasons as to why you should use a red dot sight on your fire arm. They are as follows:

High quality red dot sight

Good performance – The best red dot sight offers an advantage of providing better performance when compared to optical scopes in the lower price range. You don’t need to spend much on this accessory and you can still expect for it to serve you well. This is a different story when you look
at optical scopes at the same range.

Safety – This again is in comparison to say sights that use holographic technology. The afore mentioned sights can be very damaging to the eye if the lens was to ever crack. This is not a problem you can expect to experience with red dot sights.

Lightweight red dot sight

Light weight – The best red dot sight tend to be made out of aluminium alloy or aluminium. The material used in its construction has helped reduce the weight of the accessory in comparison to scopes. The sights are made with weight optimization in mind.

Does red dot sight increase accuracy?

Better target acquisition and accuracy – This is the more obvious reason as to why you should use the sight. The red dot sight when used properly will help you acquire targets quicker. On top of that, your accuracy improves when using this sight properly, which is a plus.

Red Dot Sight Vs Magnification scope

Red Dot Sight Vs Magnification scope

The final question that you might be asking yourself is “what should I go for; a magnification scope or a red dot sight?”.

The answer to this question is that it depends with your use and personal preference as well.

With the best red dot sight, you get a lighter product that you’ll get in good quality without paying too much.

This is not the case with a magnification scope, but what you get is some extra zoom capability.

It has to be pointed out that if you’re a fan of red dot sights, then using a magnifier will help add some zoom to the sight. It will make the setup bulkier though.

Editor’s Pick: Predator V3 Micro Red Dot Sight

Predator V3 Micro Red Dot Sight
  • Made with high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • 11 different brightness levels with a 2 MOA red dot
  • scope includes a .83″ riser
  • Including Winchester, Remington, Colt, etc.

Red Dot sights are an incredibly important tool in the serious hunter’s arsenal.

Red Dot scopes are particularly favored by hunters for their visual superiority when keeping eyes on your prey.

For the best shot you can take, Red Dot scopes are preferred by novice and expert hunters alike—with the right calibration, these scopes make taking down big and small game a sure thing.



If you are on a budget, you may be thinking why you should be buying a red dot sight when you already have an iron sight.

So we thought we’d list some of the benefits of a red dot sight over an iron sight.

  • Acquiring a target is faster – Lining up the front and rear sights of an iron sight can be quite time consuming, especially if you are tracking a fast moving target. A red dot sight optic allows faster target acquisition than an iron sight.
  • Eye Relief – Red dot sights often offer unlimited eye relief. This is particularly important when it comes to recoil. Using a red dot sight allows you to keep both eyes open when shooting which will increase your shooting accuracy.
  • Better for Beginners to use a red dot sight – The benefits of zero parallax mean the bullet will hit where the reticle is pointed at. So you will be able to shoot safe in the knowledge that your bullet will hit exactly where you aim for.
  • Red Dot Sights can be used at night – All red dot sights are illuminated which consequently means the sight can be used in low lighting conditions and when darkness falls. This is not possible with a traditional iron sight.
  • Adaptability – Red dot sights can often be compatible with many different different firearms from rifles to pistols to shotguns. The red dot sight can be used for almost any pursuit – from hunting to military to personal defense.

All in all, the points above allow us to come to the conclusion that the red dot sight makes shooting and aiming at a target easier than it would be if you used an iron sight.

For the best shot you can take, Red Dot scopes are preferred by novice and expert hunters alike—with the right calibration, these scopes make taking down the big and small game a sure thing.

Best Value

Vortex Optics Strikefire

Vortex Optics Strikefire II

  • 4 MOA Bright Red Dot
  • Obj Lens: 1 x 30 mm
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 MOA
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.25 x 3.15 in

Best of the best

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

  • 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Obj Lens: 1 x 25mm
  • Field of View : Unlimited
  • Eye Relief (in. / mm): Unlimited
  • Mounting Length (in. / mm): 1.1 / 28


Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Optic

  • Aiming dot size: 2 MOA
  • Obj Lens: 1 x 26mm
  • Field of View: Unlimited
  • Eye relief: Unlimited
  • Length conf: 130 mm (5 1/8″)
  • 4 Night and 6 Daylight brightness settings

The following is a list of the Top 5 Red Dot scopes on the market that is ideal for hunters.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25Available in both Black and Realtree APG Camo, Bushnell’s popular Trophy Red Dot Sight Riflescope (TRS-25, 1 x 25mm) has a tilted amber front lens that uses reflected light create an accurate red dot for ideal sight. 

This is unlike conventional riflescopes as the red dot sight is positioned off-axis—this angle allows the light generated by the battery-powered LED light inside the unit to be reflected back. 

