Vont Ultimate Survival Kit

Vont Ultimate Survival Kit [Honest Review & Buyer Guide]

There will always be fire to light up the camp and make adventurous stories come alive. But the modern explorer must have essential lights to survive not just in the wild but wherever he is on Earth.

And light’s supposed to be a fundamental need that we just don’t seem to appreciate until an emergency arises after dark. So, it’s good to have a survival kit dedicated to lighting for all kinds of scenarios. Something you can hold, wear, or hang and instantly use for whatever surprise the great outdoors has waiting for you.

Powerhouse Lighting Pack for Survival and Outdoor Adventures

Vont Ultimate Survival Kit

Vont’s Ultimate Survival Kit includes a Blaze flashlight, a Spark headlamp, and the LED Camping lantern. But since each product comes in two, you will get six powerful lights in one bundle.

These ultra-bright lights are compact, water and drop resistant, and long-lasting. They’re made with military-grade materials and manufactured with a precision design for the ultimate durability, functionality, and reliability.

You can use these for cave explorations, mountain hikes, camping adventures, and other outdoor activities, and enjoy in the safest way.

These lights also double as urgent lighting in case of power outages, car breakdowns, stormy nights, and medical emergencies. Here’s more about the three powerful lighting gear included in the kit:

Blaze Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)

Blaze Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)

No shocker here, but a tactical flashlight is your best bet for emergency lighting. Vont’s Blaze Tactical Flashlight is dubbed as “The Dream Flashlight” by rave reviews because it’s everything you need in a handy light.

The high lumens can light up an entire road or mountain on the darkest of nights. And with 20,000+ hours of led life span, it has undeniably incredible battery life.

This 2-pack flashlight is robust, water-resistant, and ultra-portable, and with the same tactical light settings that the U.S. Special Forces use, it’s more than camping gear.

Spark Headlamp (2 Pack)

Spark Headlamp (2 Pack)

Spark Headlamp is a great go-to hands-free light for when you need both hands and a moveable light. Featuring super-bright proprietary LEDs, it can vividly light up your space even in pitch darkness.

The batteries with twice the battery life of competitors are included for your convenience. You can toggle through the seven light modes (including red light) with a quick and easy, single button press.

It’s a comfy camping gear that can also fit kids with its ergonomic 45° tilt, so you don’t ever strain or crane your neck. Spark Headlamp is IPX5 Waterproof and tested to be virtually indestructible in extreme weather conditions.

Vont LED Camping Lantern (2 Pack)

Vont LED Camping Lantern (2 Pack)

It’s best used in camping, but Vont’s 2 Pack LED Lantern is a great must-have for power interruptions and natural disasters.

Having a lantern you can easily grab is something invaluable. Since it’s equipped with 30 brilliant LEDs, it can cut through 360 degrees of darkness on the stormiest, darkest nights.

The batteries are included and last over 90 hours, which’s 3x longer than any other lantern in the market. Vont LED Camping Lantern’s patented collapsible design dims and brightens the light as you collapse or expand it. It’s lightweight enough to easily fit your backpack and super portable that it’s as small as your phone.


Vont’s Ultimate Survival Kit stands in line with Vont’s reputation for producing essential outdoor gear that not just looks good but gets the job done.

Trusted by military forces and rescue professionals around the world, you have that assurance that it will last a long time. And it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

All in all, this ultimate survival kit is not solely for what its name suggests but just may be the handiest lighting pack for your everyday needs.

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