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9 Best camping pillows Reviews & Buyer Guide 2022

The meaning of “Camping” is something which we enjoy, and most of us have a great experience in our life.

Best camping pillows Reviews

It gives us a great chance to explore nature, and to bond with friends and family, but it helps to give us relax and escape from our business as well job from the outside world.

We need sleeping while we go for camping, sometimes it needs extra for us to get a nice night’s sleep, that’s why best camping pillows come in limelight.

It helps to make our campsite feel like at our home.

Now it is a question, is it easy to select a good and efficient camping pillow which is the best camping pillow also?

There are lots of different types of camping pillows available in the world market.

It is difficult for general people to find out the most efficient and best camping pillows for their personal use. 

The choices depend on your ability with comfortability.

Usually rich people don’t think about the price of camping pillows, but generally, people must think about the price of the products as well as utility.

The price of the camping pillows may vary depending on the brand you want to buy. Now I am going to discuss some best camping pillows, these are:

Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

If you want to move from one place to another regularly, then you will have to select this compact and lightweight inflatable pillows.

It ensures you a comfortable sleep. This luxurious high-quality pillow has lightweight and size is not bulk.

The pillowcase outer shell has the maximum softness and it is supported by a TPU bladder. It is available in regular sizes and shapes.

If you are really trying to lighten up and conserve precious real estate in your backpack, then this is for you. It is well worth it for the comfort, space savings, and super fast deflation.

It is working good for what it is but always flattened out by the morning time.

So This pillow has been a total game changer for sleeping outdoors on the ground And one of the best camping pillow.


  • It has brushed 50D polyester knit which is durable and soft.
  • The top material is comfy and soft.
  • The TPU bladder can increase comfort and wicks away our perspiration.
  • The curved internal baffles can create contours that may cradle our head.
  • We can use the multifunctional valve to inflate this pillow in just a couple of breaths.
  • It has a stuff sack.


  • It is prone to punctures which can’t be easily repaired.  Although This pillow looks great on the shelf it has a mine punctured very quickly. The problems occur when we try and fix it. We have to cut the cover away as we can’t stick a patch on the fuzzy outer cover. Inside this pillow, cheap plastics have been used which makes it so prone to puncture and destructive to fix.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

TREKOLOGY Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

This camping pillow ensures us a sound sleep in outdoors so we are always ready for our next adventures.

This air pillow is deflectable and inflatable which is convenient to carry. It is designed to ensure our head and neck support.

If you need a good night sleep, then you will have to purchase this camping pillow.

This pillow is made of 80% Polyester and 20% TPU.  

It contours around our neck and head and providing unsurpassed support of our desired sleep position.

Whether it is used for a long camping trip or just a vacation, we can sleep as if we are at home! As a customer review, we found its one of the best camping pillow.


  • It is small in size but big on comfort. It is the lightweight and most compact inflatable camp pillow in the market.
  • We can fold down to 5×2 inches. It is smaller than a soda can. It Inflates to a comfortable pillow for our head and lumbar support.
  • We can deflate back down it in only seconds.
  • This pillow can easily be carried in our pocket or backpack for convenient access.
  • The weight of this pillow is 78g which is lighter than a can of Coke.
  • It is newly designed with our ultimate comfort in our mind.
  • This pillow has improved the ergonomic design with a great neck support for a good night’s sleep during the period of travel.
  • This pillow is easy to use.
  • We can sleep well without worry.
  • This travel pillow is the perfect travel companion in our life.
  • It has a slip-resistant design.
  • It is available with air inflatable sleeping pads.
  • The manufacturing company ensures its lifetime warranty, so we can buy it without hesitation.


  • Some people tell it as uncomfortable, they would not recommend for all.

TREKOLOGY Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

Exped Air Pillow, Medium

Exped Air Pillow

If you want to travel light and compact, you probably won’t find much better than this product, although it is on the pricey side for what it is.

This is an air-filled pillow made out of a synthetic fabric. The feel against the skin is better than plastic or rubber, but otherwise, it’s basically a durable, shaped balloon.