This aiming reference is what makes the modern red dot sight so easy to use and extremely popular among hunters.

This scope by Bushnell uses a 1 x 25mm (1x power and 25mm objective lens) red dot for easy target acquisition and has a 3 MOA, dot-reticle.

The Amber-Bright high contrast lens coating creates the red dot that is reliable for a perfect hunt.

The optics are the highest quality and feature HD clarity of the world around you. The materials are tested extensively to ensure quality and durability.

The 3 MOA red dot sight has 11 brightness settings and unlimited eye relief.

Included in this purchase is Realtree APG camo-clad protective case that is tough, durable, and camouflaged as not to stand out.

The scope is battery powered and includes a CR2032 battery as well as a protective lens cover to keep the amber lens safe from scratching and debris.

The scope itself only weighs 3.7 ounces and measures 2.4 inches long.

Depending on the color chosen, you can buy this Bushnell red dot sight.


Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sights

The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Riflescope incorporates features to maximize the sight’s performance.

The Aimpoint PRO’s front lens was constructed with a special coating, which allows the rifle sight to be used with all types of night vision devices.

The rifle sight’s modular mount includes a removable spacer that indexes the sight at the optimal height for co-witness with the standard iron sights on AR15/M16/M4 carbine-style guns. 

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sights

This spacer can be removed if desired to enable the use of the sight on police shotguns or sub-machine guns.

A two Minute of Angle red dot is utilized to allow maximum accuracy at all distances and under all environmental conditions.

Unique features for the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Riflescope

  • Always ready – always on. Turn it on for up to 3 years using one single battery
  • 2 minute of angle red dot
  • In service date and battery change date, reminders
  • Enhanced speed on target
  • Compatible with all generations
  • Aimpoint 3X Magnifier
  • Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing.
  • Threaded front lens opening allows the use of screw-in anti-reflection device (ARD).
  • Front and rear flip covers keep lenses clean.
  • Transparent rear flip cover allows the use of the sight (with both eyes open) even with both covers closed in an emergency.
  • Battery and adjustment cap retainer straps mean you will never lose your pieces.
  • Modular mount set up for use on flat-top AR15, M4 Carbine, and M16 rifles.
  • Removable spacer
  • QRP2 rail grabber mount
  • Recessed lens openings help prevent against impact damage, fingerprints, and scratches.

Applications for the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Riflescope include: Law Enforcement carbines, rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns.

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Burris Fastfire 3 Review

 Burris 300236 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 8 MOA Sight

  • FastFire 3
  • AbOut company
  • about design
  • Technical Information

The FastFirst 3 is the next generation these sights. The FastFire III version is an upgrade of the very popular FastFire II model.

The Burris FastFire III offers upgraded features over the FastFire II model. Some of the upgrades include windage and elevation adjustments, an easy to use power button that has three brightness settings.

The FastFire Red Dot Reflex sight comes from a line of scopes made by the Burris Company located in Greely, Colorado.

One of the unique qualities of the Burris Company is that they are known for their excellent customer service.

They accomplish their great customer service by always putting themselves in the client’s shoes. They can do this well given that many of their employees are hunters and shooters as well.

FastFire sights are designed to be small, lightweight and durable. All FastFire sights are waterproof and shockproof.

Due to their lightweight design, there are a variety of mounting options to choose from depending on the type of long range rifle or hand gun that you will be using with this sight.

  • Style: Reflex
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Sight Window: 21mm x 15mm
  • Adjustment Range @ 100 yards: 190″
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Dot
  • Reticle color: Red
  • Housing material: Steel
  • Recoil resistance: 1000 G’s
  • Battery Type: (1) CR1632 3V
  • Length: 1.8″
  • Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • Warranty: 1-year factory warranty

The FastFire 3 products are available with either a 3 MOA or 8 MOA dot size. Also, the FastFire offers an automatic brightness setting and three manual brightness settings.

The red dot on this sight can even be seen in bright light like white snow conditions. The automatic setting on sight adjusts nicely to ever changing ambient light conditions.

All you have to do is set the brightness to the “auto” setting, and the sight will do the work for you.

The battery for this sight is mounted on the top of the sight which easy access for changing the battery when needed.

The battery life has been improved in this model compared to previous models. This improvement provides for a super long battery life.

The other adjustments on the FastFire sight are located where they are easy to adjust.

The FastFire III also has a convenient battery access on the top of the sight which makes it easy the change the batteries when needed.

Like the FastFire II, the FastFire III features a rugged steel body construction for extreme durability and is 100% waterproof.

Red Dot Reflex sight is so versatile sight that improves shooting accuracy and target
acquisition time.

