Best Fish Finder Reviews

Top 6 Best Fish Finder Reviews & Buyer Guide (Updated 2021)

A fish finder is an echo sounder or SONAR that is designed for detecting the existence or presence of fish within the underwater environments, aside from measuring the water depth. 

Today, the best fish finders on the market make use of echo-location, reflecting the electronic pulses of fish, while converting such information into graphics.

The top rated fish finders feature full-color and high-definition screen display or a liquid crystal display.

Best Value

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer- 3.5″ GPS

  • Depth range: 130ft
  • Scanning frequenc : 1,600 ft freshwater*, 750 ft saltwater
  • Display size: 3.5” diag

Best of the best

Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0

Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 – iOS and Android Compatible Bluetooth Fish Finder

  • Depth range: 130ft
  • Scanning frequenc : Up to 7 scans/s
  • Connection range: 130ft


ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder 

  • Depth range: 135feet
  • Sonar Frequency: 125Khz
  • Patented sonar fish I.D. Technology
  • Display: LED beacon

Obviously, such device is essential for fishermen, both the seasoned and the avid ones.

Hence, they make sure that this device works efficiently, according to their requirements.

On that note, below are only the best fish finder reviews, which are rated by customers and unit owners, based on their experiences with each product.​

Moving forward, you will learn about the top fish finders with each one’s impressive features and specifications, state-of-the-art technologies, efficiency, and affordability all at the same time.

Best Fish Finder Reviews

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder
NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder is ultimate for fishing trips and family outings; the Norcross Hawkeye F33P offers the latest portable fishfinder technology and is guaranteed to help you come up with better fish stories.​

Its weight is 1.6 pounds and has dimensions of 6 x 3 x 2 inches, this unit uses an ultra wide, 45 degree sonar beam angle, and this system delivers accurate depth, fish and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet. 

This unit includes a trollable, mountable, and floatable sonar sensor.

The F33P is exceptionally easy to use; simply turn the power on, toss the sonar sensor and in no time flat you’ll receive instant depth, fish, weed, and contour readings.​

With its “SideScan” adapter, the F33P can also attach to a broomstick handle to scan under weeds, lily pads, ice, or docks. The F33P delivers reliable readings by using algorithmic programming.
NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

1. Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder Review

 Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder
With a 4.5-Star Rating on Amazon is the Deeper DP0H10S10-P Fishfinder.

This is the best fish finder under 200, featuring smart wireless sonar that is compatible with your tablet or smartphone as it can support over 7000 different models of tablets and smartphones on the market.

The Deeper DP0H10S10-P makes use of Bluetooth technology in transferring sonar readings onto the device for up to 150 feet in distance.

Cellular data is not necessary for the sonar operation, making it the best depth finder for the money as it functions virtually anywhere.

Its dual frequency sonar lets you cover wide areas, including narrow ones, yet with high accuracy returns, whether in fresh or salt waters.

It is lightweight, weighing only 0.22 pounds with 2.6 inches in diameter. It is a compact and very easy to use fish finder without installations, external batteries, or wires.

With the perfect angling, the Deeper DP0H10S10-P will let you explore easily and quickly, finding the best spots for the best catch.

Hence, it is a space-saving and among the powerful boat sonar systems that offers a perfect resolution. Therefore, it is ideal for boat fishing, kayak fishing, and even ice fishing getaways.

The Deeper’s zoom feature also allows you to magnify the view on the Vertical Flasher, providing real-time tracking.

Information is immediately retrieved once the Deeper is attached to the fishing line, getting intelligent info about the bottom contour, depth, structure, water temperature, the fish, and so much more!

All in all, the Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Fish Finder is considered by many owners as the top fish finder today due to its integrated Bluetooth technology, mobile and mobile app compatibility, and its all-in-one function, unlike the traditional from amazon

2. Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide with Transducer Review

Fish finders reviews also reveal about the excellence of the Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide with Transducer.

With an average rating of 4.5-Stars on Amazon, this is the best Garmin fishfinder ever created. It is a premium unit with the multi-purpose transducer, which can deliver Garmin DownVu and HD-ID 77/200 kHz scanned images in a vertically-split or horizontally-split screen simultaneously.

Based on Garmin fishfinder reviews, the users can get the clearest images and almost photographic details of the structure under the boat.

