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Best Survival Multi Tool for Backpacking in 2022

For a hunter, angler, hiker, or camper, the choice of the best survival tools may mean the difference in life or death!

Best Multi Tool

….. Because these sports  take place outdoors and occasionally deep in the wilderness, there is always the chance of getting stranded or lost because of accident or mistakes.

The best multi tools for backpacking in the outdoors require functions such as a knife or blade, can and bottle openers, pair of pliers, and scissors. They need to be lightweight, too.

Backpacking generally requires a reliable all-purpose blade, but a multi-tool responds in more ways than one.

Why choose these Survival tools?

Because I am an avid outdoors man , being a hunter angler, camper, and survival expert, I am well schooled in knowing how to recognize the quality and utility of the best survival tools. We will start off with the most basic of survival tools, the survival knife.

The size, shape, functions, and quality of the many survival knives on the market can tend to confuse the novice outdoors man. Some make the mistake of buying a very large and heavy survival knife which will probably be left at home because of its size and weight. This happens more than you may imagine. So be sure to take this into consideration if you are planning to carry most of your essentials on your person.

The tools examined in this article are the very best for camping, hunting, fishing and for survival purposes. I have and use some of the wonderful knives and multitools. I can vouch for their quality and utility as well as the durability of the tools themselves.

Leatherman Skeletool CX

Leatherman Skeletool CX – a trusted brand, Leatherman again came out with a winner in this multi-tool.

Skeletool CX was recognized by the National Geographic magazine as the Best of 2008 Adventure Gear.

The minimalist tool emphasizes reliability in each of its functions which are kept to the following bare essentials: 154-cm stainless combination clip-point and serrated blade; regular and needle-nosed pliers; wire and hard-wire cutters; bottle opener, carabiner clip, bit driver, with Phillips #1 and #2 bits, and screwdriver 3/16” and 1/4” bits.

You can bring this compact multi-tool to any rugged adventure and it won’t weigh you down with its perfect size and weight, at barely 142 grams (5 ounces).

SOG Knives PowerLock Multi-Tool

SOG Knives PowerLock Multi-Tool – with a total weight of 272 grams (9.6 oz.)

PowerLock may not be a lightweight tool but its functions certainly typify it as a heavy weight.

It provides you with a variety of features, including

  • knife
  • cutters
  • pliers
  • bottle and can openers
  • wood saw
  • file
  • scissors

The PowerLock is definitely a superb choice for backpacking as it is fast reaping rave reviews.

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool – once again Leatherman’s reputation went another level with another product innovation.

The new Wave has integrated a few more functions into the Skeletool, earning excellent reviews and being rated as one of the topnotch multi-tools that made it to our list.

The Wave has a dual-function blade, serrated and straight. It is one of the largest, strongest and most corrosion-resistant blades currently available in the market.

At 240 grams, it weighs almost a hundred grams more than its predecessor, the Skeletool. So, aside from the standards, the Wave has added a pair of scissors, file, and a wood saw, among other new tools.

It packs 17 functions and comes with a durable body with easy-to-unlock blades made from 100% forged stainless steel, along with the other implements.

Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra – the stainless-steel, pocket-sized Micra (at 2.5 inches when closed) is surely one of Leatherman’s smallest multi-tool available in the market.

It works wonders with its tiny but durable body cramming ten multi-function tools, ranging from outdoor to personal care uses, like nail clippers, a knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, a nail file, a ruler, a bottle opener, and the best spring-action pair of scissors.

Its compactness and portability have won the admiration of fishermen and anglers alike. The Micra is available in multiple colors and sells for $30, but you can have it for just $20 at Amazon.

Leatherman Squirt ES4

Leatherman Squirt ES4 – this tool is quite tiny (around 2.25 inches when closed) and goes easy in your pocket – perfect for outdoor sorties as well as quick fixes or minor indoor repairs.

It stuffs incredible features that include wire cutters, wire strippers, spring-action needle-nosed pliers, a knife, screwdriver, file, a pair of scissors, and a bottle opener.

The Squirt is available in two models; the slightly larger ES4, and the PS4 that has added a few multi-gauge strippers which the ES4 lacks.

Overall, their features are practically the same and they are available in multiple colors.

Leatherman has definitely dominated the multi-tool industry, so much so that this article may read like what’s the best leatherman mutlti tool. They have a reputation for outdoing its own products with innovative design and engineering, leading-edge technology, superior strength and top-quality materials.

You won’t regret buying any of the well-built multi-tools for adventure, personal care, or minor repairs. They don’t weigh a ton and you can bring them along almost anywhere like a trusted buddy when you go hunting. They’re so compact you won’t notice they tagged along until you need them.

The Best Survival Knife

One of the best selling and highest quality knives I have found is the SE37-N SEAL Team Elite survival knife made by SOG. This knife is favored by the military all over the world. It has been proven to be dependable and trustworthy as befits a weapon and survival tool of the military elite. For the price, this is the best choice you can make.

Another great SOG survival knife is the E37T-K Seal Pup Elite. A less expensive version of the previously mentioned survival knife with the same high quality and dependability in all SOG survival knives. This lightweight knife is great for any outdoors activity and is easy to carry on your belt or in a backpack.

KA-BAR knives seem to a favorite of survival professionals because of their well made blades plus durability in rough circumstances. The KA-BAR 5020 army stamped and approved knife with the traditional leather stacked handle is well known by survivalists everywhere. It has been proven to be an exceptional knife for military and survival situations. This is a very good survival knife.

Folding Survival Knives and Pocket Tools

Because a lack of space concerns some outdoorsmen, I have included a few folding blade knives and pocket survival tools on this page. All of the knives are of the best quality and will do the job of most fixed blade knives. The difference is in the weight and size. These folding knives will perform perfectly in most survival situations and are easy to carry and use. Click on the ads for even more choices.

The final selection of survival tools contains the newest in lightweight, easy to carry pocket survival tools. Some of these tools will fit into your wallet and have several important functions. They are easily transported and stored for emergency and survival usage. Pick the one which meets your requirements.

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The credit card sized survival tools are great gifts to your loved ones. they can slice right through a seat belt if the need ever arises. Some are sold in packs of three for distributing to those you care about. A great emergency tool!

Best Survival Multitools

Because of the great advances in creating new metal alloys,  the multitool is beginning to challenge the survival knife as the most important and useful of survival tools.  These compact little tools contain not only a very sharp knife blade, but several other very versatile tools important to survival situations.   We will examine a few of the best multitools for survival purposes.

Probably the best known of multitools is the Leatherman 831102 Supertool 300.  I can personally vouch for this great little tool and I carry it wherever I go.  I really like the quality of the steel and especially the saw blade for survival uses.  With a lifetime warranty this tool will ensure dependable use in any survival situation.  The best multitool available, in my opinion!

Another great Leatherman multitool is the WAVE BLACK NYLON DARK model 830246.  Similar to the aforementioned model but in a flat black finish.  It has all the great tools needed for survival in the toughest conditions.  As always, this Leatherman multitool uses the very best in metal alloys for many years of dependable service.  You can’t go wrong buying a Leatherman multitool.

Our last example of a high quality multitool is made by SOG.  Not only doe SOG make very fine survival knives, they also have produced an obvious winner with the B61-N EOD PowerLock multitool.  It also sports a very good saw blade for essential survival functions.  Another very well made multitool.

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