We use it in a cheap cotton pillowcase – even the “large” pillow is small compared to normal pillows people use at home.

When packed away, it’s tiny, about half the size of our fist, or about the size of a typical pill bottle, or a rolled up cheap sock (not the really thin ones…) The weight is insignificant.

It is featured with 2 low profiles. Flat vales are used for deflation and inflation.

This pillow is available in 3 sizes, these are Extra Large: 2 x 6 in., Large: 2 x 5.5 in. and Medium: 2 x 5 in.


  •  It is superbly comfortable lightweight Air Pillow.
  • This pillow has Comfortable tricot fabric.
  • Soft polyester tricot fabric is suitable for our skin
  • It has an adjustable height for back and side sleepers.
  • It has an anatomical shape holds the head in right place.
  • This pillow has a Sturdy flat valve for inflation and deflation (using deflation pin).
  • It has 2 grommets.
  • The stuff sack is included with this.
  • It has 50 D Polyester micro aufgerauht and TPU Polyether Film Laminate.
  • It is Hydrolyse-resistant.


  • Some people didn’t find this pillow to be all that comfortable.
  • The second valve seems to be overkill and we really don’t need another piece of gear to inflate and patch.
  • For 3 ounces more weight and half the price you could have a real (stuffed) pillow that is infinitely more comfortable.
  • We ended up moving on to REI’s compressible pillow. It’s more comfortable, feels “homier,” and takes up no room by virtue of the fact that it fits in our sleeping bag and
    stuff sack.

Exped Air Pillow

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Pillow

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self-Inflating Pillow

If we go to summer camp, it helps to put our head with this Comfortlite Self-Inflating Pillow from TETON Sports.

This self-inflating camp pillow fills and deflates quickly through the twist lock valve, which allows us to adjust all firmness.

This TETON Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Pillow is comfortable, and the bottom is covered with a non-slip fabric to keep it in the right place.

A stuff sack is given for storage. This pillow is great for campers, backpackers road trips, military, commuters, and airplane rides.

The pack size is 12.5″ x 3″ x 3″. The overall weight of the pillow is 12 ounces. We can keep it in the car which is suitable for sleepy travelers.


  •  It is self-inflating camping/travel pillow.
  • This pillow is durable but soft.
  • There is an Organic cotton top feels soft against our face.
  • It has Grey non-slip bottom which can keep the pillow in the right place.
  • It has a high-quality construction. We will get Same high-quality construction in other TETON Sports gear.
  • This pillow is easy to clean. We can wipe off with a warm wet cloth, if necessary we can use a small amount of mild soap then rinse clean.
  • The manufacturing company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It ensures our comfortable night’s sleep.
  • It is available in many colors.
  • This Self-inflating pillow comes to full thickness quickly.
  • This Non-slip heavy-duty base keeps the pillow in right place.


  • Some people found it to be uncomfortable for sleeping.
  • We found that the fabric tore easily while compressing and washing.
  • Few people found difficulties in expelling all the air out when they wanted to pack it up.

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self-Inflating Pillow

Nemo Equipment Fillo Pillow

Inflatable Camp Pillow for Backpacking or Travel

The award-winning Nemo Equipment Fillo Pillow is available with clever design to an often-overlooked piece of gear.

It is a humble camp pillow.

This is redesigned the classic pillow, which is used as a combination of a baffled air cell. It is equipped with thick a soft and luxury foam.

It has a washable jersey or microsuede cover.

This pillow is soft like our pillow at home. We feel big when cradling our head but packs surprisingly small.

The stuff sack is the size of a russet potato and the weight is few ounces.  It is small enough to carry into our backcountry.

It is great for adventures. We can keep it on an airplane or in a long road trip.  We can use it as lumbar support.


