Suitable Hunting Gear

The Most Suitable Hunting Gear to Acquire for Hunting Season

Knowing what to own during hunting season is difficult. There are so many possibilities that are worth strong consideration.To make things easier, here are some suggestions for useful hunting gear to own.

Suitable Hunting Gear

Mossy Oak Cotton Shirt for Men

The Mossy Oak range of men’s shirts is popular. Rather than going to an outside clothing brand to sport Mossy Oak camo designs, just go straight to the source. The Men’s button-down Cotton Mill shirt for hunters will certainly keep you warm. It can be worn with a jacket over the top or a t-shirt below for added comfort.

A hunter always looks neat in this shirt without the shirt collar flapping around in the wind due to it being buttoned up. The material feels softer due to its blend of cotton and poly-based woven mix that gives it both strength and the sense of comfort needed for long days outdoors.

Carbon Compound Bow

When lightness and accuracy matter, try the PSE Carbon Air Stealth compound bow. It has a carbon riser that uses one carbon piece as its material source for better strength and durability. Using PSE’s S-RAC tech, the weight is managed at just 3.3 pounds. You won’t miss shots because the bow is slowing your activity when adjusting to move on the target.

The new tuning system from PSE works surprisingly well for hunters who wish to get their bow dialed in perfectly to their liking. The LiveWire quality bow strings and the inclusion of titanium all feel high-end compared to other lesser bows on the market. Available in Mossy Oak Country, Kuiu Verde or Black bow pattern styles, this compound bow is ready for action.

Not Going in Blind

If you’re getting a little tired of all that trekking through the woods or across open fields to find your prey, then just let the prey come to you. That’s the idea behind having your own hunting blind where you sit and wait for your prey to come within firing range. Blinds provide visual access in several directions and allow direct access to shoot your bow without needing to exit the blind to do so.

Excellent noise discipline and concealment is made possible when using a hunting blind. Just find a great spot to set it up and enjoy a leisurely day with far less stress and strain on the body.

Boots to Keep Your Feet Dry

The LaCrosse Atlas is a high boot that comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo to fit right in. The boots feel sturdy being made from a mixture of leather, high-end LXG rubber and textiles. The Dry-Core internal lining provides waterproofing and the InfiniTrac lugs on the outer deliver decent grip when walking over brooks or through forests. There’s extra rubber in the toe to protect from accidentally stubbing it too.

The Atlas boot comes in a variety of men’s sizes and insulation options. There’s an uninsulated version for summer hunting season along with PrimaLoft insulation provide at 400-grams and 800-grams, or 1,200-grams for winter hunts. Also, if the LaCrosse Atlas is not in stock, try their Silencer brand for a stealthier approach. This is equally good too.

Make sure that you’re appropriately kitted out ready for your next hunt. It makes the day far more enjoyable than when worrying about the cold or how well-equipped you are.

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