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Best Bags For Cameras Buyer Guide 2022

Photography can be an extremely rewarding hobby and a satisfying creative outlet, popular with many people worldwide.

Capturing a moment can take great dedication and skill, or good fortune and timing. The beauty of it is, is it doesn’t matter how you get that shot.

Thanks to the incredible advancements in camera technology over the years, it is now more accessible than ever to take amazing photographs of your own.

Bags for cameras are an integral piece of your of photography kit as they are specially designed to help you take the best pictures.

They are built to be robust, protect your gear from damage, and are compartmentalized for your convenience, and to enhance organization.

Bags for cameras have become more popular as camera bags due to their added functionality, protection, comfort, capacity, and stability.

If you travel with your camera often, enjoy long excursions, or take it off the beaten track for the best photo opportunities, then a camera backpack might be the best option for you.

We have selected ten of the best and most popular camera backpacks available from Amazon to compare their benefits and value, to find out what we believe is the best camera backpack 2021, and help you make a better decision before you buy.

Why Choose a Camera Backpack?

Camera backpacks are becoming the preferred bag for camera enthusiasts over the camera satchel and messenger bag.

Best Backpacks can offer a larger capacity for carrying cameras, lens, tripods, peripheral gear, and personal effects, with an effective compartmentalized structure for carrying them.

Insulation and storage dividers can be removable, easy to change, and robust, making them ideal for housing expensive equipment, and versatile enough for any situation.

Usually, the exterior is made of tough, durable materials that will stand the test of time, and water-resistant with weatherproof fastenings to provide protection from light rain.

The size of any one bag can vary depending on your requirements, and this should reflect in weight and convenience.

The foremost difference that separates camera backpacks from the conventional bags for cameras, is they are specifically designed to be more comfortable when on a long photo shoot and are more convenient for difficult terrain.

If you’re interested in wildlife, landscape photography, or long photography excursions, then you might benefit from choosing a camera backpack.

Most bags for cameras will come with separate compartments so you can organize your specific contents efficiently.

Internal storage systems will offer separate sections for all your camera equipment and peripherals and could include dedicated sleeves for laptop and media devices, plus pockets for accessories and personal effects.

These sections are usually made up of well-padded, removable dividers, which you can customize to fit your personal gear, offering you a great level of versatility.

Taking advantage of backpack technology and features, some camera backpacks benefit from the addition of internal and external pockets, and innovative strapping that will allow for external haulage, or the addition of bag peripherals.

How to Choose a Bag for Camera 

Always do plenty of research when assessing which bags for cameras are best for you, as there will be many options available. You should consider what specific features would benefit you and bring the most value to you personally and professionally.

Do you require a bag large enough because you have a lot of gear? If you plan on upgrading or adding further equipment in the future, is the bad future-proofed to handle that additional equipment? Will you need a bag that is resistant to strenuous elements like heat and moisture?

Will you require extra internal padding to ensure your equipment is protected from potential damage?


If you have done your research and decided that a camera backpack is the most camera bag for you, let’s see what design features will benefit you most.

Consider what size pack you’ll require, as there are varying sizes available. Some packs are small and compact, with an adequate capacity for your camera, lenses, and spare batteries, which could be perfect for you if you’re an amateur photographer and don’t own or require significant equipment on shoots.

Other packs can be large enough to carry multiple cameras, many lenses, batteries, flash systems, and tripods.

The larger capacity bags for cameras are better suited to you if you’re an experienced photographer who would require different sets of equipment throughout the day.

If you think you could utilize a larger bag, remember to consider the added weight, as large, durable packs that are filled to capacity can be heavy. Check out this video showing how much gear you can fit into a large camera backpack.

Most bags for cameras will come with separate compartments so you can organize your specific contents efficiently.

Internal storage systems will offer separate sections for all your camera equipment and peripherals and could include dedicated sleeves for laptop and media devices, plus pockets for accessories and personal effects.

These sections are usually made up of well-padded, removable dividers, which you can customize to fit your personal gear, offering you a great level of versatility.

Taking advantage of backpack technology and features, some camera backpacks benefit from the addition of internal and external pockets, and innovative strapping that will allow for external haulage, or the addition of bag peripherals.

If you need a pack that offers you quick access to lenses and battery changes for capturing different photographs on the move, then compartment access is something to think about. Some packs have multiple access points that can be an advantage if you need it, however, multiple access to the main storage compartment can be convenient for thieves, so consider alternatives or additional security like a lock if you’ll be carrying in crowded areas.

