Seaeagle Inflatable Kayaks

Why Seaeagle Inflatable Kayaks are Better than Conventional Kayaks

If you haven’t already heard of Seaeagle inflatable kayaks, they’re swiftly becoming known as one of the best products on the inflatable watercraft market. Seaeagle’s kayaks are particularly popular and give users the opportunity to travel where few other people have gone before. Whether you want to explore the far reaches of a calm lake or the rapids of a raging river, Seaeagle’s kayaks can help you get there.
With that in mind, here are just a few of the reasons why Seaeagle inflatable kayaks are better than traditional kayaks.

Equally as durable

Some people avoid buying inflatable kayaks because they don’t think they’re as strong as a conventional kayak. With Seaeagle kayaks, this isn’t the case. In fact, the hulls feel more like crocodile hide than a balloon, which gives each kayak incredible stability and power when out on the water. This means you can take your Seaeagle inflatable kayak virtually anywhere a conventional kayak would go.
Don’t believe it? In a video on Seaeagle’s website, someone is repeatedly seen swinging the claw end of a hammer at the hull of an inflatable kayak. Instead of being punctured or leaving a massive hole, the claw simply bounces off without leaving any physical damage. Even stabbing the material with a screwdriver does not affect, trying to do that with a conventional kayak would be a bad idea. Seaeagle has put years of research and development into designing the perfect material.
The secret behind this durability is a fabric that protects your kayak down to the molecular level. Using unique electronic seaming technology, the hull of your kayak is completely protected from any damage. It will simply bounce off sharp rocks, and you can even take pets with sharp claws inside the kayak with you. Put simply, Seaeagle makes the most durable inflatable kayaks in the world.

Great for fishing

It’s easy to fish from any Seaeagle inflatable kayak. Thanks to the strong hull and other unique stabilizing features, you can stand up and cast a line without worrying about tipping the boat or even losing your balance. There is also ample storage space in which to put your tackle box and other fishing equipment, which makes Seaeagle kayaks the ultimate lightweight fishing vessel.
In fact, Seaeagle even offers special fishing packages on many of its kayaks. These packages include comfortable, high-backed swivel chairs that rotate 360 degrees, giving you the range of motion you need to cast a line in total comfort. Rod holders, flat standing platforms, and other features are equally as useful. For all of these reasons, many people who buy Seaeagle kayaks are avid fishers.

Easy to Row

Seaeagle has put a huge emphasis on efficiency. Their kayaks glide through the water with incredible ease, and paddlers will feel far less of a strain than they would with other products. Seaeagle has worked hard to reduce the amount of drag that the kayak exerts on the surrounding water, and this work has paid off. Thanks to the fins and skegs on some models, the kayaks are also very easy to manoeuvre, and paddlers will have plenty of time to relax and appreciate the scenery passing by around them.
Ultimately, this means that your Seaeagle kayak will be surprisingly fast. But to make it even faster, you need a motor. This is where the Paddleski kayak comes in handy: users can mount a gasoline or electric-powered outboard motor on the back, and the unit can cruise along with surprising velocity. If you’re worried about your inflatable kayak not being powerful enough, then Seaeagle’s kayaks are an ideal solution.

More portable than a traditional kayak

Most of Seaeagle kayaks weigh less than forty pounds, which means you can easily carry them around whether they’re inflated or deflated. In fact, their kayaks easily compress into just one bag, making it easy to throw your kayak in the trunk of your car for a weekend getaway. It’s also easy to carry the kayak over land on a portage, and one person can easily control the entire process.
If you’ve ever felt limited on outdoor adventures because you didn’t have a truck, or didn’t want to drag a big boat trailer behind you, then Seaeagle kayaks are a perfect solution. Not only do you get a powerful and efficient kayak, but you save money on both a boat trailer and winter storage costs.


