The Best Essentials for Backpacking

Backpacking through a foreign country can be fun. You’ll get a better taste of the culture than from a guided tour.

You’ll also discover, experience, and get more out of your travels when you’re backpacking.

But before you go, you will need to gear up first. An unprepared journey can often result in a miserable time.

So make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

If you’re unsure of what to bring, here are some backpacking essentials:

A Sturdy BackpackA Sturdy Backpack

Of course, you can’t go backpacking without a backpack! And not just any backpack will do, you need a good pack built to withstand the wear and tear of travelling. Thus, your kid sister’s Barbie school pack is out of the question. Find a pack that’s sturdy.

Although buying from brands that specialize in outdoor activities guarantees that you’ll get a hardy pack, you can also tell if a bag is tough by checking its base material.

One of the toughest materials in the world is carbon fiber—the same material used in manufacturing sports car chassis. The substance is recently seeing applications in other fields, including clothes, accessories, and bags.

Carbon fiber backpacks are lightweight and durable. They’re also stylish as the material creates a unique weave with a modern look. With one, you won’t ever have to worry about appearing haggard or exhausted since your carbon fiber pack will still make you look cool.

A Beverage Flask

A Beverage FlaskCold weather can kill. When you’re backpacking, there will be cases where you can’t find shelter from the cold. One cannot survive long without warmth. In fact, when you’re shivering, you only have approximately three hours before hypothermia silences you . . . forever!

During Roman times, soldiers campaigning to distant lands with unforgiving climates carried canteens of mead (an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey). They drank it to keep their bodies warm.

So do as the Romans do. Bring your poison with you. Contain it in a personalized flask for effect.

A bottle will be burdensome and, thus, not recommended. Whenever you tremble from the cold, take a swill of liquid bravery to warm up your body. That will give you time to seek a warmer place to stay.

That said, do note that the Romans watered down their beverages to avoid getting drunk. Going on a sojourn with a hangover will feel terrible.

A Wide-Brimmed HatA Wide-Brimmed Hat

The opposite to cold weather can also be harmful to your health. Staying under direct exposure to the sun for too long can cause various diseases like skin cancer. Though you can bring an umbrella, holding one up can become tiresome. So wear a hat instead.

A hat with a wide brim can give you shade down to your neck and shoulders while the rest of your clothes cover your body. Plus, you’ll keep your hands free as you walk.

A Hydration Bladder

Here’s another essential that addresses a vital need—water. Dehydration is as treacherous as hypothermia, though not as quick to reap. Where you only have three hours with hypothermia, dehydration is patient enough to give you up to three days. That’s why it’s important to bring lots of water with you always.

Most water bottles are made of plastics rather than glass like with alcohol, so they take a pass in terms of weight. However, it’s more convenient to carry water in a hydration bladder.

They’re typically placed inside a backpack and doesn’t need to be pulled out every time you need a drink. They come with a flexible tube which siphons water from the bladder and into your mouth.

Now That You’re Prepared

Travelling will become easier and more fun with any of these four in tow. You’ll also be more safe from harm.
That said, you may want to keep a lookout for other adventure gear that can also aid you in your journey. New tech are always coming out each year. So always stay informed of whatever is new in the market.

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