  • Adjustable comfort – It combines luxury foam with air insulation. It is fully adjustable to our desired firmness and height. 
  • It is light & compact. The overall Weight is about 9 oz and packing is smaller than a water bottle, We won’t have to sacrifice enough space for comfort.
  • This pillow is machine washable – The pillowcase is easily removed for washing. The Solid colors have microsuede covers. The striped covers are jersey knit.
  • It has integrated stuff sack which can protect the surface from ever-invasive camp dust if we don’t in use.
  • This pillow has the multipurpose design – It has been designed for camping, the pillow is also perfect for lumbar support on car trips and flights.
  • The manufacturing company supplies it with a handy accessory for outdoor concerts such as picnics, or the camping.


  • Some people found it to be uncomfortable after a while.
  • The pillow is not self-inflating. However, inflation is simple and easy to accomplish. Consumers will need to use the nozzle to inflate.

Inflatable Camp Pillow for Backpacking or Travel

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping

It is known as compact, Comfortable travel and camping pillow. This Compressible Pillow is perfect for everyone from car campers to international travelers. The foam of the pillow is sourced from a reliable source. It is soft and expanded into a big pillow.

The XL size of the pillow is 16.5 x 27 inch. We can get home like comfort whatever we are. This pillow is treated as a true companion during the period of travel. It is ideal for them who are expecting a great sleep where they go.

It provides enough support which is convenient as well as lightweight for camping, backpacking, trekking, plane travel, car trips, and festivals. It is easy to compress for packing into a small backpack, suitcase, duffel or in tote. It ensures neck, head, and back support. It comes in the world market with a brushed polyester cover which is soft against the skin.


  • It is Machine washable.
  • It is available in 4 sizes.
  • It is made of Polyester.
  • This pillow is Perfect for travelers or campers.
  • The Foam of the pillow expands big and packs small.
  • This product is made in the USA with global and US materials.


  • Some people reported the pillow to lack durability.
  • Some people found this pillow is too heavy.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camping & Travel Pillow

Sometimes we are looking small and lightweight pillow which does not give us weight pain during our camping. As the old saying goes, “ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain” in the world of backpacking. So we can find here is the solution because this pillow is lightweight and small enough to fit in the hood of the sleeping bag. This pillow’s weight only 1.95 oz. and packs to an ultra-compact 4.5” x 2.5”x 1”. Now we can understand why is the reason backpackers choose this one.

Different people love to sleep different height if you have this pillow you can make easily your height just add or release air to raise or lower pillow height and adjust firmness for customized comfort to your level. The X shape of is another points inflatable pillow lovers who want use it as a pillow in a hammock.

Only two or three breaths, the pillow inflates very easily. this pillow can be used while fully inflated because of its “X” design and which also allow
s it to cradle the head securely. The Klymit Pillow X Inflatable is an excellent camp pillow which has a few really great qualities but cons also. here we go:-


  • Lightweight- The Klymit X pillow is very lightweight, Its weight only 1.95 oz which is almost nothing.
  • Adjustability- you can fold it over to give you different support levels.
  • Fabric Durability- Durable 75D at the bottom resists abrasion and punctures, and the lighter 30D top sheds grams and ups softness.
  • Size- It Packs to an ultra-compact 4.5” x 2.5”x 1”;  and easily fit inside a small bags.
  • Camp pillow- Perfect for backpacking when every ounce matters.
  • Easily inflatable – only 2-3 breaths fill it up.
  • Comfortable: Perfect inflatable pillow for camping, backpacking, hunting, and traveling


  • Versatility- The Klymit X doesn’t notably work well for side or tummy sleepers, or for use on planes, trains or automobiles.
  • Comfort- The fabric is not particularly soft or comfortable and the polyester material is fairly crinkly. If you’re a light sleeper, the noise could wake you up.

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camping & Travel Pillow

Camping and Travel Pillow with Bamboo Derived Viscose Rayon Cover

Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Travel and Camping Pillow

Are you back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach sleeper? Funny question? not yet! you can take this pillow which is adjustable firmness and support to your sleeping habit. You will be happy with this pillow’s adjustability, compressible size, and convenient stuff sack. It does not matter where you go, camping or hiking. Because it’s made to keep you cozy through all the way of adventures life.

Luxurious fabric, construction, and technology as its full-size pillows in a compressible travel size which is fully comfortable for users. This pillows dimension is – 19″ x 14″ uncompressed size and- 10″ x 6″ compressed size And It comes with weight – 36 oz, including stuff sack. 