Despite being equal to a conventional kayak in nearly every category, Seaeagle kayaks cost significantly less money. It’s easy to get a sports kayak loaded with features for only a few hundred dollars, and even some of the larger kayaks – which seat as many as three people – can be found fully loaded for a fraction of the cost of a conventional kayak.
To make their kayaks even more affordable, Seaeagle offers a wide range of packages and bonus features that help customers save hundreds of dollars. Seaeagle will throw in paddles, foot pumps, and inflatable seats for an incredibly low price, for example, sailing packages are also available using the company’s popular ‘QuikSail’ technology. (yep you read right, you can even turn your inflatable kayak into a sailboat)

Long warranties and guarantees

Today, more and more companies are building products that are designed to break down within just a few years. Seaeagle bucks that trend, and offers a comprehensive warranty on all of its kayaks. If you purchase a Seaeagle inflatable kayak and are unhappy with it in any way, you can return it within 180 days free of charge. The company also offers a massive three-year warranty against manufacturers’ defects, which means that if anything does go wrong with your kayak, then Seaeagle has you covered.
Very few conventional kayak companies – or any company in general – will offer warranties this powerful, and it’s clear to see that Seaeagle takes pride in every kayak that they make.

The bottom line

Whether you choose to turn your kayak into a sailboat, a fishing boat, or a motorboat, it’s evident that Seaeagle kayaks are equal or better than traditional kayaks in nearly every category. With top-quality manufacturing and an overall commitment to quality, the Seaeagle is quickly carving a name for itself in more than just the inflatable boat industry – it’s cutting into the conventional boat industry as well.
Ultimately, when you order a Seaeagle kayak, you can rest assured that over forty years of tweaking and development have gone into every model. Whether you’re an expert kayaker or just want to learn how to kayak for the first time, Seaeagle kayaks can help you spend more time outdoors and give you a renewed appreciation for the world around you.

Seaeagle Explorer Inflatable Kayaks

If you’re looking for a kayak that can get you anywhere, you need to go – and more – then the Seaeagle Explorer will be the perfect kayak for you. Featuring top-quality engineering and amazing stability, the Explorer is an ideal kayak for paddlers of all skill levels. Here are just a few of the advantages of using a Seaeagle Explorer.

Durable enough to take you through class 4 rapids

One of the problems people have with inflatable boats is that they can tear or rupture easily. With Seaeagle kayaks, this is never a problem. In fact, you can hit the side of the kayak with the claw end of a hammer and won’t show any physical damage. The claw simply bounces off, leaving no visible mark.
What’s the secret behind this durability? The Explorer is made of a material called 1,000 deniers polyester-supported high-pressure fabric, and this layer is supplemented with electronically welded seams. If you didn’t understand any of that, that’s okay: essentially, it means that the material on the side of every Explorer kayak is protected down to the molecular level, and the hull feels more like a crocodile hide than an inflated balloon.
Put simply, this material has been refined and tweaked over Seaeagle’s 40-year history as a company, and it’s easy to see why so many people are happy to take their Explorer through rough rapids without worrying about getting a tear or a puncture.

Self-draining one-way valves

When you’re out kayaking, the last thing you want to do is stop on the shoreline to bail out water. With the Explorer kayak, this isn’t an issue. Thanks to the kayak’s unique one-way valves, it automatically drains out water that collects in the bottom of your boat. These drains let water out, but they don’t let any flow in. If you like the idea of kayaking, but hate sitting in a pool of cold water for the entire journey, then the Explorer is an ideal solution.
Of course, if you do need to bail excess water out of your kayak, then the Explorer also includes four high capacity self-draining valves that can easily be released. And, to ensure that passengers are kept as dry as possible, the Explorer also includes spray skirts at the bow and the stern to help deflect water away from the people inside. Extra features like this give the Explorer a huge advantage over the competition.

Gets to those hard-to-reach places

The Explorer is named that way for a reason: it will help you get virtually anywhere possible on a body of water. Since it’s inflatable, it requires only a few inches of water to operate, making it easy to get to places where few people have gone before.
This is especially useful if you like to fish. After all, fish don’t like to hang out in a spot where there is already a lot of people fishing, and some of the best fishing holes have yet to be found. Using your Seaeagle Explorer, you can easily explore the far reaches of any lake or river and find your perfect fishing spot.

Incredible stability

Speaking of fishing, it is very easy to cast a line while standing in the Explorer. The kayak has balance unlike any other small boat we’ve ever seen, and can comfortably support two people standing up at the same time. One of the major reasons for this stability is the three-foot wide beam, which extends throughout the middle of the boat and makes the entire unit rock-solid, even when somebody stands up.