The insulation of any bags for cameras should be thick and shock absorbent to protect your equipment within from accidental drops and knocks, some packs incorporate advanced protection systems, while others rely on dense foam structures.

Some backpacks incorporate camera protection systems of either internal harnesses to hold your equipment tightly in place, or suspension technology to elevate gear. Padding is also important on the shoulder straps and the back of the pack for lumbar support.

Adequate padding disperses load weight more efficiently and ensures you don’t feel pressure from the contents. This can prevent discomfort and pain that would lead to unnecessary removal of the bag, putting it at risk of damage or theft.

If a pack is heavy, proper weight distribution is recommended for your safety, so well thought out storage capabilities should consider the center of gravity.

The shoulder straps and any further secure belts or fastenings should be adjustable to ensure optimum comfort and stability for the wearer.


For optimum quality a camera backpack should be well constructed from high-quality materials that will provide longevity and lasting integrity. Most backpacks are made from durable materials including canvas or nylon that should withstand regular use over prolonged periods of time.

Various other materials are used by some brands, including superior Hypalon, which you can read about here. The best packs should possess high-quality stitch work and general construction.

Reinforced seams and stress points help endure load weight, movement, and prevent tearing. Many bags for cameras are water-resistant to protect your equipment within from the elements, and if not, many of them are provided or compatible with a water-resistant rain covers for when necessary.

Weatherproof access points are a major plus, although some packs resolve to leak by incorporating all weather flaps and covers.

It might be worth considering if you intend on carrying your backpack during all types of weather before making a purchase.

The outer padding should be thick enough to protect your shoulders and back from the material digging into your skin, and many packs are designed using mesh padding and airflow channels to ensure better ventilation when worn.

The internal padding can vary in construction, with some even comprising high-quality memory foam, which offers extra support and protection than standard padding.


If you intend to use your camera backpack regularly, it is understandable that you’d prefer an item not only to be practical but also stylish.

As this is subjective there are many designs available, from modern, sleek designs, to rustic, traditional styles, with big brands opting to combine functionality with attractive aesthetics to appease a more fashion conscious market.

One advantage of opting for a camera backpack over a traditional camera bag is to resemble an everyday or sports backpack so that it will not attract any additional unwanted attention from thieves or pickpockets.

Others designs that are sleek and modern should be more difficult to access for protection, however since backpacks can be worn securely, this can be a good deterrent to bag snatchers.


Prices can differ considerably depending on many factors. Professional bags for cameras from well-known brands can demand premium prices, but you should always be aware that there are lesser known brands out there offering similarly high-quality products for lower costs.

Prices can reflect expensive materials used, good workmanship, or innovative design, but bear in mind that these factors are not always mutually exclusive with quality and value.


The warranty of your pack will depend on the brand and the retailer. As long as you buy genuine products from an authorized retailer, your purchases will usually be protected against defects in materials and workmanship, with returns and refunds accepted within a clearly stated time period.

Some brands for travel backpacks even offer a limited lifetime guarantee, but be aware that you are not covered against daily wear and tear, or misuse.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a stylish camera backpack with an ergonomic, clean design and a modern appeal.

Constructed from a mixed-cotton twill that is hypalon reinforced for added durability, with bar-tacked stress points for added strength, makes this pack robust and built to last.

The exterior is water-resistant and the zips and fastenings are weatherproof to ensure the safety of your equipment whatever the weather.

The interior is soft to avoid the change of scratching screens or glass, and the passing is protective, with a luxurious feel.

With a standard storage capacity of 18 liters, the innovative lid design allows for an increase to a maximum of 30 liters.

There is a dedicated padded laptop sleeve, and room to store modern drone equipment, as well as other media devices.

Expandable side pockets are ideal to carry anything from water bottles to tripods, while a top slip pocket is ideal for personal effects, and a key tether is included for keys and ID access.

Protective inner panels allow for the organization of additional batteries, memory cards, and hard drives.

A revolutionary and robust external carry system allows extra heavy items like tripods, etc to be carried without reducing internal capacity, and the straps stow away when not in use.

The shoulder straps are thickly padded and axial connection points allow them to be easily adjusted for all body types.

A great looking backpack loaded with features, provides great adaptability and accessibility, and could be the ideal camera backpack for experienced photographers carrying an abundance of equipment or traveling for long periods.