This pillow can be placed in the travel bag and thrown in your carry-on, backpack, car, because its easily packable and can make happy to the traveler who is worried about weight. We found these pillows are always perfect, highly compressible and best camping pillow. Its fit inside the included stuff sack for your covalence and if you want to remove as much foam as you prefer.

You can wash it easily by machine but you have to remember do not bleach or use fabric softener. But before use makes sure the entire pillow is dry. Breathable cover bamboo 40% derived Viscose Rayon and  60%Polyester blend cover is naturally thermal regulating, Which is ensuring a more comfortable and cool sleep through all night, especially for hot sleepers. It also Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite resistant.


  • Comfortable -Pillow features comes with luxurious fabric, construction, and technology which is ensure your comfort.
  • Compressible – This pillow is compressible and fits inside the included stuff sack for your convenience.
  • Safe – Its made from CertiPUR-US Certified foam and also ensure that made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs.
  • Machine Washable – Its can easily wash by cold machine was without bleach or use fabric softener.
  • Custom Fit – If you need a specific type sleeper pillow they can be adjusted to your requirement which is fully fit for you.
  • Support for all – Adjustable firmness and support to suit back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, any sleeping position.
  • Thermoregulating –  Lulltra™ fabric is naturally thermoregulating and ensures comfortable, continuous sleep through the night.


  • it’s quite heavy and unbalanced the washer even though it’s travel size.
  • It has a large logo emblazoned across both sides. some people are not like to every night sleep top of the logo.

 Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Travel and Camping Pillow

Chillax UltraLight Camping Pillow

If you are still looking Inflatable, Comfortable and best camping Pillow? we can give you solution here! which is very soft and comfortable. This pillow is nice fits your head and neck because of its U-SHAPED. It will give you relax during sleeping without causing pressure on the neck. Chillax UltraLight Camping Pillow is constructed from strong water resistant elastic TPU fabric, this ensures its durability and long life.

When can you use this pillow? You are on camping, hiking, backpacking with your family you can use it easily for making your trip more relaxed, even you can put it behind your head when you need a lumbar support and be smarter your journey! In seconds it can be inflated that’s why its called most ultralight and compact inflatable (16 x 12 x 4 inch, when inflating) camping pillow. Most of the user are agree this is the proper size for a comfortable sleeping. the backpacker will be happy with this super small pillow because of its only 4.92 inches when deflated and very lightweight only 2.8 Oz (80g). this is good standard quality and lightweight and compact both come together. is not it?

Sometimes air pillow and air mattress give us a lot of pain when them inflated and deflated. We ensure you this ultralight air pillow is very easy to inflate and deflate. Only need four or five breaths to inflate, first open the double-decked air valve which is top portion and blow air into it.

To deflate, open the bottom of the valve then roll the pillow towards the valve opening. For prevent the air leak, its have a two-way valve which is greatly designed for preventing air leakage. So sleep tensionless when inflating it once during the night. It has also sleep resist material that safe from any kind of sliding incident during sleeping or relaxing. When we get this Chillax UltraLight Camping Pillow, it also comes with a top quality sleeping mask which is super soft and smooth.

Before having this pillow we need carefully read the bullet point of pros and cons otherwise we wast our time to return it. they also offer us if we don’t like they will refund or replace without any question but we have the value of time. So before buy check the pros and the cons-


  • It’s a highly durable camping air pillow.
  • Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or a stomach sleeper? It’s for all of you!
  • Easily inflate and deflate your ChillaX Pillow using the double-decked air valve!
  • The ChillaX Inflatable Pillow is very small, only 4.92 inches (when deflated)
  • Its very Lightweight camping goods (when deflated): only 2.8 Oz (80g)
  • Made of the most high-quality nylon and layered with TPU fabric to enhance the softness and smoothness.
  • It comes with water-resistant and heat-resistant material
  • It also comes with eye relaxer sleeping mask which is super soft.
  • it is machine washable.
  • Only 3 to 5 breaths are required to get a fully inflated
  • To deflate only a single pressing you can do it


  • The pillo
    w is quite small it may not cover your full requirement.
  • Sometimes you will wake up and discovered half deflated because of the slow leak.