Hence, this device offers bright and crisp display due to its 5 inches high-resolution VGA. Its Smooth Scaling feature also provides a smooth transition from the shallow water to the deep water and vice versa.

Moreover, the Garmin’s viewing cone angles, which are narrow-to-wide offer a big picture beyond the boat’s sides from shallow waters down to a maximum distance of 2,300 feet. This device boasts a 4,000W Peak-to-Peak power and sonar history rewind.

The quick-release swivel mount is among the Garmin’s selling points, including its modest trolling motor transducer mounts, making the installation of this top rated fish finder a snap.

The package includes 4-pin 77/200 kHz HD-ID, echo 551dv, a swivel/tilt quick-release mount, DownVu transducer with trolling motor mount and transom mount, plus a power cable.

Overall, this is the best fish finder for many consumers because it works great, especially the colored display versus the black and white of other devices, specifically the old units.

The detailed picture and the structure of the bottom are loved as they show up as photos.

The Garmin Echo 551dv is the best sonar fish finder also offers an easy-to-read display, even in the from amazon

3. Lowrance 000-12635-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder Review

Lowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3X Sonar, W/ 83/200 XDCR
With an average rating of 4-Stars is the Lowrance 000-12635-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder.

This is a good fish finder since it is packed with superior features of a premium color fish finder. It is also compact and affordable, while never compromises on clarity on a color display just to save cash.

The Lowrance Elite-3X boasts a Broadband Sonar, delivering up to 10 times the sensitivity of other models on the market.

This results in better structure detail, including a reduced cutter, an increased transducer life, and less battery draw at the same time.

Many owners find the Lowrance as the best cheap fish finder today, offering a dual frequency operation of 83kHz that provides a maximum of 60-degree conical coverage. It is ideal for displaying the largest fish arches while searching large areas simultaneously.

It features bright, crisp, and full-color 240×360 LED display, allowing the user to see the screen and menus during the night and daytime operations.

Based on depth finder reviews, the Lowrance Elite-3X is equal to simple menu navigation through its menu, enter, and arrow buttons. It also comes with a quick-release, swivel, and tilt bracket.

Users are satisfied with this gadget’s fish identification option, which displays fish icons, helping both the beginners and pros identify fish.

All in all, the Lowrance Elite-3X is the best fish finder for the money, considering its affordability without compromising its quality.

The package includes a mounting bracket, Elite3x, a power cable, transducer, a transom mount transducer, installation hardware, and an owner’s from amazon

4. Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Review

4-Star Rating is the Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder with an overall design that suits both the amateur and the pro fishermen. Its sonar sensor greatly helps the user in finding the locations of fish; hence, it is perfect for family vacations and fishing adventures.

The Signstek FF-003 is the best value fish finder for many consumers due to the several features that this device has to offer.

Hence, it boasts an automatic zoom bottom tracking, plus a quick manual zoom option.

The user can choose between the meter and the feet reading as well. It has a depth and fish alarm of between 3 and 99 feet with small or big fish identification.

This device features 200KHz/83KHz dual beam sonar frequency, color screen display, and multi-language menu.

The package comes with one fish finder, a transducer, a screw, and a manual. It is IPX4 waterproof and requires 4-AAA batteries for its power.

Fish finder ratings and reviews indicate that the Signstek FF-003 is very useful in the lake, river, or the ocean, working fantastically on detecting any school of fish in different areas.

Thus, efficiency, durability, and quality are assured by Signtek through this innovative FF-003 Portable Fish Finder as Signtek provides no less than the best and world-class products, plus excellent services.

In all, the Signstek FF-003 is highly capable of obtaining accurate depth, while finding fish at the same time.

It is among the best fishfinders today that is compact, reasonable, and considered as one of the most reliable finders by thousands of users across the from amazon

5. Humminbird 409160-1 959ci HD GPS/Sonar Combo Fishfinder Review

Humminbird 409160-1 959ci HD GPS/Sonar Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo
The Humminbird 409160-1 959ci Fishfinder is the best fishfinder GPS combo, garnering an average rating of 4.5-Stars. It features 480 by 800 7-inch color VGA screen.

The amazing features include an ultra-bright LED-backlit LCD that surely provides crystal-clear and bright images, resulting in an easy viewing, despite harsh sunlight.