The FastFire III can be mounted on several guns including a handgun, shotgun or your favorite hunting rifle. This sight is best suited for use when fast target acquisition is needed like on pistols and AR-15s.

This Burris sight holds zero extremely well, and the click adjustments are so easy to adjust that you barely hear the clicks.

The size of the red dot is just the right size to place on any target.

This Burris sight is a high-end performer that matches the performance of much higher priced sights. One of the nice things about this sight is that small and lightweight, yet it is built to be durable. It can also be used on several different types of guns from pistols to long guns.

This sight can be on a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun, a Ruger Mark III, and on a large caliber handgun like the Ruger Mk111 .22 cal just to name a few guns that can use this sight.

This Burris sight can be purchased at an affordable price that will not bust your budget. You can’t go wrong purchasing this sight because it is one of best sights for the money. I’ve fired 3 top of the food chain red dots in pricing.

Those who have tried higher priced sights will tell you that this latest generation of FastFire is an excellent choice. This sight is affordable and performs like a higher priced sight, so why pay more when you don’t need to.

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GOHIKING Tactical 3-9x40mm Illuminated Rifle Scope

Vokul has created a five-starred laser and red dot scope that features protections and superior construction that is ideal for all hunters.

With a high-optical clarity at 3-9 times magnification and a 40mm objective diameter, this detachable red dot and red laser scope allow for fast acquisition at close quarters and quick moving targets.

GOHIKING Tactical 3-9x40mm Illuminated Rifle Scope

The Reticle can be illuminated in both red and green as well as in multiple brightness intensities.

With high-quality construction and design, this aluminum constructed sight with the hard anodized finish is durable and reliable for extensive outdoor use.

This Vokul is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof, with compact red laser sight with the switch.

The red holographic dot is perfect to capture fast moving targets such as deer, and the red laser is detachable for hunters who want to fly under the radar.

This weather and shockproof scopes are 20 ounces in weight and larger than your typical scope at 12.5” x 3” x 3”.

However, while larger than some other more compact sights, this Vokul tactical rifle scope is the perfect attachment for expert hunters.

It contains a type 5 MOA brightness control as well as a 22mm aperture for superior sight. This Vokul uses a CR2032 battery, which is included with your purchase.

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AIM Sports Red Dot Sight with 4 Different Reticles

Aim Sports Red Dot Sight with 4 Different Reticles

AIM Sports is a brand that offers hunters a cost-effective alternative to more expensive scopes. The AIM Sports Red Dot sight has 4 different reticles and works just as well sights that cost two to three times as much.

This popular scope features a durable anodized aluminum and is waterproof as well as shock-proof. It contains an open red dot sight with elevation and wind adjustments. There are 4 different reticle patterns to choose from and 7 brightness settings.

AIM Sports features a 1x magnification, 24 x 34 objective diameter, 33mm objective aperture, 3-inch length, and is only 4.2 ounces in weight.

This lightweight and compact red dot scope is easy to carry in your hunting pack or simply mount it on any standard weaver rail base.

For only $$$ (60% off of retail price), Amazon offers one of the best deals for hunting scopes on the market.

Aim Sports Red Dot Sight

Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles

 Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight

Field Sport’s Green and Red Reflex Sight is another versatile and affordable alternative to larger, more expensive red dot scopes.

This open scope features 4 reticles to choose from, depending on your preferences and is a perfect choice for rapid-firing and fast moving targets.

This lightweight scope is water-resistant and shockproof, so it will be great for outdoor use and will not break if dropped.

These features enhance your performance as a hunter in any environment and climate conditions.

The 4 available reticle patterns offer you unlimited eye-relief and corrected parallax.

The built-in Picatinny mount base makes for easy mounting, and by using an Allen head screw, you can make windage and elevation adjustments with a locking screw.

By adjusting the focus of the scope as well as distance and brightness of lights, you can get a clear reticle for a superior hunt.

This affordable red dot scope by Field Sport can be found on Amazon for an incredible price of only $$.

This is excellent for hunters on a budget and expert hunters who already have the skill and only want an open scope that is affordable and durable.

 Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight


Best Red Dot  BSA RD30 30mm 5 MOA

BSA are well known for making budget, yet high quality red dot sights. BSA has built a solid reputation for it’s excellent pro ducts that it makes.

If you want a red dot sight which will help you aim better down range, this model from BSA could be for you.

The reticle with this scope is 5 minute of angle (MOA). This makes it ideal for close quarter combat and for shooting at the range. Although it wouldn’t be suitable for long distance shooting.

The thirty millimeter objective lens allows an excellent field of view. It weights around five ounces and has length of just over four inches which makes it quite portable.

A unique feature of this sight is the integrated “sun shade” which reduces glare and allows you to use the red dot sight in bright conditions.