The buying guide of best camping pillows

If you are looking for a camping pillow, but at first you will have to think where to start? An ideal pillow is the one that provides our head with support and comfort through our entire night, not only when we first lie down on it. There are several things that we need to keep in mind when we are planning to buy a camping pillow. This section helps to meet all of these requirements. But it will give us an idea of the things to look for when searching for the best camping pillows out there. Most of the manufacturers attempt to provide the camping pillow with different price, shapes, sizes, shapes, and types.


It is an important factor for purchasing a nice and good camping pillow. We must consider the price of the camping pillows. If the price is high, then we must verify our budget. We should not purchase any pillow which is out of our budget.

Types of Pillows

As we know, camping pillows come in the world market in three basic types, these are compressible, inflatable, and hybrid. Now I am going to discuss these types.


Compressible pillows are TETON Sports 12 x 18, the Sierra Designs DriDown Pillow, and Therm-a-Rest Compressible. These are filled with, various foams, down feathers and synthetic fibers, or a combination of these items. The compressible is the softest and is available with resembling a pillow from our bedrooms.  These are more comfortable than the traditional inflatable models. It is needed only to take them out of the stuff sacks.

These are also the easiest to use. It is true that Down feathers are the most compressible, the softest, and most lightweight, but it increases the price of the pillow. Synthetic foam and fiber fills are heavier, firmer, and cost less than the down feathers.

The compressible pillows are heavier than the inflatable pillows, and it is provided less support of our heads. They also took up more space in our backpacks. It is best for outdoor adventures, car camping, lasting for more than a few days.


The inflatable pillows are all filled with air, making them firmer and lighter than the compressible and hybrid pillows. In order to use one, we can unpack it from its stuff sack and easily blow in air through a valve. The thickness of the inflatable pillow, we tested and verified it through the valve. When packing of these pillows into our backpacks, they deflated and folded up into a fraction of the space which is needed by the compressible and hybrid pillows. On the other hand, we got the inflatable to provide the least comfort. They are known as the noisiest pillows, producing the noise as our heads shifted on them. Many people liked them for multi-day backpacking ventures, but these are preferred for car camping.


The hybrid pillows are efficient for travelers. We can create the gap between compressible and inflatable pillows. It has a good top layer for our head to rest comfortably and an inflatable bottom side to expand support while reducing its packed volume. People enjoy the compromise these models provided.  the blue one is the Editors’ Choice-winning Fillo and The REM is on the left in green. 

 A top contender is easy to maintain and use, and not add complication to setting up or packing up camp. Anyone who has packed a backpack knows, it shouldn’t take up much space in our pack, nor weigh us down. There are various types of hybrid camping pillows in the world market, among them, we need to find out the best hybrid camping pillows according to our requirements.

Now it is a question, do we need the best camping pillow? we might not find a pillow to be necessary on camping trips, but it is hard to contest in climbing ropes, folded jackets, and stuff sacks.  If we’ve ever woken up with an achy neck with a full day of hiking or paddling ahead of us, we know that it is a painful annoyance all day long.

For reducing space in our luggage and increased weight in our pack, we can improve the comfort level of camping and cut the chances of waking up feeling like we rode a violent carnival ride. Consider how we spend our nights in the outdoors. Do we primarily camp in parks and designated campsites with parking nearby? Or do we need to reduce space, carrying everything in our pack? Assessing our typical camping situation is essential to finding the best product.

Comfort is related with bigger, heavier pillows and, vice versa, but small lightweight models have lack of comfort. Now we discuss the pillow characteristics to seek for every activity, these are:


It has a different set of characteristics which we are looking for. When we are carrying all of our camping gear in our backpack, size becomes a matter. A few models can take up more space than some sleeping pads, which we want in this situation. That’s why pack weight is very important for travelers. Before purchasing a pillow, we must consider this issue. As we know, many backpackers and thru-hikers sacrifice the luxury of a pillow to cut down the volume and weight of their packs. A nice camping pillow has a low volume and weight, but it is a vast improvement over improvised head support from random pack items during the period of camping.

