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5 Best Back Massagers Reviews – Try in Car (Updated 2022)

Working long hours in the office is as rewarding as it’s challenging. You may be financially accomplished but what about those back pains?

Do they greet you in the morning, last for the entire day and get more intense in the evening?

Lack of time and sports have an impact on so many Americans that most of them turn to the internet for solutions. You can stop searching once you find the best back massager which you can use in your car.

Car back massagers ease your pain while you drive and save you from time consuming trips to the massage salon.

Massagers are efficient for their immediate effects and ease of use. Basically, you need to drive or wait, while the product works on your back.

If you choose a hand-held massager, you can use it once every red light.

Here’s a guide with the most efficient types of back massagers and our recommendations for the best products.

The Best Back Massagers for Car Use

Gaiam Restore Pressure Point Muscle Roller Massage Stick

If you’re looking for the best back massager that doesn’t require electricity as is also inexpensive, the Gaiam Pressure Point Massager is a safe bet. This handheld device targets pressure points while alleviating spasming, tight knots, and sore muscles. A favorite tool among athletes, the Gaiam Pressure Point Massager does a great job on strains or sports injuries.

A simple, yet efficient massager, this tool stimulates tissue, promoting blood flow. Your muscles will benefit from pressure point massaging. The tool is easy-to-use, with an 18-inch long roller, two grip handles, and a total weight of only 0.55lbs.


  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around;
  • Boosts circulation;
  • Good for sports-related injuries or strains;
  • Great for the lower back and calves;


  • The spikes are rather firm; a thick towel or clothing is recommended;
  • May cause bruising;

Pillow Massager

Pillow MassagerPillow-shaped car massagers focus on working on your lower back pain and bringing comfort like a stone massage. Muscle tension is reduced while you keep a correct driving position.

The best back massager should be versatile enough to fit all types of needs – car, office or home use. Pillow-shaped massagers also save space and can fit into your vacation luggage.

According to TodayBestReviews, pillow massagers are on top of customers’ preferences thanks to their versatility and low prices. You can find detailed reviews here and in online stores.

The best pillow massager: Based on the above reviews, the best back massager is the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK model, which comes with an adjustable strap for each chair size and type.

The massager has a heating function which ensures a proper massage while changing direction every minute.Buy From Amazon

Body & Face MassagerBody & Face Massager

If you experience muscle spasms, stubborn nods and stiffness or tight joints, you might look for multifunctional products.

However, such a massager needs to be convenient for car use so, therefore, cordless.

Cordless body and face massagers usually come with features which can adjust to unique intensity of pain in different body areas.

The best body and face massager: The Pure-Wave CM7 cordless massager is lightweight and easy to maneuver while you’re waiting for the green light.

The product comes with adjustable speed levels. You can change any of the six heads and turn your massage into a softer or firmer one.

This massager may be a bit costly, but it can cover difficult areas such as the lower back, shoulders, neck and soles of feet.Buy From Amazon

Cushion Massager

Cushion MassagerCushion massagers are so easy to use that you only need to adjust and turn them on. You can choose between products which provide vibration massage or use the Shiatsu technology.

Even though they only seem to fit your car, cushion massagers are also suitable for your couch or office.

Cushion massaging involves a wide part of your body, from the neck and shoulders to the lower back and tights.

The best cushion massager: The FIVE S FS8812-10 massager has a vibration motor which ensures an invigorating massage.

You can adjust the 3 speeds and 4 programs by using your hand. Also, it is equipped with an AC and car adapter. Moreover, it comes ready to use.Buy From Amazon

Traditional Technique MassagersTraditional Technique Massagers

Whenever you feel like having a massage, you might think about those traditional techniques which come with a human touch.

Technology has managed to add the human feel to massagers and ease your driving.

Massage devices can imitate traditional techniques and work as if a specialist uses their hands on your back and neck.

The best traditional technique massager: TILVIEW comes with a massage 3D pillow for car, home and office use.

The massager uses 2 pinching nodes and 4 kneading rollers to massage the mass points of your upper back, neck and shoulders.

The massager also has Shiatsu automatic shut off option after ten minutes.Buy From Amazon

Shoulder Belt MassagerShoulder Belt Massager

You might find it uncomfortable to drive while your massager works.

Yet, you spend plenty of time in the car waiting in the parking lot or at the gas station along the road. Shoulder belt massagers are portable and easy to carry.

You can relax while calming sore muscles and enjoy a deep tissue massage without moving your hands to change options and speeds.

The best shoulder belt massager: The LiBa cordless massage belt uses Shiatsu technology to provide comfort to your neck and shoulders.

Its recharging battery lasts for about two hours and featured 4 kneading nodes.

The product may take 15 minutes to heat up, but it does cover hard-to-reach places from your upper back.

Back Pain and Massagers

According to a study, many Americans use wrong treatments for their back pains, which turn out to be inefficient.

Although usually low back pain cases respond to physical and psychological therapy, over 2.6 million patients end up in the emergency room.

Around 60% of them receive opioids.

Chronic back pains should respond better to exercise and massage than painkillers.

If you experience chronic back pain, you can ease your symptoms and stay active by using massagers.

However, you should also visit a healthcare specialist if the pain persists.

To Relaxation

After a few uses, you will notice that the best back massagers help you relax within a few minutes.

These products do more than soothing muscles temporary, they also prevent potential back pain due to too much or no exercise.

Find the best back massagers and use them in your car, office, home or even when you travel!
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