Best Hunting Knife Reviews-Buyer Guide 2018

Hunting and most other outdoor activities are fun, but terms and conditions apply. If you do not have the right tools and gadgets for the activities, you might have to improvise. But how do you make do without a knife in the jungle? This is why there are hunting knives of different types for different activities. Skinning is one of the most common tasks while one is hunting. There are hunting knives meant for skinning and others for cleaning. Self-protection is paramount when you are in a potentially dangerous environment such as in the jungle. A hunting knife can do that for you.Best Hunting Knife Reviews

Tips To Select The Best Hunting Knife

Type of game you hunt

The knife used for big game hunters is very different from the one used by rabbit hunters. When it comes to hunting knives, bigger does not always translate into better. If you get a knife that is oversized, it will make the skinning process harder on top of increasing the chances of slicing through your flesh. A drop-point knife is perfect for those people who hunt big game, the likes of deer. If you prefer the smaller animals, a clip-point knife is what you will need.

Frequency of hunting

If you are an avid hunter, you should always go for the knives with a solid build. This way you will not have to repair frequently. Occasional hunters will find more value in a knife that can be used to carry out different tasks. A smaller folding knife is enough. The blade folds inward and locks making it safe. It may not be as strong as other bigger knives, but it is extremely portable. It is highly recommended for the small game away.

How do you want to carry the knife?

Do you want to keep the knife in a sheath or carry it in your pocket? A large blade will need a sheath to hang on your belt unless of course, you want to slice through your leg carrying it in your pocket. The folding knives can be carried in the pocket, or you can opt for the pocket knives. The only problem with pocket knives is that they are best used as spare tools and not for the action.

Location of your expedition

Are you going to hunt in the deep Amazonian jungles or the meadow-like area? Do you need to carry a tent for hunting multiple days? If you are hunting in a place with thick vegetation, you will need a machete or a bushcraft knife to go with. This will help you clear out the vegetation and create a path. It also comes highly recommended if you are dealing with large potentially dangerous animals.

Our Top 10 Hunting Knife Picks Go To…

Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie Knife Executive Wood Bowie KnifeThis knife is truly one of a kind. Perhaps it is not appropriate to say that a knife is stylish, but this one is truly one of a kind. It comes with a striking appearance and a razor sharp 5” stainless steel blade. This is a great knife for just about all hunting duties. It is perfect for big game hunters. Its solid stature and the weight allow you to go about the shearing and tearing with such tremendous ease. The bad thing about it is that it can be quite burdensome if you are not going to use it but it is a good piece.

Onion Skinner from Columbia River Knife and Tool

Ken Onion Skinner Fixed Razor Edge Knife Now, this knife is strange- in a good way. It is a simple blade, but the work it can do is impressive. The knife is overall of 8.7” and weighs around 3.7ounces. This is quite good because you can carry it in your pocket (it comes with a sheath) and the molded handle allows for excellent grip while you do whatever it is you like doing with hunting knives. And by the way, it is not for skinning onions though you can use it for that purpose. Ken Onion is just one of the finest brands when it comes to knives.

Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife

Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife With Sheath - Hardwood Handle With Brass Lanyard Hole, Brass Pins - 9 This knife boast of style, elegance and some 5” of a stainless steel blade. The wooden handle provides an excellent grip and also has a lanyard hole to hang it wherever you want to hang your knife. The quality and craftsmanship of this knife are way up north of superb. The knife provides smooth performance for just about any task you want to carry out. This is one of those knives that you can use comfortably on both big and small animals. The price is good if you shop online.

Timber Wolf Gut Hook Knife

The gut hook knife from Timber Wolf is a true masterpiece. With 2 ” of the blade and an overall length of slightly past 6” this knife a nice grab. It comes with a solid hardwood handle plus a high-quality leather sheath for protection. The handle, however, is not good grip especially if you are the kind of people who have sweaty palms most of the time. It is a beautiful but average tool for cleaning and skinning smaller animals.

Gerber 45860 air ranger

Gerber Air Ranger Knife, Serrated Edge, Grey [45860] This serrated edge knife comes with an aluminum handle and a 3.26-inch blade. This is the kind of knife that you will not want to leave the house without. It can be used for just about anything from slicing through some deer to cutting a wedding cake (as crazy as that may sound). It is very tough and ridiculously lightweight. The downside is that this knife is not all that attractive to the eyes.

Opinel High Carbon Steel Blade

Opinel VRN High Carbon Steel Blade, 4in. Closed OP7 This blade is not only sharp but very affordable for most people. It comes with safety ring that locks the blade open. It is the perfect tool for slicing and filleting. It comes in two options: either high carbon steel or stainless steel. Many prefer carbon Opinel as better than the stainless steel for some unknown reason.
Gerber Air Ranger Knife, Serrated Edge, Grey [45860]

Mountain Man Classic Hunting Knife

K EXCLUSIVE Mountain Man Classic Hunting Knife And Sheath Knife5.75 inches of stainless steel protruding from a solid hardwood handle is what you will get with this knife. The handle provides powerful grip, and the blade offers good cutting work. This knife may come off as some movie prop, but it is not all that bad. It is a great knife to give as a gift or for light cutting activities when you are out.

Fox Hunter Classic Skinning Knife

Fox Hunter Classic Half Tang Skinning Knife and Sheath KnifeAvailable for purchase at some excellent prices, this knife brings with it some excellent performance as you have not experienced. It stands out as one of the best skinning knives on the market today. Its blade is made from heat-forged, hollow ground stainless steel. The problem with this knife is that it needs serious sharpening at first when you buy it. It has received lots of positive reviews though, so it must be very good when it is sharpened.

Boar Hunter Skinning Knife

Boar Hunter Knife It is almost similar to the Fox Hunter Classic knife aforementioned. If you do not like the Fox Hunter, you are bound to hate this one as well. The 6inch stainless steel needs some sharpening when you buy. It comes with a black leather sheath and a stylish one at that.

Elk Ridge Er-052 Fixed Blade Knife

Elk Ridge ER-052 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife, Straight Edge Blade, Pakkawood Handle, 9-1/2-Inch Overall No need for sharpening this tool any further, it comes well sharpened to suit the tastes of many people. This knife is one of the best hunting knives we recommend. It comes with a sheath, and it is the perfect size of 9”. If you have to sharpen some more, the shape of the blade makes it easy for you to do so. The sheath is a little bit too tight on the blade, and you know how dangerous that can be. Nonetheless, it comes off an as nice piece for those who are looking for versatility

Found Your Ideal Knife?

These are the 10 best-hunting knives on the market today. The best thing about them is that they are all available for purchase online. You can buy them from any corner of this world as you please. Once you get any of them, you will not wait long to try their performance when you are out camping or hunting. Can’t wait for your next hunting trip? Check out our other knife guides and selection tutorial.

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