Car Camping

It is the most common where we spend our nights in the outdoors. It is fun, convenient, and often social. If we go for outdoor or car camping, we need a mice pillow that maximizes our comfort and support. The Therm-a-Rest Compressible is a fantastic choice for our car camping. It is soft, plush, supportive, and super easy to use for car camping. Its size and weight are physical properties that don’t matter when we campsite is a short walk from our vehicle.

The benefit of Buying best camping pillows

Many campers and backpackers will not give a camping pillow the importance that they deserve and most of them believe that it is not very important. But, any seasonal camper uses a nice and efficient camping pillow which will tell us that it is one of those things which can make their camping life comfortable out in the woods and it is vital if we hope to sleep well. Whether we are snoozing in a hammock, a tent, a camping pillow can be very useful. Before we go out to buy a camping pillow, there are some important things that we need to know.

We must understand why we need to have one and its benefits, there are different types of camping pillows on the market and the most important things to consider when wanting the best camping pillow. A camping pillow is an essential item in our vacation that we should include in our bag when we go for camping or backpacking. But why do we need to have one in our camping bag? We must understand that sleeping outdoors will not feel the same as our cozy bed. The ambiance and comfort of our bedroom and bed are important factors when it comes to getting some good night’s sleep. Once we get used to the coziness, it is difficult to sleep without it. Having a great camping pillow will help us fall asleep comfortably and faster.

An efficient camping pillow helps us to release from all types of neck and back pains which are responsible for damaging our body but it can also ruin our outdoor visits for a long time. For example, if we were planning to go hiking or wake up or fishing as we are camping out in the woods neck and back pain can prevent us from doing any of these attractive outdoor activiti
es.  A nice camping pillow can help to prevent some avoidable body aches from ruining our camping experience.

Now we know some of the key reasons why we need to buy a camping pillow when backpacking or camping. But, it is important to grasp some of the benefits that we can get from using this headrest on our outdoor activities. It will help to eliminate the need to carry the massive regular pillows, and it will not add extra weight to our camping backpack. We will not have to keep twisting and turning trying to get a comfortable sleep position in our tent or hammock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ

How do I know if these camping pillows are efficient for tours or not?

  • Answer: It is a great question when we knew this was going to bother some people out there. There are some rangefinders that won’t be allowed on tours because of various reasons. However, almost 90% of camping pillows pass this filter easily which we didn’t mention it. Some camping pillows have some unique contours to support and cradle our neck and head. It can help to ensure that we maintain proper spine alignment to prevent other physical problems.  Camping pillows have the ability to reduce our tiredness when we will get some good rest and will have enough energy to do all our regular camping activities.

How reliable are camping pillows?

  • Answer: It is not out of questions, but we don’t condone it. People have many answers regarding this issue. Most of the time it doesn’t come with enough support with warranties from the manufacturers.

Many high-end camping pillows are not one of them since we paid good money for it. We may want to pay attention to the warranties or Any after-sales security deals like money-back or 30-day return. We must be concerned about this matter.


Camping pillows are the essential item for outdoor visitors. We will have to make sure that we have a comfortable sleep environment if we want to enjoy the great outdoors when backpacking or camping. A camping pillow is the best ways of doing this, and we should never have any difficulties to find out something that works well for us.

Knowing why we need one, there are different types available and some factors to consider when shopping for one will make things easy for us.  And with the reviews of some of the best camping pillows in the market, we should have a great idea of what to buy. if you want to trust our judgments and opinion, then pick our favorite one right from our list of the detailed reviews of the pillows.

We hope people will pick up some very useful and essential information from this review. It is advisable to test and try out before purchase. Now it is your decision to think about it. Always take time to read the customer reviews before you make your purchase. If you aren’t sure which is best, the reviews from customers can tell you a lot about the camping pillow which you want to buy.

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