  • The patent-pending Maglatch system is an innovative, secure closure, which allows for one handed, easy access, to the central storage. Four lock points expand storage capacity from 18 – 30 liters in a functional manner
  • The unique FlexFold storage system has been newly redesigned to be completely configurable for the user’s needs to ensure gear remains organized, protected, and easily accessible
  • Designed to carry two DSLR bodies and 3–6 lenses, flash systems, a laptop, a drone, plus many additional items, in one load
  • A dual side access design with weather proof zippers, combined with axial straps, allow you to swing the pack in front of you to get to your gear without having to remove the pack
  • A revolutionary external carry system consists of two 60 cm and two 40 cm high strength tension straps with anodized hooks, and ten anchor points, ideal for carrying large items like tripods, etc. The Straps conveniently tuck away into the sealed outer pockets to remain discreet when not in use


  • As the pack is specifically designed to carry a 15” MacBook Pro 2009 or later, you may find it won’t fit older models or other brand laptops
  • With a standalone weight of 3.4 lbs, this pack can be heavy when at full capacity
  • The level of protection offered by the FlexFold storage dividers might not be adequate enough to offer full peace of mind, and more dividers would be useful
  • It seems contradictory, but the systems that are intended to provide convenience can be complicated
  • The quality and integrity of the waist belt and zips could be questionable
  • This is one of the more expensive packs available
Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack

Burton F-Stop 28L Camera Backpack Review

The Burton F-Stop 28L camera backpack is a rustic and functional pack with traditional aesthetics and a strong, reliable structure.

This army green design is constructed from N/500D Ripstop Cordura material which is tough, strong, and selected made with durability in mind.

An all black nylon version is also available, which we think is slightly cooler looking. The F-Stop is PU (polyurethane) coated for water-resistance, and the buckles are well made and firm.

The dimensions measure 25.5″ x 12″ x 7.5″, with a large maximum capacity of 28 liters, while a standalone weight of 5.1 lbs makes this a fairly heavy pack comparatively to others.

There is a number of additional internal and external storage pockets, including a removable pouch ideal for peripherals, oversized stashes, and a side access cooler pocket.

The internal compartments are well padded, while the vertical storage is configurable and allows for tripod storage, which is a useful feature that other packs tend to overlook.

The shoulder harness is ergonomic, thick, well padded, and adjustable for comfort, complete with a torso strap and thick waist belt for load balancing, which offers added stability.

This is a camera backpack that offers an impressive capacity, with excellent, durable padding and extra storage.

This could be a great pack for carrying a lot of gear for long journeys, but may not be the most stylish option available, if that is one of your primary concerns, but check out the all black design too.


  • The adjustable padded waist harness is incorporated to offer the wearer superior load-balance when carrying heavy equipment. Combined with the ergonomic, adjustable shoulder harness and torso strap, these features offer great stability and superior weight distribution
  • The shoulder harness does not only feel tough and durable, but are extremely well padded, ‘super cush’, designed to offer improved comfort for prolonged periods
  • The PU coated 400D nylon and N/500D Ripstop Cordura materials used offer reliable durability and water-resistance
  • The whole structure of the pack feels particularly robust and stable
  • The vertical internal storage space specifically designed to fit a board or tripod is a feature many packs lack
  • The side access cooler storage and oversized drink pockets are ideal is carrying the pack for prolong periods
  • All Burton bags come with a limited Lifetime Warranty which protects your purchase from any faults and defects in materials and workmanship


  • The F-Stop is a particularly heavy pack, especially when full to capacity, so might not be ideal for individuals who are new to traveling with equipment
  • Insufficient designated spaces with padding for laptops, organizational slots for batteries, memory cards, etc, and other modern day necessities will leave you requiring additional storage
  • Despite the pack’s size it is limited to carrying a maximum lens length of 16” and could be insufficient if you require longer lens storage
  • As the materials used are only coated and not inherently water-resistant, resistance may wane over time
  • Not the most stylish pack available on the market
Burton F-stop Camera Backpack, Padded Storage

Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack

Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack

The Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack is a stylish pack with understated aesthetics, that resembles an ordinary travel pack, which can be an advantage when traveling with expensive equipment.

Made from durable and robust canvas materials, the pack is well constructed with a solid structure, and is water-resistant.

The Evecase travel backpack is fully padded to protect your contents, and consists of a dense, closed cell foam which offers shock-resistance for added security and stability.

Dimensions of 15 x 12.5 x 7 inches, and a standalone weight of 3.2 lbs make this pack fairly compact, although owing to its ergonomic design, it still has plenty of features.

There is a dual top and bottom compartments to keep your equipment and personal effects separated and organized, and the adjustable dividers offer excellent protection for your camera and as many as five lenses.

