Knives and Tools for Hunting Outdoors

Top Knives and Tools for Hunting Outdoors in 2021

As spring finally arrives and people start to head outdoors for various sports and activities, for hunters, this is that time of year when it’s time to take a look at your gear and make sure you’ve got all the essentials for your upcoming trips and adventures. It’s always nice to invest in a few new tools each year to ensure you’ve got the best of the best, which makes the experience not only smoother and more enjoyable, but more successful.

Knives and Tools for Hunting Outdoors

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To help you update your gear for 2021, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the top knives and tools that you’ll want to check out.

Gerber Folding Machete

The Gerber DoubleDown Folding Machete is an item definitely worth taking a look at as it boasts a new design that is innovative and functional, which is ideal for hunters such as yourself. Standout features include the four-lock system that is meant to keep the knife in three different positions, which promotes safety and makes the knife easier to use. There is an overstrike guard, two different handling positions, a stability bar, a belt-carry or a MOLLE sheath, and of course the 420HC recurve blade. This knife can easily be folded up to a compact size, making it simple to carry around with you.

Silver Fishing Pen – a Compact Design

If you want to be able to carry a fishing rod and reel with you in a compact and simple way, then the Silver Fishing Pen is the way to go. The idea behind this item is that it’s so small and sleek that you can carry it with you anytime, allowing you to fish anytime you find that perfect spot. It’s ideal for ice, dock, and boat fishing and can easily be stowed right in your fishing tackle box, or with your hiking gear. There’s no need to carry around extra bulk and weight thanks to this innovative design.

As for the specifications, the rod is able to expand to 38″ long, the reel is made of brass and aluminum alloy, the rod is made from lightweight fiberglass and aluminum alloy, and it is so small and sleek it actually looks like a pen.

Browning Outdoorsman Survival Combo

Rather than pack a whole bunch of individual items and risk forgetting something, why not pick up a survival kit? The Browning Outdoorsman Survival Combo features all the must-haves for hunters. Within the kit is a drop point blade, wire saw, pocket clip, flashlight, fire starter, compass, and survival whistle. All of the items are within a case that is kept secure and closed with an o-ring seal and is completely waterproof.

As for the size of the kit, it’s actually quite compact since it uses the clam packing configuration for all the items. It won’t feel as though you’re lugging around something cumbersome and heavy.

If you’re looking to enhance your gear for the 2021 hunting season, each of these items can certainly fit the bill and ensure you’re ready for a wide array of conditions.

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