Light and portable

The Seaeagle Explorer can do everything a hard-hulled boat can, but you don’t need to invest in a trailer or winter storage. Instead, the entire unit packs into just one carrying bag and weighs approximately 50 pounds. This makes it easy to portage over land, or to drag it down to the shoreline.
Just because the Explorer is lightweight doesn’t mean that it can’t hold a lot of stuff. In fact, the smallest model, the 380x Explorer, can still hold up to 2-3 adults and 750lbs. Meanwhile, the 420x Explorer can support 855lbs of weight. No matter which unit you choose, you’ll have more than enough room for all your gear and materials, and it’s easy to spend a week cruising around a lake looking for camping spots.

Numerous packages and bonus features

When you buy a Seaeagle Explorer kayak, you can choose from some different bonus options and packages. Most companies try to upsell you at this stage, but Seaeagle simply gives incredible discounts. By taking advantage of these packages, you can get a foot pump, inflatable seats, paddles, and waterproof storage bags at an extremely low price.
In fact, you can even order a sail for your Explorer. Seaeagle’s innovative QuikSail is small enough to fold comfortably inside your kayak but strong enough to use the power of the wind to guide you across any body of water. If you’d rather relax and appreciate the scenery passing by around you, then the QuikSail is an ideal way to give your paddle a break.

Risk-free warranty

Even if you don’t believe any of the features listed above, Seaeagle will reinforce their claims with a comprehensive warranty. They allow customers to return their Explorer kayak within 6 months free of charge, which essentially makes your purchase risk-free. Their warranty also protects against manufacturers’ defects for three years. Warranties and guarantees of this length don’t come from very many other inflatable boat manufacturers, and it’s clear to see that Seaeagle takes great pride in creating the perfect inflatable kayak.

The bottom line

When you buy an Explorer inflatable kayak, you’re purchasing something with forty years of research and development behind it. Seaeagle takes great pride in their work, and they’ve done an incredible amount of research and development over the last forty years. Today, all that work is finally paying off, and Explorer kayaks are being seen on bodies of water all over the world.
Whether you’re an expert kayaker or just want to learn for the first time, the Seaeagle Explorer is one of the best on the market.

Seaeagle Paddleski Inflatable Kayaks

Seaeagle is the world’s premier inflatable kayak manufacturer. With over forty years of experience in designing the perfect kayak, the company has made it as easy as possible for you to explore any body of water. Whether you want to spend an afternoon fishing or camp on a secluded beach for an entire week, Seaeagle’s Paddleski inflatable kayaks can get you there.
Here are just a few of the advantages of using a Seaeagle Paddleski inflatable kayak:

Innovative catamaran-style design

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Paddleski is its unique catamaran design. This creates some unique advantages for the user, including enhanced stability, speed, and efficiency on the water. Paddlers can easily stand up and cast a fishing line without worrying about falling over, and the two pontoons make it buoyant enough to carry all of your gear.
With traditional hard-hulled kayaks, there are only two options available: big, slow and stable, or fast and jittery. With the Paddleski, you don’t have to choose between these two options, as the two pontoons slice through the water while maintaining incredible stability at the same time.

Efficient paddling

Since the hull is kept largely out of the water, paddling in the Paddleski is incredibly efficient. The vessel glides smoothly along the surface of the water and drag is kept to a minimum. Not only does this mean that your arms get less tired after paddling, but you also have more time to kick back and relax and enjoy the scenery passing by around you.

You can attach an outboard motor

The Paddleski can hold an electric or gasoline outboard motor, and due to its low drag and overall efficiency in the water, it can cruise along at surprisingly fast speeds. This makes it easy to cruise around large lakes looking for the ideal fishing spot or travel upstream on a river. Thanks to the kayak’s ability to travel in shallow water, it can easily reach spots that other motorboats cannot.

Durability that will stand the test of time

Some people hesitate to buy an inflatable kayak because they worry it will develop holes or tears over the years. With Seaeagle’s kayaks, this has never been a problem. In fact, much of the company’s 40 years of research and development have been put towards designing the most durable fabric possible, and that’s exactly what they have used to build their Paddleski inflatables.
Don’t believe us? On Seaeagle’s website, they include a video of somebody swinging the claw end of a hammer at the side of a Seaeagle kayak. The material shows no signs of physical abuse and the hammer simply glances off. When you’re taking your Paddleski out on a lake or river, it’s unlikely that you’ll hit anything with that much sharp force, and it’s clear to see that Seaeagle kayaks are the most durable inflatable boats in the industry.

