SKS Rifle Accessories You MUST Have!

The SKS rifle is a popular semi-automatic carbine rifle, chambered for a 7.62×39mm round, that was designed in the former Soviet Union in 1943. However many variants of the SKS rifles are available of varying quality (many different countries manufactured a version of the rifle). There are many SKS rifle accessories available due to the mass production of the rifle.

The SKS rifles are popular in the US and Canada due to their historic and novel nature, and the Soviet and European SKS rifles are classified as ”Curio & Relic” items under U.S. law, allowing them to be sold with features that might otherwise be restricted.

The SKS rifles are relatively cheap, and parts are widely available, making it a very popular rifle for gun enthusiasts and hunters. SKS rifle accessories are widely available, with many owners liking to modify their rifles with various accessories, such as pistol grips, recoil buffers, etc.

Our Favorite SKS Rifle Accessories

Original Unissued Russian Mosin Nagant Surplus Cleaning Kit

Original Unissued Russian Mosin Nagant Surplus Cleaning Kit For M38 M44 91/30 1891 91 30 Rifle / Carbine & All Models I am a bit of a history nut and love anything original. This cleaning kit is an original surplus that was never issued. It consists of 1 screwdriver/firing pin protrusion gauge, 1 cleaning rod head, 1 muzzle crown protector, 1 rod cleaning jag, 1 rod handle/punch, and 1 carrying pouch. Each kit is packed in a Cortec heat sealed package to prevent rust/oxidation. You can read our detail article on best gun cleaning kits for guns.

Tapco Intrafuse SKS Stock System

Tapco Intrafuse SKS Stock SystemThe SKS rifles originally came with wooden stocks and not a pistol grip. For the modern user, there are now modern stocks available made from new age light materials. The Tapco Intrafuse SKS Stock System gives you a 6 position adjustable T6 stock so that it will accommodate any sized shooter. It comes with a SAW style pistol grip to provide more comfort and control. The upper hand guard rail allows you to add even more SKS rifle accessories. The system also comes with a cut in the body that will accept a blade bayonet. The systems are claimed to work on most SKS models.

Tactical Aluminum SKS Rifle Bayonet Lug Mounted Folding Adjustable Height Bipod

If you want increased accuracy when you shoot, you will want a bipod for your rifle. This bipod attaches directly to the SKS rifle’s bayonet lug and is made from lightweight aircraft grade Aluminum alloy with a black finish. The legs extend to adjustable heights of 8.3″ – 11.4″


SKS rifles are not the most expensive high-end rifles, but with the right SKS rifle accessories, you can turn your beloved rifle into a modern and effective rifle. The accessories above are only a few of the SKS rifle accessories available on the market, but they will help you to get more out of your rifle. What do you think? Are there SKS rifle accessories that you believe are great? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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