The BSA red dot sight can be mounted on 3/8 and 5/8 rails so it is compatible with most rifles on the market these days.

The sight comes fitted with windage & elevation buttons that are allow 0.5 minute of angle adjustments to allow you to zero in with the utmost accuracy.

And priced at around the $30 mark, you will get a lot of equipment for the money, making it one of the best cheap red dot sights for you for the money.

BSA RD30 30mm Red Dot 5 MOA


Best Rifle Scope 5 MOA Dot Reticle

Like the BSA red dot sight above, this sight comes with a five minute of angle (MOA) reticle.

Tasco has slowly been building a solid reputation for producing high quality budget red dot sights. It has a 3o millimeter objective lens which produces a more than adequate field of view.

It is slightly smaller than the BSA model above but weighs a little more. The neat matte black finish of the tubing makes the red dot sight look sleek and professional, aswell as quite low profile.

The reticle is controlled by a twistable 11 stage knob on top of the red dot sight. Like the BSA model, it allows you to make fine adjustments from windage and elevation with these knobs aswell.

Zero parallax is available up until 50 yards so it’s ideal for close quarter combat and shooting, but a little difficult for long distance shooting.

Tasco Red Dot 1 x 30mm Rifle Scope 5 MOA Dot Reticle

NC Star DRGB135, Tactical Red Dot Weaver Mount

NcSTAR DRGB135 Tactical Red Dot

Experienced and new shooters and hunters will be well aware of the NcStar brand.

Our review team have always been impressed with their excellent red dot sights they produce, and this particular model is no different.

This model is certainly better than the Tasco and BSA red dot sights, but with this comes a slightly bigger price tag. But with this, you will get a 3 minute of angle (MOA) reticle which is ideal for slightly longer distance shooting.

The color of the dot can be switched been the traditional red and green, depending on what environment you are shooting in.

Red is more ideally suited to outdoor pursuits while green is ideal for the shooting range and in low light conditions.

It is double the weight of the BSA and Tasco models above, despite being the same length. It comes with a standard 30 millimeter objective lens which offers an excellent field of view.

A unique feature of this sight is the cantilever mounting system which comes included. This allows the red dot sight to be mounted off the rail itself. Many shooters prefer this, especially when it comes to flat top rifles.

NC Star Red Dot Weaver Mount

How To Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting | Live Proven Process

How to sight in a red dot scope without shooting? do you have any idea about this topic? let’s start this section. hunting is very creative and entertaining if you are interested in this section. recently huge expert shooters used this. Shotgun, Pistol,  Are to Sniper. for this reason, this red dot scope is very popular at recent times. 

We are discussing for a few days with some of the expert people. sometimes we got some problem sighting in a red dot scope while not firing perfectly.

So when we saw this problem we decided that we have to fix this issue and we have completed the perfect solution about How to sight in a red dot scope without shooting. if you want to fix this problem just stay with us here. 

But before discussing the main topic here, we will discuss some basic important things, because these issues are very important.

How to use a red dot sight?

The red dot sights are usually mounted along the barrel of the firearm using the rail space. It should be set at the right position in order to have a clear field of view. Adjust the settings until you get a perceptible red dot. Then, adjust the brightness of the red dot according to the lighting conditions in which you are shooting. Set the red dot on the aim point accurately and you are ready to shoot.

How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope Without Shooting

When you want to use Operating a gun with a red dot it’s so difficult. if you have perfect skills and practices so it’s not hard. have to keep this all necessary technique that exactly needs for this equipment.

We are suggesting that you can follow this our necessary steps and get the proper idea about this topic and grow skill nowhere.

First work

if you are an expert about this topic so it’s not necessary for you, that people are intermediate and beginner, should be careful of these tips. must follow this lesson.

Red Dot and paperwork are usually interconnected. There is a lot of importance in balancing your balance, balance, and alignment. And your rifle scope is always related to the perfect rifle scope.

Target And Distance Fixing

You have to prepare about your target, distance process, it’s very important to archive success. Expert is different for the people, but for those who are new to this, it is very easy to use in 25-30 yards in the first phase. And if he wants to reach 50, then he has to practice a minimum of 2 weeks.

100 yards is the minimum distance for an expert shooter with zeroing to be a better one. But few riflemen can easily cover the distance to 200 to 250 yards also.

Importance of the following portion

  • Practice on an open field
  • Use unloaded gun
  • Take professional help in practice time
  • Eye rest is important
  • Get board not animal
  • Practice in the day time

Due to many obstacles, learning how you might miss your target. So this presentation just for you. We have covered here details resources for how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting.

I hope you have cleared your requiring about this topic through our valuable resources. it will be helpful in your working moment. so try to learn with us.

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