According to Hummingbird fish finder reviews, owners love this gadget’s built-in cartography, which includes double SD card slots and the Hummingbird ContourXD.

This finder is a combination of DualBeam PLUS and SwitchFire sonar, plus 10Hz precision interior GPS.

Owners typically make use of one SD card slot for superior cartography, while the other for saving some screenshots, sonar waypoints and recording.

Aside from the internal GPS and 360 imaging compatibility, this Hummingbird depth finder also offers a higher speed processor, new cosmetics, and I-pilot Link compatibility.

Moreover, Hummingbird depth finder reviews reveal that this device provides big color images, plus amazing detail and contrast.

This finder gives a lot of information and various ways of viewing screens and other combinations.

Among the very good fish finders, the Humminbird 409160-1 959ci has an easy-to-learn interface, allowing even the beginners or amateurs to make use of such device, while fishing.

There are plenty of control options to get down into the menu, giving the user fairly everything he needs as he goes looking for fish into the deep water.

The mapping works fine, although an additional software could make it work better. But, overall, the device works excellent; after all, it is not the best low price fish finder around.

While it is a bit expensive, the Humminbird 409120-1 provides exceptional visibility in bright sunlight with simple and concise menus, with adequate and animation-like color, and so much more!buy from amazon

6. Lowrance Elite-7 Gold CHIRP Fishfinder/Chartplotter

With an average rating of 4.5-Stars on Amazon is the Lowrance Elite-7 Gold CHIRP Fishfinder/Chartplotter, featuring 455/800 KHz and 83/200 kHz transducer. This finder also boasts a Navionics Gold Cartography. It has widescreen, measuring at seven inches that allows clear and crisp images.
Its Navionics Gold Cartography allows a high-definition mapping, including the CHIRP Sonar combined with a Down Scan Imaging.
So far, this is the best fish sonar for many owners, considering its CHIRP Sonar that is highly capable of identifying target easier, hence, allowing the user to distinguish the bait from the game fish. With a better target definition, this device is also better at greater depths, while marking the fish clearly when it comes to greater boat speeds.
On one display, the user can view various CHIRP sonar settings. The Down Scan Imaging setting, on the other hand, offers picture-like images beneath the boat. This is the best fish finder also because of its interior 16-channel GPS antenna that delivers precision navigation.
Moreover, the micro-SD card slot is waterproof and is completely compatible with Fishing Hot Spots, Lake Master map cards, and Navionics Gold chart cards. The gadget’s built-in memory is capable of allowing a maximum of 3,000 waypoints, 100 retraceable plot trails, and 100 routes. Everything about the best fish finder for the money is found in the Lowrance Elite-7 with very easy-to-use settings and an Advanced Mode that expands features selection.
Overall, this is the best Lowrance fish finder to date, featuring a selectable single-frequency operation, allowing the user to create his map from the real-time sonar data that is recorded through Insight Genesis. The entire package includes Elite-7, a mounting bracket; installation hardware, an owner’s manual, and a transom mount from amazon

Fish Finder Buying Guide

After having a grasp on the best fish finder reviews, there are still more factors to consider when it comes to the best fish finder on the market. Below is detailed information about this device, giving you more ideas, before ordering one from a dealer.

Screen Options

  • Size – The size of the screen is a major factor to consider. Many owners highly recommend getting a finder with a big screen, as long as your budget allows you to. This is more so when it comes to a fish finder, and GPS combo as the two will share a single screen. The best fishfinder with a big screen will allow you to read easier, giving more details, while making it easier in determining what your device is trying to imply.
  • Color Versus Monochrome – Fishfinder enthusiasts usually advise you to get the color variety. It is mainly because monochrome screens will only show you between four and 16 various shades of gray for the intensity of the sonar return, while the color screens will show from 64 up to 256 colors of the sonar return. Therefore, having the color variety is easier to interpret, helping you identify the bottom, whether it is soft or hard, with gravel or rocks, and so on. After all, color screens are the biggest advancements in the best fish finders for a long period.
  • Resolution – A device with a higher resolution is always better. This simply means that high resolution equals better detail and information displayed on the screen. Hence, it is calculated in pixels, so, this product detail is among the ones to watch out for.
  • Others – Based on the model, a fishfinder can also display on its screen more details like the temperature, depth, distance, speed, fuel consumption, navigational information, battery condition, and so much more.


