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Which is better, cable or satellite

We assume you have an idea about what you wanted and which is better for your household when it comes to cable or satellite services. Generally speaking, cable services are more popular and preferred over satellite because of their steadiness and name in the market. However, that doesn’t disregard what satellite services have to offer, these are available across the country and commonly used wherever cable services are not accessible as they require an expensive underground network of wires and satellite don’t.

Spectrum cable is one of the leading cable service providers in the US due to its footprint in over 40 states. Known for its reasonable price, contract-free subscription, and various perks and benefits such as contract buyout option to name a few.

In this article, we are going to discuss the factors so you can decide for yourself which is better cable or satellite. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Cable vs. Satellite hidden fee

Hopefully, the cable operators inform you about their service packages on your first order. However, you can estimate the overall expenses before placing an order for service too.

Here we are enlisting all possible charges you might have to pay!

  1. Service Taxes: The charges may vary according to the residential area you belong to.
  2. Devices Fees: The majority of operators offer you monthly fee packages which include equipment such as a modem, DVRs, multi-room viewing devices, and receivers. Their packages are not expensive to pay for as it ranges between $15 to $20 per month.
  3. Regional Sports Network (RSN) charges: If you are fond of watching sports and want to keep yourself entertained with regional sports events. You can buy a subscription to your regional sports TV channel by paying charges of 9.99$ per month. In some areas, the number of sports TV channels increases more than a limit that imparts more charges on the buyer.
  4. Broadcast TV service charges: Cable operators and TV channels network import the broadcast charges on their subscribers or customers. That’s why you get options like on-demand, premium channels etc.
  5. Professional Installation Fee: You have to pay the installation fee once for the first subscription and enjoy their services for as long as you choose to avail of those services!
  6. Self-Installation fee: Once you have to pay these charges as a subscriber. It includes a self-install kit and some installation charges.
  7. Late fees: Avoid the payment after the due date, which can imply late fee charges on your pocket.
  8. Reconnect Fees: In case of late payment or no payment of monthly charges, the operators or providers can cancel your subscription. To recover your connection to TV/internet, you will have to pay a reconnection fee so you can resume and enjoy their services.
  9. Bundling: As many operators or service providers offer luxurious bundles that include TV services, internet packages, and phone services with high fluency in all their services.
  10. DVR: Some customers or subscribers want more storage to store their favorite TV shows and programs to watch them in their free time. With high storage capacity, you can enjoy live streaming applications and much more. Operators apply extra charges of 5$ to 20$ per month for the service of DVR.
  11. Multi-room Viewing: Almost all cable companies offer services of multi-room viewing, which enables TV services in multiple rooms. Minimum charges for each room viewing are added to the monthly fee. Therefore, you have to be vigilant with what you choose.
  12. Mobile App: Most operators offer an android application that aids in TV watching on mobile and allows free downloading of your favorite shows.
  13. Premium add-ons: You can enjoy the services of Premium add-ons and TV channels at affordable fee packages.
  14. On-demand Library: You can enjoy free streaming services to search out libraries of different TV shows.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are availing of cable services or satellite, both offer similar services but it all comes down to the availability of cable services in your area. Also, the fact how much are you willing to pay every month and the size of your household. Therefore, in the aforementioned discussion, we have tried to curate a checklist for you so you can watch the expenses you can conveniently ditch and enjoy your selected services.

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