In addition, there is a dedicated padded sleeve for laptops and tablet computers, complete with zippered side access, many other pockets for organized accessory storage, and adjustable tripod straps at the base of the pack.

The shoulder straps are padded well and are adjustable for your comfort, and they have been manufactured with an ergonomic curved shape to reduce load pressure.

An extra torso strap for support when carrying particularly heavier loads, and a rain cover for your gear are both also included.

The Evecase Travel Backpack A backpack has got plenty of style and substance, but won’t draw too much unwanted attention.

An excellent storage capacity with an ergonomic, compact design, and great accessibility, could make this an excellent pack for amateurs and professional photographers on the move.


  • The tough, water-resistant canvas, and the addition of a rain cover provided, makes this pack ideal for travel and unexpected changes in the weather
  • The shock-proof closed cell foam padding and adjustable dividers provide superior protection for you gear during transit or travel
  • The side access to the dedicated laptop sleeve, and discreet front access to the camera storage allow for convenient access to the items with having to open up the entire storage
  • The adjustable tripod straps at the base of the pack allow for additional gear to be carrier without diminishing the main storage capacity
  • The separate top storage and multiple pockets allow for peripherals and personal effects to be stored. You can set up your preferred method of organization for convenience
  • The design is fairly inconspicuous and will not attract unwanted attention from pickpockets and bag snatchers while traveling and in busy areas
  • A reasonably priced item comparatively to others on available


  • The side access zippers may are not of consistent quality and integrity be compromised if the bag is packed to capacity
  • The laptop sleeve is only designed to fit a computer or tablet up to 14”, so may not be adequate for everyone
  • The stitching and stress points are not well reinforced and the integrity of the pack might diminish over time, or from regular strenuous use
  • There is no warranty offered, and a limited 30 day returns policy
Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack

Incase DSLR Pro Pack Black 2

Incase DSLR Pro Pack Black 2

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack Black 2 is a strikingly stylish looking camera backpack, with a smooth, clean exterior and slimline design, finished with discrete fastenings and storage.

Constructed using 840D nylon, both robust and durable, and easy to maintain and clean.

The exterior is water-resistant, but not weather proof, although there is an additional waterproof rain cover available from Incase that is compatible with the pack.

Boasting a large capacity, the main compartment opens fully to reveal a well padded, protective section for storage of your camera and peripherals.

The thick dividers are adjustable to your needs, and there is space for one camera with a lens attached, plus four additional lenses, flash systems, and various other bulky accessories.

There are two large mesh interior pockets ideal for storing cables, memory cards, etc, with your equipment.

The addition of two discrete soft-lined pockets on the exterior of the pack are specially designed to protectively carry both your laptop and tablet, or other media devices.

The dividers are entirely removable for other uses of the pack, or replacement with new dividers if required.

Two external adjustable straps are attached at the side to allow for carrying tripods, and other bulky items.

The adjustable shoulder straps are well constructed and padded, complete with large buckles and torso strap for added stability, why the back of the pack is fitted with a padded mesh panel for your comfort.

A camera backpack big on style and storage, ideal for photographers with significant gear to carry.


  • The impressive capacity and padded dividers provides protective storage for all your laptops, tablets, cameras and other expensive equipment all in one load
  • The inclusion of the padded mesh back panel improves comfort and air circulation when worn for prolonged periods of time. This is an advantage when carrying a heavy load, or in warmer climates
  • The inclusion of adjustable side straps allow for carrying useful accessories and bulky, but important, items like tripods, without subtracting from the internal capacity
  • The thick padding and snug pockets mean your equipment remains organized and tightly in place which reduces the likelihood of any damage during transit
  • This is a great looking pack with plenty of style


  • There is not much room for carrying additional items including clothing, notepads, etc. As such you might require additional baggage for your excursions
  • There is no additional storage convenient for water bottles or hydration packs, which can free up your hands. This can also be a disadvantage if carrying the pack for long periods or in warm climates
  • With the slimline design, the pack might have benefited from the inclusion of a waist belt which can often improve weight distribution and load balance, especially if your organization of the pack is top heavy
  • The zippers are not well sized for padlocks. When there are exposed fastenings it is recommended to take additional security measures to protect your expensive equipment
  • The shoulder straps are not ergonomically designed and as such do not offer the best comfort
Incase DSLR Pro Pack - Fully Customizable Lens Dividers

Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW Camera Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Modular Backpack

The Lowepro ProTactic 350 Camera backpack is an attractive, stylish pack, with modern, stealthy aesthetics.

The construction of this pack immediately seems to exude quality, made with robust, durable materials, combined with an innovative design.