The transducer is a must-have in every color fish finder. It is the one emitting and receiving the sonar signal while sending it to the device itself. It is very important to take note that any of the best depth finders will never work without the transducer. However, there are some fishfinders on the market without a transducer, so, asking is always sensible.
After learning the basics of the transducer, it is now time to identify the kind or type of transducer that you might want to have. Below are the most commonly produced and used transducers.

  • Transom Mount Transducer – Transom mount transducer is the most common kind of transducer today as it mounts on the back (transom) of the boat away from its motor. However, it still makes good contact with the water. Typically, this is the best resolution for small fishing boats as well as pleasure crafts. Small fishing boats usually measure not more than 25 feet. Also, keep in mind that some of these transducers can adjust to a trolling motor, while it is used in front of the boat with a trolling motor.
  • Thru-hull Transducer – This type mounts through the hull. Among the benefits of this transducer is that the thru-hull is not subject to cavitations interference, which is caused by the motor of the boat and the hull as it passes throughout the water. Larger fishing vessels make use the best depth finder with a thru-hull transducer, including boats that draw plenty of water, commercial vessels, sailboats, and so on. This transducer is usually more expensive than the transom mount type.
  • In-hull Transducer – Also called a shoot-thru-hull, this transducer type is the rarest. It is mounted in the boat, shooting through the hull. Among the three kinds, this is the most expensive, although the user cannot obtain the speed or temperature with this transducer.Note: The majority of manufacturers design their devices to work with their transducers and transducers are rarely interchangeable.

Multi-Function Display

Among the factors to consider, while in search of the best fishfinder is the multi function display. While it is one of the newest advancements, it is a rising trend within the industry as this feature offers multiple functions. A multiple function display allows the user to have a screen display with additional components such as a radar, antenna, GPS, sounder, and many other navigational and sonar needs in one display.

Single Versus Dual Frequency

Fishfinder reviews would explain that fishfinders with single frequency will transmit the signal at 200 kHz frequency. Single frequency finders provide a narrow view of what is underneath the boat. However, it is not a bad thing in shallow water, but you will see less as it gets deeper into the water.
On the other hand, the dual frequency finder can transmit signal at 50 kHz and 200 kHz. In fact, this is designed to whatever frequency the user is in, allowing the best view possible. Some models can show a split screen of the 50 kHz and 200 kHz frequencies.
It is important to compare fish finders when it comes to the frequency. Thus, it is essential to bear in mind that the price of a dual frequency finder is just a bit high, compared to a single frequency. Perhaps, having this unit will be worth the extra cash.
Furthermore, take note that a dual frequency finder should also come with a dual transducer. Today, there are specific models of the top fish finders that can transmit at certain frequencies than what has been explained above.

Sonar Power

Sonar power is the measurement of how powerful the sonar is, and is calculated in watts. A fishfinder with a higher sonar power is said to be better. More sonar power also means a stronger signal return, especially when it comes to deeper water. As long as your finances allow you, it is always sensible to get a device with the highest power.
Manufacturers of fishfinders and fishing sonar reviews list the power measurement in two ways – Peak to Peak, and RMS. Peak to Peak is 8 times RMS, such as a 500 watts RMS is equivalent to 4,000 watts Peak to Peak. Some manufacturers list the measurement in both units.
Meanwhile, lower power fishfinders usually have 50 up to 150 watts, while higher power finders may have between 300 and 500 watts RMS. High-end models may have 1,000 up to 3,000 watts RMS. But, the average power of most fishfinders is measured at 250 up to 500 watts RMS.


