Cooking the fish

Basics of Cooking Fish At a Campsite

Are you planning to catch your fish while camping in the outdoors?

Catching a fish requires a bit of skill and practice. While you can have fresh seafood delivered to home, some people prefer to catch their own.

If you are at a campsite, cooking fish requires a little bit of knowledge and skill.

Cooking fish over a campfire does not take a long time.

Cooking Fish At a Campsite

With these few tips, you can cook your fish expertly using a limited number of items.

Setting up the fire

To cook the fish, you can set a campfire. You can also use coal and place a grill over it. If you are starting a fire, you will require wood and other materials. Also, make sure to protect the fire from the wind and draughts.

Cleaning the fish

After catching the fish, you need to clean it and gut it thoroughly. For this, you require a freshwater source. Clean the outside of the fish to remove slime, bacteria, and other debris. Then, clean the scales of the fish.

A knife is sufficient for this. Use scraping motion to clean the scales. Wash the fish after. Remove the intestines, liver, and other organs. Make sure to wash the blood to remove bacteria.

You do not require a lot of tools to clean the fish. A fillet knife is enough for removing scales and gutting the fish.

Cooking the fish

Cooking the fish

There are various ways to cook fish at a campsite. You can grill it in a foil or over a traditional grill. You can also fry the fish or boil it. It depends on how you like your fish cooked.


To grill the fish, you can start a campfire or use a charcoal grill. For seasoning, you can use lemon and pepper. Then cover the fish in foil and cook it for five minutes on each side. The fish is ready.


Set up a fire, and pour some water in a pan. Let it come to a boil, and then add fish. You can add seasonings, such as onions and garlic.

Let the fish remain in the water for some time (five minutes). Check if the fish is cooked using a knife or fork. If it is not, let it boil for a few more minutes. If the water is drying up, add about a half cup of water to the pan. When it turns white and shreds with a fork and knife, you can take the pan off the heat.


Season the fish with lemon, peppers, salt, and garlic (for flavor). Add about an inch of oil to the pan, and let it heat for a few minutes. Place the fish in the oil carefully, without letting the oil spill. Let the fish cook for a few minutes on each side until it turns golden brown.

Apart from these methods, you can also cook the fish by skewering it and cooking it over a campfire. You can also bake it in clay. However, it may take a longer time. The method you use for cooking depends on your preference.


Before cooking at a campsite, make sure that you have the relevant tools. Also, if you can, practice at home before cooking at a campsite.

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