Tasty Camping Food

Easy, Quick And Tasty Camping Food Ideas

Easy, Quick And Tasty Camping Food Ideas

An important part of any camping vacation is the food. What’s a holiday that doesn’t include delicious meals?

One of the highlights of any camping trip is the process of cooking your meals while you sit around the fire and connect and catch up with each other. What’s better, with a delicious meal to look forward to!

This article will explore a few camping food ideas to help you whip up some tasty meals quickly and easily while camping

Some general tips for camping and cooking:

The main thing about cooking great meals while camping is that they are straightforward and easy to execute.

Before embarking on any camping trip, you are going to need to be clear about the volume of food you will need to prepare.

There is nothing worse than running out of food supplies before your camping trip is over. This is especially true if you are camping somewhere that is remote, as you won’t have access to shops to stock up at during your trip!

There’s no doubt about it when it comes to providing fantastic camping food, you need to be organized and prepared. This includes a meal plan and a comprehensive camping food list that is ready to go before you are.

Easy camping food ideas:

Here are a few ways to create delicious meals while camping.

Pre-Prepared Foods:

One of the best ways to create delicious meals quickly is to pre-prepare them from home, put them in zip lock bags and freeze them. These can be defrosted and reheated of the fire in next to no time, and will give you a delicious meal!

Some Simple Camping Recipes:

There are a variety of wholesome and nutritious meals that can be cooked up when you are already at the campsite. As long as you have a freezer, a stove/barbecue or roaring campfire, you can cook just about anything you would at home.

Campfire cooking might take a bit of getting used to, but by wrapping your food in tinfoil, you can cook just about anything evenly.

Other Innovative Camping Food Ideas:

Throughout the years there have been many creative food ideas for camping. You’ve probably heard that you can defrost/cook food using the heat from your car’s engine, but there’s no need to take such drastic measures to create tasty and nutritious camping meals.

Take a good look around your kitchen and think about the kinds of things that might taste good cooked over a fire; you might be surprised at some of the creative idea’s you come up with!

The internet has a wealth of food ideas for camping. Aside from articles such as this one, you can also browse camping forums and websites to see what kinds of meals more experienced camping enthusiasts swear by.

All you need is some tinfoil; a few zip lock bags and some creativity and you too can enjoy campfire cooked meals with minimal fuss.

There’s no need to eat sub-standard food while you are out on a camping trip anymore. Use these ideas to whip up a gourmet feast instead of subsisting on tinned foods and other dreary camping-style foods.

Spice up your next camping trip with some of these camping food ideas, and you will be sure to have a rejuvenating getaway, without having to stress about food.

Camp Menu Ideas

Planning A Healthy Camp Menu Ideas

Camping can be fun, but that doesn’t mean that you simply let nutrition hang in the wind.
It takes a lot of preparation and planning, but the payoff is well worth the time and effort.

Planning Camp Menu Ideas

When coming up with your camp menu ideas, it helps to remember a few of the basic demands the meals will need to address.

Eating well-balanced meals on a camping excursion will make certain everyone has the energy level needed to enjoy their time out of doors.

It also promotes healthy body functions. The food has to taste good, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be wholesome and nutritious.

When considering your camp menu ideas, water is something you also have to plan for.
Playing in the sun and all that fresh air increases the body’s need for plain H2o.

You should have enough on hand so that each person can drink at least 2 quarts a day especially if they are kayaking, hiking, and swimming.

Also think raw, the more raw fruits and vegetables on the menu the less digestive issues your campers will experience.

One way to make sure your camp menu ideas are well received is to plan meals that have a little something for everyone.

Not everyone is going to be thrilled with everything you put out, but for the most part, everyone will have something they can eat/will eat.

Knowing your campers or at least something about the demographic of your campers will aid you in planning the meals.

Also, you can discuss on food preferences: what other member likes and dislikes, do they have allergy on specific food, what kind of their favorite meal among your camping mate

Ask the young ladies that will be coming to submit ideas of their own.

You can even make it a tradition to cook a different menu suggestion each night.
This will make the campers feel like they are a part of the process not just along for the ride.

When planning you also will have to also keep in mind what the activities are for each day.

Some days will only require light meals but days of extreme activity requires more food to replenish their stores of energy.

If you are going to offer general cooking lessons for the girls, then this too has to be considered in the camp menu ideas.

You have to have enough supplies on hand that they all get to cook.

The cooking certification is one of the most fun parts of going on the camping trip. Careful planning on your part will help these ladies enjoy the experience even more.

Camping takes great stores of energy. Young people use more energy when camping than at home. There is no computer, DVD player or Nintendo to occupy their time.

It is a chance for them to be more physically active and quite naturally it requires more fuel than sitting on the sofa.

Shopping the list

Once you have the menu, it is time to consider shopping.

Looking at your menu write out a complete list of ingredients needed.

This list should include spices and staples that will be needed.

The next step is to figure out the quantity of each item that will be needed. Find a recipe for the dish.

It may be for fewer people if the recipe feeds four then you double the ingredients for 8 or triple for 16 it is a simple thing to increase recipes.

Create a Cookbook

Another one of the greatest camp menu ideas is to create a cookbook for that season’s campers.

Include all the recipes and the new measurements so that all anyone has to do is look up the date to know what is to be served.

When writing the instructions for the preparations’ be particular in the details.

Explain each movement clearly, so there is no room for error. If something happens and the ladies have to cook on their own, this will help tremendously.


Once you have created your menu, your next task will be to purchase supplies and often you have to repackage most of them.

Make sure you minimize the packaging, otherwise you’ll have to bring back lots of garbage, especially cardboard boxes and plastic glass jars.

Combine as many ingredients as possible to cut back on the amount of packaging you have with you such as powered milk with cereal or vegetables that will cook together

Sometimes you may need to dry certain foods so that they last longer.

Pack all your food in label or color code boxes for easy identification.

Last Words

Finally, consider the time each menu will take to prepare. The most difficult menus should be on the days when there is little to do.

For instance, if you had an easy menu planned and Mother Nature decides that it is going to be a dreary wet day switch it to a more difficult menu and enlist the girl’s aid in preparing it.

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