How to Find the Best Fly Fishing Nets

Fly fishing is steadily growing in popularity. From 2018 to 2019 alone, fly fishing grew by about 100,000 people. Do you also find fly fishing fascinating? With the help of the right equipment, you can enjoy this activity to the fullest. One of the essential gear you need is a net.

Consider the below factors to find the best fly fishing net:

How to Find the Best Fly Fishing Nets

Durable Frame

Wood and metal are the most popular choices for net frames. Wooden frames give a beautiful traditional look. However, it would help if you made sure that it comes with high-quality hardwood. Additionally, it must be treated and sealed to prevent any damage from the sun and water.  

Metal frames are also a great option if you are looking for lightweight yet durable nets. They usually remain sturdy for a longer duration. Fiberglass and aluminum net frames are also quite solid and light.

Comfortable Grip

You need to ensure that you get a firm yet comfortable grip while handling fly fishing nets. Fiberglass and aluminum nets usually come with some grip on their handle. It makes sure to prevent the net from slipping because of your wet hands.

Generally, wooden nets do not come with a grip. They do, however, have curved handles. This feature enables you to get a much better angle while dipping your net into the water for catching the fish. 

Hoop Shape

There are several hoop shapes available for nets. You can choose from circular, teardrop, oval, and elongated oval shapes. There is no definite shape that performs better than the others. However, it also relies on your personal preference.

If you find working with circular nets or teardrop nets better than the others, you can always choose it without hesitation. However, make sure to select the one that feels functional with the fish that you target.

Net Size

Size is another important consideration when you choose your fly fishing net. The ideal size depends on the type of fish you aim to catch. A shorter net is better while fishing at creeks and on smaller rivers.

Meanwhile, more extended nets work well when you use a raft or boat. The additional length can also be advantageous when you seek to catch fish from a higher level over the water.


Another essential factor to consider while purchasing fly fishing nets is the price. The ones that are better crafted usually cost higher. Most wooden traps can easily go up to three-digit figures. However, they assure good quality as well as higher durability.

Fiberglass and aluminum nets come at a much lower cost. They also bring along some good durability and efficiency features. You can choose the ones that fit your budget. It is essential to make sure that you get what you pay for.

Fly fishing nets can ensure that your fishing session goes well. It allows you to catch the fish efficiently. For the best results, you need the right fly fishing net. By looking out for the above factors, you can pick some of the best fly fishing nets for your next trip. 

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