5 Best Leg Holsters Reviews – Buyer Guide 2020

A man looking for a good holster for his gun sure isn’t going to be short on options. Before you even get into the pros and cons of particular models you’re going to have to decide what style holster you want in the first place — how you want to wear it.

One of the more popular and stylish choices is a leg holster, also known as tactical or thigh holster. These types of holsters are popular with military and police, giving you a nice edge to your appearance if they’re what you end up choosing.

Leg holsters offer a range of benefits so it’s hard to go too far wrong if this is your holster of choice: especially once you’ve read through our guide on the what’s-and-why’s of picking the best one for you.


Top Rated 5 Leg Holsters

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster (Gen II)

This is a well-built, lightweight product that won’t break the bank. Design-wise it’s a bit on the basic side but that doesn’t mean it’s a basic product. This leg holster is universal and can be adjusted to hold just about any small- to medium pistol.

At an eye’s glance it’s a sturdy piece of work. Good news is that it comes in a variety of colors. You’ve got black, green, army digital camo, and woodland digital camo models.

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster - Gen II

It uses two metal snaps to keep the pistol in place and they exactly what you could hope they’d do. They hold your pistol in securely but if you’re trying to give it a quick draw, you’ll have no problem getting it out in one smooth motion.

Besides your pistol, the holster has a pair of loops on the front and back of the main holster section. These are made of reinforced nylon elastic and have held their tension almost perfectly for me after a couple months of use.

I’ve heard from some of my vet buddies that they’ve taken this with them on Iraq tours over their standard military issue. It’s lighter, more durable, and still just as fast on the draw. Hard to go wrong with this one when you have that kind of endorsement.

The UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster is a great product and that extends all the way through its price. You can pick up one of these bad boys for just $20! I’d pay twice as much for one and still consider it a good deal, so don’t hesitate to grab one if it’s what you’re looking for.

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster - Gen II

Why Leg Holsters?

Let’s do a quick run-through of what you’re getting when you decide to pick up a leg-holster.

Military Tie-In

Leg holsters have a long history of associations with military and other martial forces. There are a few reasons for that. First off, a gun that rests on your thigh doesn’t interfere with body armor or any other uniform you might be wearing.

Second of all, your hand reaches the gun more naturally, since a well-slung leg holsters rests at about hand level. And third of all (this one’s a little outdated now) leg holsters made for a more natural draw while sitting on horseback.

Also, your standard modern leg holster will attach with a PALS grid, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System. In English, that’s a sort of web of straps that sit comfortably on your leg and securely hold the holster in place.

It’s an innovation originally invented by US Military research scientists! So, if you’re going for an intimidating military sort of look, look no further! You’ve found your perfect holster.


What keeps a leg holsters popular today ties into all of the above with a few extra aspects. While it’s true that the “cool” aspect lent to leg holsters by military use certainly helps their sales, there’s more to it than that.

Consider that any weight worn below the hip uses less energy to lug around. Not a huge concern for your average citizen, but if you’re going to be carrying your handgun around for long stretches of time, it’s worth keeping in mind.

Another big plus is comfort. Leg holsters wear more naturally while you’re sitting down.


One possible disadvantage is that they can sometimes be a little hard to conceal. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on your particular holsters and what you’re using it for. Hunters, have no fear! But if you’re looking for something to wear downtown for an evening at the movies, make sure you pick your model carefully.

Not that that’s always the case! Just call to mind any bond girl who keeps her pistol strapped to her thigh! If you get the right model, a leg holster can hide your gun as well if not better than any other style. It’s all in how you wear it.

They’re great for vehicle use though, and if for some reason you have to go for your gun while you’re on the road, they’ll offer you a quick natural draw.

Unique Look

When it really comes down to it, the best reason to pick a leg holster is because you want to wear one! They have a unique appearance among holsters, and if they’re your thing, might add a little bit of swagger to your walk.

Now that you’ve made up your mind that a leg holster is the way to go, let’s look at our five favorites and what makes them stand out.

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