Great for fishers

If you’re an avid fisherman, then the Paddleski can significantly improve your next fishing trip. With comfortable swivel chairs and enough stability to stand up in the middle of the lake, casting a line has never been easier. Whether you’re equipping your Paddleski with a motor or simply rowing around, it’s easy to find some of the most relaxing fishing spots in the world.
And, because your inflatable kayak can travel in extremely shallow water, you can find some of the hard-to-reach fishing spots where no other fishers have gone. When you consider the built-in rod holders and comfortable swivel seats, it’s no wonder why the Paddleski is considered the best fishing kayak in the world.

Powerful and buoyant

Paddleski inflatables can carry a surprising amount of weight. The 435 model holds 2 adults and 650lbs of weight and is over 14 feet long. Put simply; it has enough size to get you, your gear, and a friend to wherever you need to go. Best of all, the Paddleski is easy to carry around. The entire kayak compresses into just one small bag weighing 41lbs, making it easy for a single person to carry it down to the shoreline before deflating it.
Of course, once you inflate it, the Paddleski isn’t much heavier. You can easily drag it up onto the shoreline when you find a beach, for example, or portage across the land. No matter where you decide to go on your adventure, the Paddleski can come along with you.


When compared to traditional kayaks, Seaeagle Paddleskis are surprisingly affordable. Seaeagle even offers some deluxe packages to accompany your order, including premium seats, paddles, foot pumps, swivel chairs, and even a sail. Ordering these packages helps you save hundreds of dollars on accessories, and they’re a great way to get the most out of your new Paddleski inflatable kayak.

Warranty coverage

If you’re still unsure about the quality of your Seaeagle Paddleski inflatable kayak, then the company’s powerful warranty should cover any doubts that you may have. If you’re unhappy with your Paddleski in any way within the first 180 days, you can return it for a full refund. Your Paddleski is also covered against manufacturing defects for a full three years. Companies don’t offer warranties that last this long unless they’re sure about the quality of their product, and Seaeagle knows what they’re doing.

Five boats in one

Ultimately, when you buy a Seaeagle Paddleski inflatable kayak, you’re buying five boats in one.

  • Paddleboat
  • Motorboat
  • Rowboat
  • Sailboat
  • Fishing boat

With so many different things to do with your new kayak, you’ll be looking for new activities to do every weekend. Whether you’re already an avid outdoor adventurer or you want to spend more time outside, your Seaeagle kayak will help you get there.


When you trust a company with as much experience as Seaeagle, you’re investing in the pinnacle of inflatable boat technology. No matter what you’re going to use your inflatable kayak for, it has never been easier to spend more time outdoors.

Seaeagle Inflatable Sport Kayaks

Seaeagle is one of the world’s premier inflatable boat manufacturers, and their line of sports kayaks is particularly popular. Today, we’re going to show you why Seaeagle inflatable sports kayaks are one of the best in the industry.

Over forty years of industry experience

Seaeagle has been developing inflatable boats for over forty years, which means that every Seaeagle product has years of research and development behind it. Forty years of testing and tweaking has got Seaeagle’s sports kayaks to where they are today, and this means that the kayaks you purchase represent the pinnacle of inflatable boat technology.
This experience can be seen in every part of your inflatable sport kayak. Seaeagle’s sport kayaks have two small fins (called ‘skegs’) attached to the bottom, which helps them glide across water more smoothly than any other inflatable kayak on the market. Without these skegs, the energy you spend paddling is being wasted, and your kayak may drift listlessly across the water.
The sport kayak’s drains are equally as innovative. Unlike other kayaks, Seaeagle’s products automatically release water through their one-way valves, meaning that water can get out, but it can’t get back in. These one-way valves are incredibly easy to use and help you stay out on the water for as long as you need to.