In a nutshell, it is very important to keep in mind that the top fish finders function similarly, sending out sound waves through the transducer. The sound waves can encounter targets, reflecting the sound waves back and then shown on the screen. The details on display include fish, the structure, and other information about the bottom.
Determining what is the best fish finder largely depends on the features of the device, including the brand as you pay for the quality, durability, accuracy, and efficiency all at the same time. Looking for the best fish finder under 300 or 200 is always essential as long as you keep the key points mentioned above while shopping for the best fish finders for the money. Considering the product reviews and the contributing factors will certainly help you arrive at the best choice possible.
Discover Which Fishfinder Is BEST For You…
Here you can discover which fish finder is the BEST fit for you.
We will cover many different brands like Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin, Raymarine, and much more. We will keep you up-to-date on new models that come on the market; first with information, and then with reviews and thoughts on how these new fishfinders perform.
As you head out to go fishing, you probably know which body of water you want to fish. Whether it is a new location or your old tried and true secret fishing hole, do you know what is down there beneath the surface? That’s where the fish finders come into play.
It can be in the steamy hot and humid dog days of summer or the frigid wind-whipped subzero arctic conditions of winter out on the ice of a lake, but how do you figure out where the best place is to toss out that hook? Where are those big lunkers hanging out? Are you out on a fully loaded bass boat or a kayak decked out for fishing or casting out from shore or just dropping your line down an ice hole? You do want to know where those fish are, don’t you?
Here we will check out what some of the features and differences are. I’m sure you will want to know what conditions they are best suited to like boats versus casting from shore. Even some of the cons of certain fish finders will be addressed because there may not be a perfect fish finder for certain uses, but one is sometimes better than none.


I tend to use Amazon because they tend to have the best prices, deals, shipping, and, most especially, their customer service and return policy are unmatched. Check out the different pages and links over in the close right column to compare and find out which fish finder fits you, your needs, and your style best…

Your Fish Finders Resource

Finding the right fishfinder can be a difficult matter. There is an abundance of fish finders on the market today, and for an ignorant fisherman, it can be difficult to determine what to choose. Why should we invest in a fish finder at all? Well, the answer is obvious; finding fish !. We have all been fishing for hours in one or more fishing spots and asked ourselves: is it fish down there at all? Most people do not want to waste their time so knowing there is something down there is important to be aware of. Fishfinders solve this question easily, and today they are very good, easy to use, relatively cheap and accurate.We have reviews of, i.e., Humminbird fish finder, Garmin fish finder, Lowrance fishfinders, etc.They can be mounted on any boat and even on a fishing rod or an arm. Portable fishfinders can be placed anywhere, and they can be used anywhere. Your specific need for a fish finder should be covered no matter what they are. Echo sounders exist in combo editions with GPS and chart plotters and can be linked to downriggers. Fishing from a boat now becomes a science and super effective trolling is very possible with such gear. For the more simple boat fishing, one can improve the experience and catch big by using a simple easy-to-use fishfinder. We have made reviews of different black/white and color fishfinders and have also made some guides to make it more easy for you like a more or less ignorant angler. This site is relatively new, and shortly many more reviews and guides will be created for you.
From walkie-talkies into cellphones and just like any gadgets and equipment, fishing rods have evolved into fish finders. And now the portable fish finders are a great deal. You can use it whether you are fishing upon a lake or in a wide ranged sea water.There are a lot of varieties of portable fish finders, and yet they offer almost the same functions. They might differ in some way or the other but they are the almost the same.From the word portable itself, it tells us that we can use this fish finder anywhere anytime because this is a handy device and it is easy to operate the device.If you are planning to purchase a portable fish finder for any reason you have, whether for family bonding or for putting more fish into your boat. Take these fish finder components into consideration:
1. The display. This is commonly known as the monitor. Always remember that the more pixels it has, the clearer the display is.
2. The transducers. If you are using it just for lakes and not so deepwater, ask for transducers that fit your need so that you can save money.
3. The battery. Always know that a fishfinder has a battery, so always look for a fish finder that has longer battery life.The availability of portable fish finders today has brought fishing into the next level. You can always go fishing anytime you like without any hassle because it is very handy. And of course, you are always assured that you will not go home empty-handed.Make sure you check out our portable fish finder reviews before you decide.

Humminbird Fish Finders

Humminbird Finder has for a long time been the market leader for years because of their quality and design. The instruments are robust, waterproof, and withstand therefore demanding conditions. With the best screens, you will have the clearest picture. Many will recognize the setup of the menus from the pc-world, and they are therefore simple to understand. I many glasses of water there are abundant floor topography and challenging water circumstances which put strict demands to the fish finder. Humminbird Finder has developed their advanced fishing systems with even better technology which gives you new and advanced features. Both screen and receiver are improved, and those very sensitive receivers separate false echoes and point out temperature zones and water layers. Variable screen speed gives necessary calmness in the image. The image can be “frozen” so that details can be studied carefully and saved together with position data. Most popular now is to take the next step to combining chart plotters and echo sounders. More likely you can use the old transducer with or without transition cable. A secure choice when obtaining a fish finder is to purchase a Humminbird finder that fits best to your needs.

