Survival Tools

7 Small Must-Have Survival Tools

Why You Need Survival Tools ?

There might come a day when you are forced to live in survival mode and forget your comfortable everyday life. I know lots of people that think they are prepared for most catastrophe situations that might arise, but the reality is that it ‘s the details that sometimes escape us.

Survival Tools

If the day comes where you and your family need to get out town because SHTF you need to know what are the essential items that are small enough to fit in your bug out bag.

There are two types of categories of vital survival tools, small and portables one for bug out kits and the bigger style ones that you would use at home.

A good prepper should make sure to have both, but today we will focus on the small ones.

These are my top seven must-have items for any survival bag that your family does not want to get caught without at the last minute.

7 Essential Survival Tools List For Every one

Fire Starter.

All-Weather Emergency 2-in-1 Fire Starter

Fire is critical to your survival, and you will need to pack a compact magnesium fire starter. These are great because they are extremely durable and will last for more than 10k strikes.

The best fire starter must be reliable, long lasting, waterproof, and windproof.

They are also waterproof and should function during ALL outdoor conditions whether wet or dry. Matches and lighters are great but don’t make the mistake of forgetting this.

Every one must have a fire starter for camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. A fire starter is very much essential to start a fire in wet condition or rainy weather.

Mylar blanket.

Also known as the space blanket because NASA developed it in 1964, it’s made of a thin plastic that reflects heat. It’s perfect for survival bags because it is light and compact.

You simply wrap it around you to retain body heat and prevent hypothermia. The cool thing is that the reflective feature shines when the sun hits it and can be used as a signal to planes or choppers.

Not only can it help protect you from the elements, but the reflective side can be used to signal rescuers or to start a fire.

They are light, easily packable and provide protection against hypothermia. It is also an essential piece of equipment for your survival kit or bug-out bag.

Emergency Blankets

Emergency Survival Whistle.

A survival whistle is not a secret weapon, but it is a powerful tool that can greatly increase your chances of survival.

A small portable survival whistle can come in handy when it counts. A whistle is a perfect tool for your bag because it is small and light.

It can be heard from very far distances and has the potential to save your life, so it makes it into my top 7 list. One of the best benefits is that it is failure proof because it is not electronic or will easily break.

The whistle does not replace the need for good judgment and common sense when in an emergency situation. However, it is small and light, so you can carry one with you at all times.

This item is not electronic, so there are no moving parts that can break down. It is also waterproof and windproof, so it will work in any situation. If you are hiking, camping or hunting in an area where you may get lost, this product can be very beneficial because of its ability to save lives.

A survival whistle should be stored with other emergency items in your pack because it is small and lightweight.

I recently got a paracord bracelet that includes a whistle.

Noopel Emergency Whistles

Small First Aid Kit.

A small first aid kit should be part of any survival kit. If you are traveling into an area where you may be injured, a small first aid kit can save your life.

Whether you buy or put your first aid kit together make sure it has all the items you need but still small enough to fit in your bag without taking up too much room.

My bare essentials that I recommend are aspirin, bandages, and tape, breathing barrier, thermometer, and ointments for burns or antibiotic ointments.

A small first aid kit is meant to help you survive for a short period of time until you can reach professional medical assistance. In the wilderness, this could mean a few days or it could mean several weeks.

Mini First Aid Kit

Safety Light Sticks.

Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks

Safety Light Sticks. are also known as glow sticks or light sticks. They are usually made from polymers and chemicals like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Some glow sticks are even made from phosphors which glow in the dark. The glow stick is a safe alternative to candles, matches and lighters that can be dangerous in emergency situations.

These are sticks that are usually neon, and when you bend them, they snap and glow in the dark for a while. A simple search on Amazon will land you some top variations you can choose. These are a great option for safety situations, to get attention for help; you never know when you can’t start a fire but need something else to get attention at night.

 Mini Chemical Light Sticks

A Camp Shovel.

If you are serious about preparing for disasters then the first and most important thing that you need to include in your survival tools is a good Camp Shovel.

A camp shovel is also the best tool for digging in rocky, hard ground. It can be used to break up hard soil and compacted earth. It can be used to stab into the ground if you need a handhold while climbing a steep incline.

Camp Shovel is another portable tool which you might use to dig a hole in the woods for a fire pit, and you can also put a trench around your tent to drain water or dig a hole bury waste. While a folding shovel isn’t as good as full-size, it’s a whole lot best than using your knife or bare hands.

Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel

A Gun.

Last but not least I would never leave my home without my trusty pistol. This is another tool that most people don’t think of as a tool, but guns are tools. With them, you can hunt for food with the gun , protect your home with a gun, and signal for help. Be sure to practice with your guns so that you can use them well.

A gun is a tool and like any other, it can be used to do good or bad. While it’s true that a gun can protect you against dangers in the wild, it can also be used to hurt or kill someone. I don’t recommend keeping a gun in your survival kit unless you’re very experienced in using them and have a proper training.

In summary

Good tactical survival gear and the knowledge of how to use them can mean the difference between life and death. There are two simple rules I follow for survival success.

First, buy quality tools. This is not the time to go cheap because poorly made tools will break at the worst possible times.

Second, know how to use what you have to it’s fullest use. Practice using these survival gadgets every once in a while. Even if you buy the best axe on the market, if you don’t know how to split a log with it, you’re going to be cold out there in the wild.

Practice with your ultimate survival tools until you are comfortable with them. Then, when you have to use them, you’ll be ready to solve problems speedily and with a whole lot less stress.

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