Best Survival Multi Tool for Backpacking

For a hunter, angler, hiker, or camper, the choice of the best survival tools may mean the difference in life or death!

Best Multi Tool

….. Because these sports  take place outdoors and occasionally deep in the wilderness, there is always the chance of getting stranded or lost because of accident or mistakes.

The best multi tools for backpacking in the outdoors require functions such as a knife or blade, can and bottle openers, pair of pliers, and scissors. They need to be lightweight, too.

Backpacking generally requires a reliable all-purpose blade, but a multi-tool responds in more ways than one.

Why choose these Survival tools?

Because I am an avid outdoors man , being a hunter angler, camper, and survival expert, I am well schooled in knowing how to recognize the quality and utility of the best survival tools. We will start off with the most basic of survival tools, the survival knife.

The size, shape, functions, and quality of the many survival knives on the market can tend to confuse the novice outdoors man. Some make the mistake of buying a very large and heavy survival knife which will probably be left at home because of its size and weight. This happens more than you may imagine. So be sure to take this into consideration if you are planning to carry most of your essentials on your person.

The tools examined in this article are the very best for camping, hunting, fishing and for survival purposes. I have and use some of the wonderful knives and multitools. I can vouch for their quality and utility as well as the durability of the tools themselves.

The Best Survival Knife

One of the best selling and highest quality knives I have found is the SE37-N SEAL Team Elite survival knife made by SOG. This knife is favored by the military all over the world. It has been proven to be dependable and trustworthy as befits a weapon and survival tool of the military elite. For the price, this is the best choice you can make.

Another great SOG survival knife is the E37T-K Seal Pup Elite. A less expensive version of the previously mentioned survival knife with the same high quality and dependability in all SOG survival knives. This lightweight knife is great for any outdoors activity and is easy to carry on your belt or in a backpack.

KA-BAR knives seem to a favorite of survival professionals because of their well made blades plus durability in rough circumstances. The KA-BAR 5020 army stamped and approved knife with the traditional leather stacked handle is well known by survivalists everywhere. It has been proven to be an exceptional knife for military and survival situations. This is a very good survival knife.