Humminbird Portable Fish Finder

Humminbird portable fish finder is three different types; PiranhaMax, Fishin`Buddy, and SmartCast. Humminbird has further developed their smallest fish finders with better screens and receivers which increases the reach. PiranhaMax is waterproof, compact and reasonably priced finders. The portable system is unique and is used in both boat- and ice fishing. It fits easily into a rucksack. Press a button and start fishing, it’s that simple. Fishin`Buddy is a new series with portable fish finders from Humminbird. You do not need to think about mounting or cables, here is everything included, both depth and temperature provider is mounted in the lower part of the road. All models send with 125 Watt RMS and have a depth area down to 250 feet. Three models have side beams and can find fish out to 115 feet. Fishin`Buddy can simply be attached to the gunwale of a boat/ canoe with the flexible bracket that follows. Humminbird portable fish finder is also suitable for ice fishing. The power supply comes from 6 ordinary batteries(AA), which provides appr. 30-50 hours working time. The SmartCast products are unique in the market. The system weighs so to say nothing, and can even be mounted on the arm or the fishing rod. The equipment has been tested of serious fishermen, and have got good feedback. The system functions by throwing a waterproof float, with advanced finder technology integrated, with your fishing rod into the water. The float turns itself on with water contact and logs bottom and fish down to 100 feet in a 90 degrees angle. It sends a radio signal to the fish finder instrument by the user in a radius of 100-160 feet. The Humminbird portable fish finder image and water temperature are shown on the screen.

Fishfinder Lowrance

Fishfinder Lowrance has come up with a new series with plotters from 5-10″ screens. The chart plotter series is called HDS which means High Definition System. The plotters are sold with GPS integrated. They are in two versions, with echo sounders developed for hobby fishermen. The technology is called Broadband Fishfinder. It shall provide more information and less noise. The box is waterproof, and the plug-in possibilities are good. They have modern ethernet NMEA 2000 connection, something that makes the set-up very easy. The plotters use Navionics new TurboView Technology. That makes that one can zoom in and out seamless. Fishfinder Lowrance has completely new usability which combines text and illustrations. It is very easy to find the functions one desires. Language can also be selected. The resolution of the screen has much to say for how much information to be displayed. It is important, especially when one wishes to split the screen into several images. The resolution on the 10″ does not impress. It has SVGA resolution with 800 x 600 pixels. The 8″ model has the same resolution, which is good for this size. The 7″ has VG resolution, 640 x 480. The 5″ has a resolution of 480 x 480. The screen is very visible in sunlight. Fishfinder Lowrance has exceptional fish finder abilities at greater depths and higher speeds. Phenomenal separation of fish targets from structure, baitfish,

Lowrance Portable Fishfinder

A great portable Lowrance fish finder is Lowrance X67 Ice machine which is a high-quality fish finder made for ice fishing but can also be used in many other fishing occasions. The screen is a High-bright 3,5″ with LED backlighting and keypad in the night or low-light viewing. The resolution is impressing 320 x 240. Has a swing-out ice hole transducer bracket and the bullet-shaped transducer penetrates down to 600 feet. The FishReveal exposes fish targets hidden in cover and the HyperScroll displays fish targets at higher boat speeds. The transducer produces up to 60 degrees of coverage area and uses high sensitivity for this. The alarm feature alerts you when it is either too shallow, too deep or when a fish is located. The battery is a 12-volt rechargeable, sealed battery and a battery charger both included. A battery status indicator displays the battery life and the transmit power are true 800 watts. The portable Lowrance finder is sold with a water repellent soft pack nylon bag. It has a sure-grip handle, dual zippers, and rubberized non-stick base and it fits easily in a 5-gallon pail.