Incredible durability

Many years of research and development have also gone into crafting the perfect material for the outer surface of the sport kayak. By using the latest technology – like high-frequency electronic seam welding – Seaeagle has created a sport kayak that is incredibly resistant to physical damage. It glides over sharp rocks without a problem, and Seaeagle tests their kayaks by swinging the claw end of a hammer at the surface. Amazingly, the material holds up even under this sharp pressure.
The entire hull is also coated with an extra 33mm of Polykrylar material, giving it added rigidity and resistance to damage. Some people worry that their inflatable kayak will spring a leak when traveling over rough water, but with Seaeagle sports kayaks, this is never a problem. Whether you’re cruising down a large, swift-moving river or challenging class 4 rapids, Seaeagle’s sport kayaks hold up amazingly well.

Enhanced stability

Since all Seaeagle sport kayaks use a special I-beam construction floor, they are incredibly rigid and stable. This makes it easy to get in and out of the boat and is an incredibly useful feature to have on any body of water. When you combine this I-beam construction with the two skegs along the bottom, it’s clear to see why Seaeagle prides itself on creating the best, most stable inflatable sport kayaks in the industry.


Unlike a traditional kayak, Seaeagle inflatable kayaks can be compressed down into just one small storage bag. Weighing a minuscule 26 pounds, this bag can easily be carried by one person and can fit into the trunk of your car without a problem. Once you come close to a body of water, you can inflate it on the shoreline and then hop in. Not only does this make it easy to get where you need to go, but it makes portages across land incredibly easy, as the Seaeagle inflatable kayak weighs the same in both its inflated and deflated forms.

Surprisingly powerful

Once inflated, a Seaeagle sport kayak can hold over 500 pounds, and comfortably seats two passengers along with their gear. This makes it easy to plan a weekend getaway: throw your kayak into the trunk of your car, bring along a tent, food, and other materials, and you’re good to go. Once you find a body of water, you can bring everything along with you inside the kayak, giving you the freedom to explore some of the most magnificent and remote waterways in the world.

Two different models

There are two different kinds of Seaeagle sport kayaks: the SE 330 and the SE 370. Priced slightly lower than the 370, the 330 is an amazing bargain and includes all of the features that we’ve listed above. Meanwhile, the 370 is only $ more and includes enhanced durability and carrying capacity. The Polykrylarmaterial is slightly thicker, and the entire frame has been expanded.
Each model includes two seats and can carry a large amount of gear, but those who appreciate a little extra room will want to opt for the 370, as it can carry up to 650 pounds and three passengers. Regardless of which model you choose, every Seaeagle inflatable sports kayak offers phenomenal quality at an affordable price.

Additional features

One of the most popular reasons why people choose Seaeagle is because of their amazing package deals. When you order a sports kayak, Seaeagle will throw in their high-quality foot pumps, paddles, canoe seats, and carrying bags at a fraction of their normal price. Since inflatable kayaks are already significantly less expensive than their hard-hulled counterparts, this makes your purchasing decision even easier.
One of the coolest additional features that Seaeagle offers is the handy QuikSail, which attaches itself to the front of your kayak and effectively turns it into a sailboat. If you feel like calmly relaxing while you’re out on the water, then this QuikSail can let the wind guide you while you sit back and relax. And, if it ever gets too windy, then the sail can easily be stored in the bow or stern of the boat.

Powerful warranty

Seaeagle is so sure of the quality and durability of their sports kayaks that they offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects from bow to stern. And, to make the deal even better, you can try your Seaeagle sports kayak for six months (180 days) risk-free. If you return your boat within that period, you receive a full refund.
It’s the little things that make Seaeagle’s inflatable sports kayaks so powerful. Whether you want to cruise down some of the world’s largest rivers or paddle across a lake close to home, Seaeagle’s sports kayaks can significantly enhance the quality of your outdoor life.

Seaeagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayaks

Over the last forty years, Seaeagle has developed a name for itself as the world leader in high-quality inflatable kayaks. However, with several unique kayak models to choose from, you may not know which one will work best for your needs.
One of Seaeagle’s most popular types of kayaks is called the FastTrack, which is the company’s fastest and lightest model yet. It seats one, two, or even three people and is specifically designed to explore some of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water. If you’re ready to uncover some of the best-hidden camping or fishing spots that lie in your backyard, then the Seaeagle Fast Track inflatable kayak can help you get there.
Here are just of few of the benefits of using a Fast Track inflatable kayak:

Innovative technology

Seaeagle prides itself on creating unique solutions to problems. Over the last forty years, they’ve tweaked and refined their kayaks to represent the absolute pinnacle of inflatable watercraft technology, and this means that their Fast Track kayaks include some innovative solutions.
One of the best examples of this innovation is the fins along the underside of the kayak. In the bow, a drop stitch keel makes it easy to direct your kayak to wherever you need to go, while a single large skeg in the stern helps your kayak bite into the water and reduces drift. When paired together, these two ‘fins’ make it easy to control your kayak and give it enhanced stability on any body of water.
So, while a traditional kayak might get tossed about by currents on a lake, Seaeagle’s Fast Track kayaks don’t have this problem. Not only does this make it easy to navigate your boat on the water, but it reduces the energy you have to spend while paddling and makes your entire journey more efficient. The less time you spend paddling, the more time you have to enjoy the beautiful scenery passing by around you.

A durable exterior

Some people are hesitant to buy inflatable kayaks because they worry about rips and tears. Thanks to Seaeagle’s high-quality exterior fabric, this has never been an issue. In fact, the exterior of Fast Track kayaks is so durable that you can hit it with the claw side of a hammer without causing any physical damage. Doing this with any other inflatable kayak would be simply impossible, and it’s one of the major reasons why Seaeagle’s inflatable boats are some of the most popular products on the market.
What’s the secret behind the Fast Track’s phenomenal durability? Much of Seaeagle’s forty years of industry experience have been spent creating the perfect material. All of this research and development has led to the high-pressure drop stitch floor, which provides added rigidity to the kayak without making it much heavier. Because of this quality material, the Fast Track can easily glide over rocks without being cut up, and paddlers rarely have to worry about checking their material for a hole.

You can take it anywhere

Because of its surprisingly strong exterior, Seaeagle Fast Track kayaks retain all of the benefits of an inflatable boat with none of the downsides. This means that they are incredibly lightweight and portable and that they can easily compress into the trunk of your car. The Seaeagle Fast Track weighs just 35 pounds, which means that it can easily be carried by one person.
The entire kayak can fit into a small nylon carrying bag, making it easy to throw it into the trunk of your car for a weekend getaway. If you’ve ever felt limited on outdoor adventures because you don’t have a truck to carry all of your material, then the Fast Track is an easy way to remove that limitation.
Enough buoyancy to carry over 600 pounds of people and material
Because of its strong exterior and drop stitch keel, Fast Track kayaks are amazingly buoyant. The 385 Fast Track can carry 635lbs, while the 465 Fast Track can carry just under 800lbs. The smaller model holds two people comfortably, while the larger model can hold three, and this amazing carrying capacity means that you can hold more than enough gear for a weekend getaway.
Ultimately, Seaeagle has made it as easy as possible to throw all of your gear into a Fast Track and explore a body of water. Whether you’re going fishing for an afternoon or camping on a secluded beach for a week, the Fast Track will be able to hold all of your gear without a problem.

Bonus features

Seaeagle Fast Track kayaks can be fit with some additional features, including deluxe seats and a large sail. These features will significantly enhance the value of your Fast Track kayak and can help you travel to more places than ever before. The popular QuikSail package, for example, will effectively turn your kayak into a sailboat, making it easy to kick back, relax, and let the breeze take you across the water.
When you buy a Fast Track kayak, you are also eligible for hundreds of dollars of savings on Seaeagle accessories, including waterproof carrying cases, premium paddles, foot pumps, and more. These are easy, low-cost ways to improve your paddling experience and enhance the affordability of all Fast Track kayaks.
If you plan on using your Fast Track for fishing, then Seaeagle has a package designed specifically for you. It includes a comfy, rotatable seat in the middle of the kayak, giving you the freedom to cast your rod in any direction. The entire kayak is also very stable, making it very easy to stand up. Try doing that on a traditional kayak!

Guaranteed quality

Seaeagle has one of the best warranties in the business and covers their Fast Track kayaks for a full three years against any manufacturing defects. They even give customers the option to return their kayak within 180 days if they are unhappy with their purchase in any way.
For all of these reasons, Seaeagle is the leader of the inflatable kayak industry. Whether you’re interested in fishing, camping, or just exploring on your own, a Seaeagle Fast Track inflatable kayak can help you get to where you need to go.

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