Although the pack is not water-resistant, it is equipped with a patented integrated all weather cover for excellent protection from the elements.

Capacity and functionality is where the ProTactic 350 comes into its own comparatively to other camera backpacks.

The molded main compartment is well padded on the inside, and packed with patent-pending MaxFit system adjustable dividers, offering protection for your gear, and allowing for customized set-up.

Able to fit two cameras, one with an attached lens, plus up to six additional lenses or flash systems, while multiple internal and external pockets allow for storage of more accessories.

Designed for quick access, there are entry points at either side of the pack, the top, and full front access.

A CradleFit pocket for laptops and tablets suspends and protects your devices, while a SlipLock compatible strap system on the pack’s exterior combine with the provided modular cases, to allow for limitless orientation of equipment, including storing bulky items like tripods, etc.

The ActivZone harness system with removable waist belt provide superior, targeted comfort, ventilation, and support. This is a sleek looking, professional camera backpack with excellent capacity and haulage capabilities.


  • The patented, integrated all weather cover is convenient for temperamental weather conditions, and a nice addition
  • The patent-pending MaxFit storage dividers offer premium protection and allow you to micro-adjust the storage compartment for customized organization and protection
  • The advanced ActivZone harness system incorporated is specifically designed to offer you superior comfort and ventilation, targeted for optimum support while you’re on the move. The load balancing waist belt is detachable which allows for downsizing for transit or storage
  • The SlipLock compatible strap system allows for robust external haulage, with unlimited options to design your own gear design. There are five modular accessories included further add to the possibilities, including accessory case, water bottle pouch, tripod cup, and industrial straps. Everything you need
  • This is a top of the range camera backpack at an affordable price


  • Due to the ergonomic design for carrying equipment the pack doesn’t lend to carrying personal items, therefore you might require additional bags
  • When is use, the CradleFit pockets for laptops or tablets detracts from the main storage compartment considerably, which could impact on how you can organize your gear. The storage is also only suitable for devices of up to 13”
  • With a standalone weight of 4.4 lbs, this pack is heavy before any equipment is stored
  • The hard, molded outer shell, could cause difficulty when the pack needs to be stored away, or taken on airplanes, buses, etc
  • The padding on the shoulder harness is substandard for the maximum weight of a fully loaded pack
Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Modular Backpack

Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

The Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4” Laptop Backpack is a stylishly designed black pack with striking orange details, which looks well padded and protective, without appearing bulky. Constructed from robust materials, the pack is set upon a weather proof EVA foam base, which allows the pack to be self standing, and shock absorbent. The internal storage includes a patent-pending hammock system, which suspends your camera and allows for better protection against knocks and impacts. In addition, a structure of removable and flexible memory foam dividers mean your equipment is well protected when stored in the pack.

There is a dedicated storage space for laptops or tablets, plus additional external pockets for peripheral accessories, while an innovative external strap system allows you to secure tripods, etc, neatly. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded with foam for added comfort, as is the back of the pack. With dimensions of 12.5 x 8 x 17, and a standalone weight of 4.1 lbs, this is a fairly large pack, and has considerable weight to it when packed to capacity. A good looking camera backpack with plenty of protective features that ensure your equipment is stable when stored. The weight and size of the pack might be a disadvantage, especially if you’re not used to traveling with a load.


  • The robust, weatherproof EVA foam base offer exception protection for your gear due to superior shock absorption. This firm base also allows the pack to be free standing, great for removal and stowing of gear safely
  • Case Logic’s patent-pending hammock system elevates and suspends your camera for added shock protection, while the memory foam dividers safely house your accessories
  • The large dedicated sleeve for laptops and other media devices fits up 16” computers and 17” Macbook Pros, and keeps them secure
  • The innovative external strap system that allows for carrying extra bulky items like trips, is tight and concise, and doesn’t upset the balance of the pack
  • Case Logic are a trusted brand known for producing quality equipment that you can trust
  • This is an affordable pack with great storage


  • This is a large, rigid backpack, and as such may cause issues storing in many overhead compartments on flights, buses, etc
  • The standalone weight of 4.1 lbs means when this pack is packed to capacity it is very heavy
  • The additional pockets are fairly shallow and are only sufficient for smaller items, you may require an alternative option for the storage and organization of memory cards and batteries
  • The top handle is positioned on the back of the pack rather than centered above the main compartment. Using this handle to carry the pack, or hanging it up for access will result in unnecessary strain on the seams
Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Tamrac 5547 Adventure 7 Photo Backpack

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