Fishfinder Eagle

FishMark 640c- fishfinder Eagle with a color screen and high resolution. Has 256 colors and has excellent readability in sunlight. The screen has a 640V x 480H resolution and a special 5″ color improved TFT screen that gives a sharp and clear image under any light conditions. The screen also gives a very good image seen from a slantingly view. Advanced cold cathode flouorescenerent backlighting in screen and keys. Very fast screen updates and a split vision of graphics and information. Data overlay so that the fishfinder Eagle info can be displayed regardless of the screen’s settings. 188 Watt RMS/ depths down to 790 feet. Transducer with built-in temperature sensor made for stern mounting. The transducer sends signals on 200 kHz, works well at high speed and gives up to 60 degrees coverage with fish searching. Adjustable puls speed and HyperScroll gives a better high-speed image. Colorline improves the separation of targets and makes it easier to determine the bottom conditions. FastTrack- a vertical column that displays the fish finders pulses and the power of the echo which the transducer receives. The built-in memory where you can save your finder settings. The fishfinder Eagle is completely water- and dust proof.

Portable Fishfinder  Eagle

FishEasy 245 DS- portable Eagle which is complete and ready to use. The ultimate fish finder solution for people on the move. Delivered with Skimmer Dual-Search transducer with a bracket that is attached with suction cups and with a battery holder. Good performance, compact design and with good qualities- FishEasy 245 DS Portable. Two-frequency fishfinder with 83/200 kHz technology for optimal fish search in shallow and deep waters. The 4″ screen has a 240 x 160-pixel resolution with a Monochrome Film SuperTwist 4 level grayscale. The temperature is displayed, and max depth is 1000 feet. The portable Eagle has alarms for fish, max and min depth. Built-in backup memory and the unit is sealed and waterproof.

Garmin Fishfinders

Fishfinder Garmin 400C Fish Finder; a Revolutionary interface that is very intuitive and user-friendly. Good and light strong QVGA color screen with night mode. The resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. Ultrascroll technology gives faster and better information about what exists under the boat. See-Thru technology separates between weak and strong signals to detect fish from, i.e., seagrass. Fishfinder 400C has furthermore CANet, which makes possible to connect the fish finder to other units which support this in a network and to have screen image onto, i.e., bigger chartplotters. The design is new with a new chassis. The transducer operates with Dual Frequency which makes it possible to detect down to 450 meters. The frequency is 50/200 kHz, and the effect is 500 Watt. Speed and temperature are displayed, and the unit is of course waterproof. The fishfinder Garmin comes with a quick-release bracket.

Raymarine Fishfinders

Raymarine A57D Chartplotter/ Fishfinder- a combo plotter with echo sounder and GPS integrated. This unit is a powerful combo plotter with a very easy-read 5,7″ screen. The combo plotter has built-in GPS, built-in echo sounder, “ready to navigate” charts and is delivered with a stern mounted transducer and a smart quick-release bracket. The charts contain all necessary information for navigation, with depth details down to 30 feet. You can put in safety outline, and degree of details that shall be displayed in the chart adapted to your desires. If you want a chart with more detailed depth- and bottom information you can upgrade to Navionics Gold or Platinum. With an upgrade to Navionics Platinum, you can have the possibility to see 3D depth data, satellite-overlay in the charts and aerial photos of harbors. A57D has Fishfinder Raymarine’s HD Digitale fish finder built-in which gives you the best you can imagine to find fish or see bottom conditions. The echo sounder is fully automated and adjusts itself to bottom and sea conditions. The fish finder has two frequencies, 50 and 200 kHz, for optimal performance both on shallow and deep water. A57D is delivered standard with the two-frequency stern transducer in different editions. The A-series has integrated GPS with a very good sense that makes it can be mounted in without the need for an external antenna.

Furuno Fishfinders

Furuno FCV-620. This is absolutely the best fish finder you can get in the compact class (5-6″). The digital filtering gives much better images than conventional fish finders and the finder work superb in auto modus. It is also the most user-friendly fish finder because the most used functions are operated with two twist-buttons, much simpler than menus. It has, of course, menues for more advanced functions. The unit is a powerful two-frequency fish finder with 2x 600 Watt transmitter. The 5,6″ screen is a strong light LCD with the big visual angle. High pulse repetition speed gives big precision at smaller depths. The new digital filter gives a clear image with good details on both shallow and deep glasses of water. Fishfinder Furuno is delivered with a swivel foot and for mounting in but without transducer. A good transducer for this unit is P66.

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